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Clever Ways to Make Your Outdoors the Highlight of This Monsoon Season

Make the best out of your outdoors to gear up the enjoyment of monsoon season. Check out these decor hacks below and jazz the vibe accordingly.

The scent of arid land getting the first splash of rain, the dusky skies, having a hot cup of chai and pakoras with your family, the view of rain dancing down- Monsoon season is way too romantic to waste it by being indoors. And where does this scenario fit best in a living space? It's the outdoors, be it a balcony or a veranda. One can do wonders with their outdoors if furnished smartly. 

It takes minimal elements to deck up your balcony or patio; you just need good research to know what rainy season decor could effectively work for your space. 

Find yourself in luck today, as this blog will help you know about the most minimal and striking monsoon decor ideas. We guarantee these rainy season theme decoration ideas would effectively get your outdoors to go drab to fab really quick. 

The Shade of Protection

Rains are dazzling to view and feel, well, sometimes. The blissfully chilled droplets falling down the sky surely make us go, NaNa Rey, NaNa Rey but not every other rainy day you wish to go all Aishwarya level extra. Some days, reading a book while sipping on chai next to your balcony is the logical way to enjoy this wet weather. With blinds, you can enjoy this weather a bit closer by shifting to the balcony and not just sitting beside it. 

Installing a waterproof blind or going all vintage with bamboo blinds will help you create a shade of protection over the space. This rainy season decor idea can turn tables for you if rain is curbing you from standing on your own balcony/veranda.

Invest in Premium-Quality Patio Set

The stress over premium quality is fundamental. Buying the wrong material or quality of monsoon home furniture would be a waste of product and money. Metal, solid hardwoods with quality finish, cotton, jute, and plastic are some materials that would work lastingly well for the outdoors. At WoodenStreet, find the most beauteous and durable outdoor chairs to give the space a structure for you to relax. Providing a base structure to the area is essential, just like any other house space. Hence a premium-quality patio set would guarantee an enjoyable time watching the calming rain pour down for a list of coming years.

Statement Lights for a Dreamy Effect

This monsoon home decor would sparkle up the heart of the artists. Be the Picasso and select which subtle hue of light would best suit your balcony set up. From yellow pendant lights to colorful fairy lights, there is a wide variety of lighting to suit everyone's aesthetic taste. The space's lighting is a significant mood influence. The dark dusky skies that gush mixed feelings of joy and gloom need proper lighting to stabilize the mood. Make sure not to buy something way too dim and subtle. Bright and peppy should be the vibe to aim for.

Quirky Planters for Character

Green plants always add glamour to the view and can never disappoint, no matter what aesthetic. Having them in quirky and colorful planters would be an excellent rainy season theme decoration to boost the bright aura of the space. Dark and dull skies feel soothing, so much that all we could think about is to sulk in the vibe. To turn such vibes into a joyful comfort, bring character and quirky elements to the view to keep the aura light. Getting in color and greenery to the outdoor scenery would surely do that. 

Wall of Your Style

Time to pay attention to your outdoor accent walls. Investing in outdoor decor was indeed a far-seen thing in India, but with space limitations and evolved decor elements, achieving a decked-up outdoor is no longer a task. Give the outdoor accent walls a touch of your style through engaging decor that makes your space feel yours in every aspect. Wall painting, metal art, wall masks, and the list of the set will go on if you check our list of outdoor decor. Hence, join hands with us to enjoy a wide variety on budget and prepare your outdoors for this year's monsoon showers. 

Oomph The Comfort

Lastly, an extra monsoon home decor that adds ups the comfort to achieve that movie-like outdoor setup. Rugs and carpets work great to oomph the comfort of a space. But the same problem arises with the rugs: Why such luxurious decor in a dirt-prone area? Rugs are available in various materials. Therefore, one can select a material that is easy to maintain and has lasting durability. Rubber, cotton, and jute are some examples in which you can find vibrant rugs that would be perfect for styling the space for monsoons.

These rainy season theme decoration ideas would let you make the best out of your outdoors to enjoy this rainy season to the fullest. So, without wasting a minute, explore WoodenStreet to discover all mentioned monsoon decor ideas from the comfort of your home. 

Also, don't forget to mention which rainy season decor idea you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! 

And a Happy Monsoon to You!

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