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Curtains Theory: How Different Curtain Colours Affect Your Mood?

Many do not know how impactful decor curtains can be for your space and emotional balance. In this article, understand what does types of curtain colours offer your space?

To complete an interior look, one surely needs curtains. Whether you have a lavish window to flaunt natural sunlight or not, window curtains for home are an essential furnishing that helps you complete the look of your interiors. Various window curtains can really help one curate the aura of your choice. Did you know how emotionally and visually influential colours can be? With window curtains, one can give their space a dynamic look and feel that will surely grab your visitor's attention at a glance. In this article, read how various colour curtains can offer your space a range of visually aesthetic and emotionally pleasing vibes. Colour psychology is easy to understand and one can easily curate the living space of their dreams on a budget. When you have a choice, then why settle for less? Spark your creativity by selecting various colours of curtains according to the vibe you wish to create. Here are some curtain ideas to let you know which curtain design colour would best express your space aura while offering a complete look to your interior.

Red for Romance and Passion

Red curtain ideas

The best colour to describe passion and romance. Red curtain ideas are perfect to give your space the right amount of warm and rosy vibes. They go well in subtle interiors and offer subtle interiors a splash of lively aura. For the living room or bedrooms, red curtains for home would be a peppy choice to blow a wave of rosy warm vibes.

Green for Calmness

Green colour curtain styles

Every look is better with green. Adding greenery or choosing green decor for your space is one smart way to infuse earthy and calm vibes in your interior. Green colour curtain styles are impactful enough to freshen up and oomph up your space on a budget. The brightness of the colour green would rush a tide of calmness, making it a lovely curtain colour to have in the bedroom.

Orange for an Upbeat Aura

orange curtains style

Want to make your dining space more welcoming and engaging? Then orange curtain ideas are the ones you should look for. There's nothing as joyous as the colour orange. The depth of liveliness this colour has is hard to resist. To match your zestful dinner vibes and never-ending family gossip, go for orange curtains that would justify the mood of a busy dining room flawlessly.

Purple to Add Drama

purple curtain styles

Add drama and character to your space with purple curtain styles. The intensity and seducingly beautiful vibe of this colour are immaculate for interiors missing a dynamic factor.

Purple curtain design are pocket-friendly furnishing to turn the heads of your visitors at a glance. The powerful and intense aura of purple curtains for home is possibly the best way to luxe up the vibe and give your interior a celebrity look.

Blue to Ease Emotions

Blue curtain styles

The universal favourite. The colour blue is never out of trend, this soothing and relaxing tone is widely popular for its luxurious yet delicate look. Ideal for bedrooms and balcony entrances, the gleam of blue shade will circulate a joyous and relaxing vibe while offering your space a regal look.

Yellow for a Blissful Aura

yellow curtain design for home

The colour of hope and pure positivity. Yellow curtain styles are great for home entrances and hallways. Welcome your visitors into a space where negative vibes don't stand a chance. This bright and sprightly tone would lend your space a welcoming warmth and make the energy of the ambience more vibrant.

White for Tranquillity

Not many prefer white curtains for home as they get stained easily and lack that lively glance. But what we do not know is that white curtains are one of the best colours to spruce your space without making the overall look heavy on the eyes. Give your space a hint of tranquillity by opting for white curtains for home. If you have got the energy set of your space with furniture and decor then go for white curtains as they create a visual balance, elegant enough to wow your visitors.

white curtains for home

These various colours of curtains for home will help you choose curtain styles that mirror your vibe and your interior theme up a notch.

So, without wasting a minute, shop according to the above-mentioned colours to glam your space with curtains in a visually soothing way. 

Also, don’t forget to mention which curtains for home colour you liked the most in the comment section below.

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