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Best Vastu Direction for Your New Home

Discover the ideal orientation for your new home according to Vastu Shastra. Read on and get inspired by our guide on Best Vastu Direction Tips.

Embarking on the journey of building or purchasing a new home is a significant milestone in one's life. As we delve into creating spaces that resonate with our aspirations and dreams, the Vastu Shastra concept often emerges as a guiding principle.

Here, we list the Best Vastu Direction for Your New Home that one should know when designing a new home. Using these principles of Vastu in their home will help to attract positive energies and abundance in their lives.

Here is All You Need to Know About Vastu Shastra

The ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra emerges as a guiding light. It is based on the belief that the laws of nature and the universe can be harnessed to create positive energy and bring prosperity and happiness to those who live within a Vastu-compliant home. A traditional knowledge system offers guidelines for everything in the universe, including living and non-living things. Benefits of Having a Vastu Compliant Home helps construct environments that support mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Significance of Each Direction for Your New Home

vastu direction for home

East: The Gateway to Enlightenment and New Beginnings

In the vast tapestry of Vastu Shastra direction for new home, as the sun rises in the East, so does the promise of new beginnings and enlightenment. In Vastu, the East direction is significant, representing strength, inspiration, and spiritual advancement. Aligned with the brilliant powers of the sun deity Surya, it fosters confidence and energy in the people who live there. By orienting crucial places like entryways, prayer rooms, and study areas to the East, you attract the gifts of regeneration and awakening into your house.

West: The Haven of Contentment and Fulfilment

The West direction exudes satisfaction and fulfilment throughout the shifting waves of time and energy. It reflects the comforting embrace of dusk, providing consolation and tranquillity to tired minds. In harmony with the lunar energy of the moon deity Chandra, it fosters mental health and inner peace. As per Vastu Direction in home there is a designating places for relaxation and leisure toward the West creates a refuge of rest and enjoyment in your house.

North: The Realm of Prosperity and Abundance

The North symbolizes growth and opportunities. Aligning critical elements of your home towards the North fosters financial stability and material wealth. As per Vastu, the North is the second best direction for your house’s entry point. While energy levels are high, this direction also brings fortune to the residents. By optimizing the North direction, you pave the path for a flourishing and abundant life journey.

South: The Foundation of Strength and Stability

The South direction as per vastu for home represents stability and power in the cosmic dance. It symbolizes resilience and protection, protecting against disaster and challenges. Yama, the god of justice and death, rules over the South, providing protection and courage to its people. Anchoring basic aspects such as bedrooms and security features to the South strengthens your home's sense of solidity and safety.

Vastu for Different Rooms in the Home

  • Vastu Direction for Bedroom:

    house direction vastu shastra

The best vastu direction for bedroom is the south- west corner of the house. As the southwest direction allows optimal energy flow and said to align with natural magnetic field of the earth.

It is ideal to have a solid wall behind the bed Avoid Sleeping with Head towards North
Ensure that the bedroom receives adequate natural light and ventilation Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the bed or at the foot of the bed
Display positive and uplifting artwork or images in the bedroom Avoid storing items under the bed, especially sharp objects


  • Vastu Direction for Kitchen:

    vastu for kitchen

    According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen vastu direction is the southeast direction of your home.
Regularly dispose of waste, clean spills promptly Avoid placing the stove or cooking area directly under a beam
Place kitchen appliances such as stove, refrigerator, and sink in a manner that allows easy movement Ensure that the kitchen door does not directly face the bedroom or bathroom door
Maintain adequate storage space for utensils and spices Avoid keeping dustbins inside the kitchen

Vastu Direction for Puja Ghar:

pooja room direction vastu

North East direction associated with zone of Lord Shiva spreading purity and spirituality in the home. The door and windows of the puja ghar as per vastu should be facing either east or north.

