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The Carpet Affair: An Ultimate Carpet Buying Guide for your Home

Check out this ultimate carpet buying guide and learn how to pick quality carpets for your space.

All the decorative items you add to your space bring incomparable value to your room. So, negating any single one can disrupt your interior's balance. To bind your home furniture together, you must incorporate a perfect rug and carpet into your abode. They can become an exciting layer to your area that keeps you warm while enhancing the elegance of the view. So, it is a waste of classic decor items if you avoid finding the ideal carpet design. In general, many people lack knowledge on how to choose the right carpet. And the best thing is you landed on the right page today. Here, we have curated an ultimate carpet buying guide. So, scroll down and learn how to pick the quality carpet for your home in just a few minutes.  

How to Choose the Right Carpet for Different Rooms?

How to Choose Carpet for your Home

All the rooms in your home will need a perfect carpet to bring definitive warm energy to your space. The first tip is to ask yourself, "which rooms of your home lack the plushness of a carpet?" 

Living Room - It's the cover page of your home; from entertaining your guests to bringing your family together, the living room is the most welcoming and adorned part of the home. The type of carpet you choose for this room must stand out in every aspect. So, the best option would be to have solid colours that suit your decor with a warm touch. Also, make sure that your choice of carpet for the living room is reliably durable to add more warmth for every visitor. 

Bedroom - A place where you sleep, relax and be your authentic self is the toughest one to perfect. You must be thinking about how to choose a carpet for the bedroom which will state its importance. Get a carpet material that amplifies your bedroom's plush luxury and ensure your choice blends with the accent bedroom color.

Entryway - When you decide how to choose carpet for the foyer or entrance of your home, get the one that offers you a welcoming vibe. The best carpet for your home entryway would be non-skid and thick ones. Go for a material that can bare rough and tough usage and is easy to maintain. Jute and rubber are some best living room carpet materials to invest for entryway. 

Dining Room - Most houses have the rule of no footwear near the dining area, which is spiritually and psychologically correct. However, eating barefoot at your dining table can become uncomfortable and cold. So, adding a carpets for home is essential. But before placing one in your dining area, you should know that it will stand against every food and drink spill. So, select a material that can withstand any stain and be easily washed. A dark hue type of carpet would be perfect to camouflage the stains until you clean them. 

Balcony - As lavish and decorative as your home interior is, you need to work hard on your outdoor living design. When you are star gazing on your balcony, you want to feel the warmth of sitting in your personal space. Adding a plush rug to the picture will cozy up your patio while elevating its view. It is the best tip to choose carpet for balcony.

Most Popular Material of Carpets for Home

How to Choose Carpet for your Home

When there are so many to choose from, anyone can get confused between selecting a carpet fabric online. Also, it gets complicated when all the materials ensure the same benefits. In such a scenario, know which fabric material best suits your area's needs and style.

Wool: Looking for a carpet material which is the softest, most comfortable, durable and designer? Wool is among the best types of carpets because of its natural appearance and sustainability. 

Viscose: Known for its silky soft texture, Viscose carpets keep the floor cool with their heat-trapping quality. They are very delicate, so take proper care while cleaning them. 

Cotton: Wish to give your space an earthy feel of softness, cotton carpets are the best to uplift that desi comfort. If you are a desi fanatic, then the prints and designs of cotton carpets for living room would surely please your eyes. 

Polypropylene: The most durable material of carpets and rugs you will find on the market is polypropylene. The resilient build of this carpet makes it weather, scratches, and mess-proof. It is easy to clean and is the most sturdy rug you will ever find. 

Jute: Well, for people looking for sustainability in your carpet, select the jute fabric. Jute fabric carpets for a home will look attractive and easy to maintain and are available at reasonable prices. 

Trendy Patterns and Styles of Carpet for Home

How to Choose Carpet for your Home

The patterns and style of carpet you choose for your abode speak volumes about your style and the standards of artistic elegance. Here are some of the most attractive and trending patterns of rugs and carpets to find online:

Abstract: The best living room carpet pattern is an abstract style rug. According to the significant rule of how to pick a quality carpet, it's evident that you should consider the size and proportion of your room. A sizeable abstract design will fit perfectly in your living room.

Geometrical: The second most stylish pattern in carpets for homes is geometric. Such prints bring a sense of proportion and calmness to the decor. If you have a room whose decor you can't crack, a geometrical carpet will do the job for a balanced look. 

Floral: For having a vibrant and environmental touch to the space, you should always go with the floral pattern of the carpets. Floral pattern carpet creates a visual brightness to the area and makes it more attractive. 

Traditional: If you want to have a royal appearance and impress your guests by giving an image of having a valued possession of years old, traditional pattern rugs will do it all. The detailed work on such carpets for home brings more refinement to the whole view. 

Textured: The latest, most classic pattern of rugs online is textured, which is simply famous for adding another layer of comfort to the space. A textured pattern carpet for a home will create a contemporary look which makes your home look better proportionated. 

How to Pick Quality Carpet Based on Weaving Style

How to Choose Carpet for your Home

Another thing you should always consider while choosing the best living room carpet is picking the right carpet with the right weaving style. 

Hand Tufted: In this weaving style, the strands of wool or other material are punched through a stretched frame operated manually. This intensive technique of weaving carpets makes them sturdy and long-lasting, improving the carpet's life for over 20 years. 

Hand Knotted: As you can guess by the name, the hand-woven rug is a manually made product. There are special looms where workers use knotting to make a rug or carpet. The carpets with this technique have an uneven, aesthetic touch and the refined touch are expensive than usual rugs. 

Hand Woven: Another form of carpets for living room weaving is hand woven technique, which is also known as flatweave carpets. This technique uses a weaving style where the rug is created as a basket and then reversed to make a rug. It is a durable and attractive weaving style for rugs. 

Machine Made: The rugs made in extensive machines or looms are machine-made carpets. They are a less expensive version of rugs online. The use of machinery makes every work on the rug delicate and refined. 

Cleaning Tips to Maintain its Shine and Durability

How to Choose Carpet for your Home

Until now, you have learned how to choose carpets for your living room, but after buying them, you need to know how to maintain your carpet for long-lasting use. So, here are some carpet cleaning tips which will retain your expensive carpet's glory and beauty.

  1. Vacuum is the bath of your carpet. So, the first tip is to regularly vacuum your carpets and rugs always to have shiny carpets with a fresh appeal.
  2. Sun is the protein for your carpets. So, ensure to leave your carpets in the sun every few days. 
  3. Stains are cancer for your carpet. So, always ensure that you do not leave any stain or spill for a long time, as it will make the stain permanent. 
  4. Professionals are doctors for your carpets. If you are unable to maintain your expensive carpets, you can hire a professional cleaning service.
  5. Threads are the body part of your carpet. Never pull out any thread strand which is loosened from your carpet. It will open the weaving of the rug and make it useless. So, always get a scissor and clip the strand inside or cut it from the top and clip it. 

All these tips for choosing a carpet will help you find the one which will become a binding product for your home interior. Also, check out the fantastic range of rugs on WoodenStreet today. 

Don't forget to mention which carpet buying tip was the most helpful for you and helped you add more grace to your interior. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Happy carpet shopping!

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