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7+ Inexpensive Decor Ideas to Give Your Interiors a Desi Glamour

Do you wish to give your interiors some pop of ethnic art? Adding minimal desi elements to your decor could be an artful game-changer for your space. This article will unravel some budget-friendly decor ideas that give your interiors a desi glamour.

Decorating your house is one of the most loved and daunting tasks for any homeowner. The traditional interior theme is something that most Indians aim for, but with the rising population, compact apartments have transformed Indian interiors to go minimalist.

With ethnic decor elements, one can easily give their modern apartments a desi touch without burning a hole in the pocket.
The intricate design of wooden furniture seems like a perfect fit to represent the traditional theme, but it is not economical and suitable for every house to adorn the same.
In this article, you will know how minimal changes affect the whole ambience and how can you infuse unique decor items to create a space that screams desi royalty and luxury.

Here are some ethnic home decor ideas that will surely satisfy all the culture enthusiasts without making their wallets empty:

Place a Royal Mirror Frame

Mirror Frames are a luxury in itself, placing them as a decor element is an excellent choice to escalate the beauty of your interiors while being on a budget. The fascination of Indians towards wooden carving clearly shows how much we Indians crave being close to our traditional aesthetics. Using heavily carved wooden mirror frames would be a budget-friendly decor idea to give your space a Desi Touch Up.

Antique Side Boards

No Indian household can go without storage cabinets and sideboards. Securely storing things is the secret behind our everlasting durability of products. Sideboards and cabinets are such decor furniture that every Indian House incorporates. So why not infuse traditional style to it? Go for jalli design or intricate carving to give your store units a desi touch. This way, you are killing two birds at once: Achieving a rustic interior design while furnishing your house with necessary furniture.

Finely Detailed Jharokhas

Since Ancient Times, India has been rich in art and craft. The importance of wood, specially Sheesham wood, can be seen throughout the history of Art in India. Buying finely detailed wooden furniture is the best possible way to infuse desi drama into your interiors. Wooden Jharokhas not only represent the traditional artful elements, but it is an excellent wall decor to spice up your bland interiors. Go for jharokhas with detailed carving to infuse luxurious traditional elements into your interior and give it a rustic look while being on a budget.

Folk Art Figurines

India is rich in art and culture; the immense variety of folk art is enough to decorate your whole house with desi elements. Your display units or any unnoticed corner could be the desi decor highlight in your minimalist apartments. Collectively placing colourful folk art figurines to such corners can create a traditional focal highlight for your space on a budget. Figurines are a great way to showcase eclectic folk art, that can easily bewitch your guests with its diverse beauty.

Majestic Lighting

Lighting is an effective decor vibe changer, it is one of the most budget-friendly ways to enhance the preexisting look of your decor while changing its perspective to a great extent. Lantern shape lighting fixtures represent Indian Style the best, so the most eclectic choice of lantern lighting would be patterned Morrocan hanging lights and mosaic lights.

The intricate design of such lights creates a beauteous textured gleam of glow which would be an artful way to light up your interiors. Increasing the artistic value of your interiors with such elements would definitely give it a desi look.

Handcrafted Tableware

As said before, India is immensely rich in art and crafts. Handicraft tableware is another banger budget-friendly decor idea to infuse desi elements into your interior. Buying handicraft tableware adds character to your decor, your choice of art tells a lot about your personality. So go for handmade artsy coasters, cutlery holders, wooden casseroles and Indian style kettles to easily infuse desi glamour to your modern home decor. Reflecting Folk art on your tableware is another artsy way to incorporate desi elements into your modern home decor.

Luxurious Rugs and Carpets

Now choosing rugs and carpets that give off an ethnic vibe would be an easy job to do. Go for Artsy patterns or vibrant colour combinations, the vibrancy of bright colours describes our culture the best. Rugs can be placed anywhere around the house so go for bright colours that create an eye-pleasing contrast for your interior. At WoodenStreet, one can discover beauteous hand-woven rugs to escalate the luxury and royalty of your space to a higher level.

Cushion Covers that Spells Art

Showcasing Indian Art in any decor form would be a great way to spice up your room interior. Cushion covers are such decor items on which you can showcase the fabric art of India. Embroidery, beadwork, hand block print, Worli print and many more intriguing folk printing styles are astonishing ways to infuse local art into your modern home decor. At WoodenStreet, our wide collection of cushion covers has fascinating prints and patterns that can make every culture enthusiast happy. The combination of rich colours and eye-catchy folk prints would be a great desi focal point for your couch.

These desi home decor ideas are the most cost-effective ones that can create a majestic-looking interior inexpensively. So, without wasting a minute, shop right now! These minimal decor changes will give your ambience a desi glam up without overpowering your preexisting look.

Also, don’t forget to mention which desi home decor idea you liked the most in the comment section below.
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