Keep the decor of the puja room simple and elegant Avoid keeping broken or damaged idols or religious artifacts
Avoid clutter and excessive ornamentation Don’t place unnecessary items or furniture
Ensure that the idols are placed at a higher level than the ground Do not keep shoes or footwear around the puja room

  • Vastu Direction for Living room:

    vastu shastra direction for home

    Living rooms are the entrance to your residence and must be located in the east or north direction. Offers good daylight most of the day and brings abundant health, wealth and success to your home.
Display artwork, paintings, or sculptures that evoke positive emotions Do not keep litter bins or trash cans in the living room
Position electronic devices such as television, speakers, and computers in the southeast or northwest Remove or repair any broken or damaged items in the living room
Incorporate indoor plants in the living room to improve air quality Avoid placing furniture with sharp edges or corners

  • Vastu Direction for Entrance:

    vastu direction for home

    The gateway brings positive and negative energy into house. The preferred vastu direction for entrance is North, East and North- East.
Keep the entrance area clean, clutter-free, and well-maintained Do not color your entrance in dark shades
Enhance the entrance with auspicious symbols Avoid cluttering the entrance area with shoes, umbrellas, or other items
Choose a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing door design Avoid placing dustbins or trash cans near the entrance

  • Vastu Direction for Bathroom:

    vastu shastra direction for home

    Ideally, bathrooms should be located in the northwest or southeast corner of the house. Following Vastu principles for home it creates a hygienic, harmonious, and rejuvenating space in your home.
Allow proper ventilation of fresh air to circulate Do not clutter the bathroom with unnecessary items or decorations
Choose light and soothing colors for the walls and decor Avoid using dark colors for the walls or decor of the bathroom
Provide adequate storage space for bathroom essentials Fix any leaks or plumbing issues in the bathroom promptly

  • Vastu Direction for Kids Room:

    vastu direction for home

    The kids' room ought to be facing either north or east in the house. These orientations are beneficial to children's fundamental growth and development and are connected to positive energy.

Create a designated study area in the northeast or east Avoid placing electronic gadgets such as TVs, computers, or video games
Choose rounded edge furniture and non-toxic materials Don’t display images or artwork that depict violence or sadness
Choose soft and soothing colors for the walls Avoid placing electronic gadgets


  • Vastu Direction for Study Room:

    vastu shastra direction for home

    The room should ideally be located in the northeast, east, or north direction of the house. These vastu directions for study room are associated with positive energy and are conducive to learning and concentration.


Ensure ample natural light enters the study room Ensure that bookshelves are clutter-free
Choose artwork that inspires and motivates learning No TVs, computers, or gaming consoles near the study desk
Minimize distractions in the study room Avoid placing unnecessary items or furniture


5 Advantages of Implementing Vastu Shastra in Your Home

  1. Improved Energy Flow: To balance the energy zones of your home, every object, whether living or non-living, radiates energy, good and bad. Based on the vastu direction for home, the proper alignment of the bed, table, dressing table, and other furnishing is said to maximize positive energy flow throughout the home.
  2. Enhances Psychological Well-being: This covers mental sharpness, emotional equilibrium, physical health, and spiritual development. Your home stress level may drop, bringing peace to the house. 
  3. Mental and Physical Health Benefits: It uplifts your spiritual health and helps you improve your personality. Having adequate sunlight, proper air circulation, and cluttered surroundings gives mental and physical health benefits. 
  4. Supports Career Growth: Vastu Shastra brings motivation by using specific colors, symbols, and décor elements that give you ambition and strength to succeed in your career. 
  5. Strengthens Relationships: Vastu direction for house enhances the inner peace and satisfaction everyone craves. It improves interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviour, which contributes to the residents of the Vastu-compliant home establishing happier and more satisfying relationships.

Summing Up

By striking a balance between Vastu principles and personal aesthetics, you can create a living space that not only looks beautiful but also feels uplifting and supportive in every aspect of your life journey.

When designing or constructing a new home, choose the best Vastu direction for new home to have a happy and prosperous life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best Vastu orientation for a new home?

The ideal Vastu direction for a new home is usually regarded to be east or north-facing. These directions are said to enable the greatest amount of good energy into the home, fostering health, prosperity, and overall well-being.

  1. What should not be the main door direction as per vastu?

South West is not the right direction for the main entrance door since it is considered the entry of negative energy and is said to bring in struggles.

  1. What if my new home does not face east or north?

If your new home does not face east or north, there are still ways to optimize its Vastu alignment. You can incorporate Vastu remedies and adjustments recommended by experts.

  1. Where should one keep Tulsi as per Vastu?

Vastu Shastra recommends the east as the best place for the Tulsi plant. You can also place it on the balcony or near the window in the north or the northeast.

  1. Which direction is best for house to face?

According to Vastu principles, the most auspicious house orientation is northeast, as it is associated with the God of wealth.

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