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Bringing Ease with Elegance to Karri Household

Ravi Kumar came Wooden Street to buy a sofa-cum-bed to add comfort, utility and elegance to his guest room and ended with adding a sofa-cum-bed along with a sofa set to his shopping cart for his home. Today, we are sharing his experience with us.Hyde

Hyderabad is the place of soul culture, beautiful monuments, delicious food and where Karri family’s haven is located since the last 16 years. Like any joint family in India, Karri family also includes multi-generations, living together under the same roof. Designing home with a sizeable group can be quite a challenge, but for Mr. Ravi Kumar, the real challenge was to give everyone their own space, including the guests.


When home renovation was a fun and entertaining time for everyone in the family, Ravi Kumar was searching for some dual-purpose furniture, especially for his guest room. Soon after understanding his needs, he started scaling the local furniture market to get a Sofa-cum-bed. Though, sofa-cum-bed is a new concept for the market, searching for variety with elegance was not so easy. Finally, he allowed Google to help him and he arrived at


Ravi found that elegance, multifunctionality and intelligence in Feltro sofa-cum-bed. With open bookracks and under-the-bed storage, he found this sofa-cum-bed perfect for his guestroom. According to him, this sofa not only provides a comfortable seating but can be turned into a bed when there are more individuals in the house. While searching for a sofa-cum-bed for his guest room he found some perfect units for his living room from the list of our bestsellers. He also ordered a combination of Marriott 3 and 2-seater sofa to revamp his bedroom.


He stated that the products on Wooden Street are quite affordable and appreciated the entire purchase process. A month has passed since the all units were delivered to the Nizam city, and the Karri family is liking the new addition to their home. Ravi said,” It was very easy to buy from Wooden Street. The product is value for money and matches the descriptions. Solid wood furniture brings warmth and elegance to the space. We have bookmarked some more products from the website and will order them soon.

Thank you, Mr. Ravi Kumar Karri, for making us a part of your abode.
With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want

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