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All Eyes Up: Decor Ideas to Jazz Your Ceiling Space

Do you wish to spruce up your high ceilings, but the thought of over-expenditure stops you? In this article, you will unravel decor items that can glam your tall ceilings.

We always look up! But still, ignore the wide canvas that our ceiling offers. Assembling a balanced visual weight for your interiors is the secret to having a posh space while on a budget. Decorating big walls or ceilings gets often neglected as people usually consider filling the interiors where the eyes go the most like seating arrangement, table decor and more. But sprucing up a room's lighting or ceiling decor can be a game-changer for the theme of your interior. One can curate a luxe look for their home just by being creative with home décor ideas. It's time to balance the visual aesthetics of your space and glam up your high ceilings to bring all eyes up!

It may sound a little unrealistic, but the decor ideas that we will unravel in this article will transform the look of your ceiling without being heavy on your budget.

Here are some interesting low budget ceiling ideas that will surely wow the eyes:

Enhance the Boundary

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

LED lights have always been a hype in the market. They are economical and are the best ceiling decor to curate a stunning soft glow. Using LED lights near your ceiling boundary or accent wall would bring a drastic change in the aesthetic structure of the space. The glistening glow of LEDs would make sure that your visitors pay attention to the upper half of your interiors more keenly.

Curtains All the Way Up

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

Installing curtains of striking bold colors or textures is a big YES to glam high ceiling designs. The elegance of long drapery can bring drama and a flaunty look to your space. Curtains can chop a tall room and visually adjust it to make your visitors glance at the whole structure and look at your room without missing the beauty of the ceilings!

Highlight with Art

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

Use the empty space as your canvas, and hang statement high ceiling wall decor. Another smart decor trick is to grab attention on your ceilings is by placing wall art up high. This could offer your space a picture gallery vibe, which is very chic and aesthetically pleasing for any decor style. A decorated wall will help draw the attention upwards, and visually adjust the proportions of your space just right!

Wonders of Green Creepers

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

The visual calmness and enticing look of greenery are purely unmatchable. And adding a splash of greenery in your ceiling decor would be a refreshing look for your upper space but many people avoid such hacks merely because they are not sure about being able to maintain them. Well, a simple solution for that is to switch to artificial plants. At WoodenStreet, one can discover beauteous artificial green plants with artistic hanging planters perfect to hang from your tall ceilings.

Go Bold with Lights

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

A bold lighting fixture would be a bewitching low budget ceiling idea to create a visual connection and balance between the upper and lower portions of the room. Opting for majestic chandeliers would be the most ideal choice of the lighting fixture as they offer an immense amount of light and elegance to fill a whole room. Look for something large in shape but that does not mean you have to go all heavy on the design. A crystal or lamp chandelier would be the best choice to bring the right amount of attention to your high ceiling design.

Reflect Natural Light

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

Placing mirrors as decor is a brilliant idea to spruce up your interiors. And with tall ceilings, it gets even better as you can reflect natural lighting in your space! Bring more attention to your ceiling design in living room by placing mirror frames at the right angle so, they reflect the alluring beam of sunshine on your ceilings to give it a glistening glow.

At WoodenStreet, one can discover creative wall mirrors that are glamorous enough to charm your walls while highlighting your upper portion of the room.

Texture with Tape

Ceiling Decor Ideas DIY

It may sound like a daunting task, but this ceiling decor idea as a DIY can not only save you money but would be a super affordable way to jazz up your ceilings. It is not economical for many people to get lavish ceiling designs, so settling with the classic plains is the usual option. Well, just with coloured tapes and a can of paint, you can work wonders on your ceiling! Use coloured tapes to create geometrical patterns on your ceiling. Creating stripes with tape is the easiest, so go dark colour tape if you have a light colour ceiling and vice versa! Voila, now you have a designer ceiling that you curated just with coloured tape!

These simple ceiling decor ideas are the most cost-effective ones that can create an eye-catching look for your tall space flawlessly.

So, without wasting a minute, shop right now! These minimal decor inputs will jazz up the whole interior while covering the ceiling space!

Also, don’t forget to mention which decor idea for a home with high ceilings you liked the most in the comment section below.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! ✌️ 

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