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7 Innovative Multipurpose Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Gone are the days of struggling to fit the furniture in your small apartments. Let’s look at some amazing furniture ideas for compact homes.

Living in a small apartment could be a pain especially if you want to change things up but are running low on floor space. However, the size of your apartment should not stop you from turning your home decor dreams into reality. All you have to do is let your creative juices flow and invest in the right kind of furniture.

Since furniture items take up a lot of space, you need to pull up your smarty pants to shop the right way. You do not need items that you barely use but take up a lot of space. While we are at it, it is also wise to discard your old, rickety furniture that are out of style and should clearly be out of sight too. If you are wondering how you can redo your tiny little apartment, well, we have got you covered. Here are some super cool multifunctional furniture ideas that will give your space the much-needed makeover without suffocating your house:

Turn Your Sleepers into Keepers!

Bed online

Beds with storage are probably the smartest invention to the mankind (Well, after electricity and wheel, for sure!). They are a brilliant way of saving up space as you can use these beds to sleep as well as to store your extra linen, mattresses, blankets, and so on. We highly recommend you go for something sturdy like the Walken Bed with Storage or the Bacon Bed with Box Storage. Both of them are from the house of WoodenStreet and their looks are to die for.

Carry Your Workspace Where You Go

Bed table

What if we tell you that you can use your table as your workstation in the day and carry it to the dinner space at night? Sounds like a dream, right? Yes, you can purchase a well-crafted wooden portable table that you can carry wherever you go. Check out the Zadran Study Table as it looks absolutely gorgeous. The icing on the cake is its spacious drawer wherein you can keep all your papers and stationary. If you are looking for something more interesting, put your money on the Featherlight Rise Height Adjustable Table. This bad boy comes with wheels and is going to take your home décor to a next level.

Doll Up Your Wall

Wall Art

Yet another boon to humanity are the uber chic wall hangers that are absolute stunners. Use them as décor pieces, store your knick-knacks in them, save up on your floor space- these wall hangings are going to change your life. You should check out WoodenStreet for their awesome wall hanging collection. Two of our favourites are the Multipurpose 3 Pocket Multi Color Jute Wall Hanging Organizer and the Multipurpose 1 Pocket White and Black Wall Hanging Organizer.

Turn Your Beds into Seats

Sofa set

Sofa cum beds are an absolute genius when it comes to saving space. Just imagine- you are hosting a fun party and everyone is seated on your comfortable sofa. When the night falls and all your friends are too drunk to drive, you just roll your sofa out and turn it into comfy beds- sounds super cool, right? We think the Mckellen L Shape Right Aligned Corner Sofa Cum Bed would be the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for something more compact, check out the Alfonso Right Aligned Convertible Sofa Cum Bed from WoodenStreet.

Chill with Your Shoes

Shoe rack

All the lazy brats out there, you need a shoe rack in your life so that, instead of tossing them around like confetti, you can keep them organized. What could be better than a shoe rack? A shoe rack with a seat! It will stop your shoes from biting dust while you can sit on its cushioned top and hang out with your pals. Beauties such as the Floreta Footwear Storage or the Kathlyn Shoe Rack deserves all your money. And let’s just admit it- we can never have enough places to sit!

Fold Up Your Closet

Laundry Baskets

Did you know collapsible wardrobes have taken the furniture world by storm? These wardrobes can be folded and moved around easily. If you are a Marvel fan, you are in for a surprise at WoodenStreet. Check out their amazing collection and go for something that brings a smile on your face.

Watch TV with a Twist

TV Unit

We all love our idiot boxes way too much to care about the size of our houses. That is why, it is time to give them their much-needed abode which will also help us save space. Wall-mounted TV units are indeed a blessing for small apartments as they look extremely stylish and give your space a modern touch. WoodenStreet has done a really good job with their units, especially the Adroit Wall Mounted TV unit and the Oreca TV unit. They come with storage spaces too where you can keep all your magazines, favourite CDs, remotes, etc.

Now that you know all the super cool ways to incorporate multipurpose furniture in your space-savvy apartment, our job is done here. What are you waiting for? Get, set, and go, start shopping!

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