WS Tales20 Jan 2019

A Beautiful Bedroom for Binita Basu

After shifting to NOIDA, getting the basic interior of her new home done was the first preference of Binita Basu. Her search for unique furniture led her to the doors of Wooden Street. Today we are sharing her the journey with Us.

Leaving your native city behind is heart-breaking and setting up a new home in a new world, while you are still hung-up on your previous dwelling, is challenging. You are already interacting with a new schedule and surroundings, all the while busy in making your house a home. When facing such situations, you always wish for a magical wand that can make your living comfortable and balanced. This is the story of many, and Binita Basu is one of them.


For Binita, relocating meant new city, new opportunities and new challenges. After shifting to NOIDA, getting the basic interior of her new home done was her first preference. She found browsing the local furniture market to be an uninviting task, and so, she chose to surf online. Google brought her to and the collection impressed her instantly. She says,” this was my first online furniture, but I skipped all the major players of the market after watching your entire collection, and now I am very much comfortable and happy.”


She added,” I ordered for my bedroom first, and I’m so happy that I want my second bedroom done by Wooden Street.”
Binita welcomed home an Adolph Bed with Side Storage and an Adolph Bedside Table to compliment it. She also ordered an Adolph Dressing Table with Storage Stool to complete the look of her bedroom.


On asking her experience with Wooden Street she said,” The delivery was little late, and I understand that artesian work requires optimum time, but the wait was worth it. I love the furniture I got for my bedroom.”

She continues, “I must add here that the delivery team was very profession, helpful and excellent in their work. My overall experience with you people is very good and I’ve already planned to buy more furniture for my home soon.”


Thank You Binita for accommodating Wooden Street in your heart and home.
With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want

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