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A glimpse into the modern abode of Neha and Paramjeet A WOODENSTREET SAGA

Neha and Paramjeet from Bangalore found their favourite furniture products at woodenstreet as they shared their amazing experience with our woodenstreet team featuring young couple on our blog.

People often meet with coincidence. We had a same coincidence with this lovely couple from Bangalore. Neha and Paramjeet are both IT professionals, living in The green Terraces, Electronic city, Bengaluru. This cute couple instantly won our heart when we approached them for a blog featuring their home interiors. (FYI we didn’t pay them to say good words for us).

A thorough search for perfect home furniture is a strenuous task, and could take months to arrive on a firm decision. Neha and Paramjeet did the same, but until they found us on youtube. Then, everything just changed! They watched our product videos, read our product descriptions and surfed our online store. They liked every product,we had on display. When we had a chance to talk further, we came to know that, Neha and Paramjeet both have a sumptuous knowledge of decor and they already had many things planned accordingly, they just had not found the correct piece of furniture they were looking for. (Please note, how happy they were)

A sneak-peak into the Neha and Pramjeet’s house featuring the premium furniture and a hearty conversation with the lovely couple sharing their beautiful experience with our media team. 

Series of furniture: The Chosen Ones

The lovely couple replied with utmost humility and honesty, when asked that what furniture did they bought finally. Let’s start with the living room, because the moment you enter into their house, you can see their home blooming like maryland tale of disney. The very first thing that attracts your eye is Winster 3 seater wooden sofa. The yellow color customized sofa, blends perfectly with their interior. Wait ! it gets exiting. When you sit on the couch and get yourself comfortable, your eyes match the beautiful center custom coffee table. The setup was so good that it felt like the sofa was in love with the table.

Moving further to the dining area, they bought Alanis six seater dining set, that gives you some warm vibes. They say and they believe that dining area is the sacred place, where manners and etiquette should abide. This dining table with a traditional touch brings you the supreme dining experience. “We feel new every day”,said Neha and her mother-in-law. (yes, woodenstreet have that power to make you feel new everyday).

I always see so much love when we met them, such sweet and precious people are hard to find. (Coincidence FELLAS!) We continued our investigation for this beautiful crime they did and entered their bedroom. Wow ! This was the Drewno upholstered bed with the bedside tables that grabbed our attention. Just a glance and it will be captured forever in your brain. Neha added that, this upholstered bed comes with a frame design, that is very rare to find. (Rare is what we serve at woodenstreet)

Well, there was one bedroom left to review. It was Adolph bed with storage. The bed maybe simple in design, but none can compete with the comfort and storage capacity of the bed. the minimalist design of the Adolph bed is what makes it highly desirable.

This is what they have created, a heaven, away from all the marauding environment of the city. It really is the masterpiece. Apart from everything, what they really liked is the quality of wood material and finish given to each product. Paramjeet further added that, prices were also very reasonable compared to other websites. The couple really became fan of our customization services. It gave them freedom to choose the color and shade they wanted to, complimenting their interiors.

Though, it was for a very brief time that we interacted, but it was a wonderful experience. They said in unison at last, “we had the best experience, shopping at woodenstreet. It was smooth!”.

And they lived happily ever after .

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