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15 Diwali Home Décor Ideas to Welcome Festive Vibes

Amazing Diwali decor ideas to bring out the true festive vibes in your home, and make the festival more vibrant as well as joyful.

What is that one thing which excites us about the months, October and November? What’s that ritual which is followed everywhere irrespective of one’s religion or caste? Yes, Diwali it is! The representation of how the good take over the evil. Diwali is the five-day festival of lights and sweets which is generally seen taking its course a month before where every corner of the house gets refurbished and polished. It is then embellished with shimmery lights, diyas, candles, rangolis and lamps. On this occasion, we have come up with another exciting blog that gives you Diwali home décor ideas that can make your house light up by replacing that old woody furniture with the right ones. Just not furniture, we have a bag full of easy-peasy ideas to decorate your house on Diwali. To tempt you more, Wooden Street is here with some exciting offers up to 55% off.

Come…let’s start renovating your house.

· Accessorize those empty walls

Start by choosing the correct miniature or antique for your living room walls and put the best piece up there which also reflects the mood of your space. The Orange Snow Flake Floater-Framed wall art is widely chosen wall painting for its subtle and royal look and you can also check three divas wall hanging art piece which depicts the art and culture and makes it the perfect piece for Diwali.

· Centre of attraction

When you think of renovating, you probably do not want to leave your living room furniture unchanged, right? It is one of the most in-demand Diwali decoration items.
Now upgrade the living space style up with a winster wooden sofa set (55% off) in the walnut finish which is made up of seasoned wood and provides extra comfort.

· Make that lonely corner a style statement

If you have a small space living room and still want to add up something new, then Jovi single futon bed in honey finish-indigo ink is the one for you. A very uniquely designed one-seater or a bed and yet a demandable item that also comes in various fabrics.

· Make space for Diwali makeup look

Get home this beauty, Sharon dressing table, for all your newly purchased makeup items, and nightcare routines for this glamorous Diwali parties. It also has a mirror attached to it which gives you the space to cover those big walls with something else like lights and paintings.

· Aura with welcoming vibes

Are you a sucker for contemporary interiors? If yes, then this sirin console table will satisfy all the small space needs of your dining room. This solid sheesham wood item in curvy t-shape will amplify the festive vibes of your house by simply placing a lamp and a portrait of Goddess
Lakshmi on it. Now get this item at a 55% discounted price.

· Taste of a millennial

Metal furniture items have always been in trend no matter what occasion it is. The Polis side end table comes in a cylindrical pattern with a glass top on it. Its leafy inscribed pattern with gold polish makes it a perfect item to decorate living room on Diwali.

· Modern décor

Compliment that end table by taking up not more than 1-seater space of your living room. This Diwali, if you’re planning to lock yourself inside your house and celebrate the day with your own company, then buy a Marriott 1-seater wooden sofa and place it near your bookshelf. Enjoy a good coffee with your hand picked novel on this super comfy sofa of yours. Also check the Juniper Book Shelf that saves a lot of space.

· Cover the wooden flooring

To totalize the décor of your living room, cover the flooring with a multicolor vintage nylon rug which also marks the Diwali decorations. It comes in various designs but this vintage collection matches well with the occasion.

· Authentic decorations- cushions

Do you remember how your grandma used to decorate the house on Diwali? By simply taking out the newest cushion covers and bedsheets from the treasure. While we are celebrating customs and traditions on this day, buy this bright piece of the yellow digital printed organic cotton cushion cover and buy in bulk to add a shine to your sofa sets.

· Praise the Lord! Puja room shenanigans

How can we forget the most important and most visited room on Diwali days and therefore you need to take a glance at the whitaker console table in walnut finish. Laxmi Pujan is the major component of Diwali Puja and so this console table provides enough space to light diyas, candles and put photo frames on it.

· Bright and shimmering lights

Why leave behind the white walls of the puja room when you can articulate them with antique gold mild steel wall lights. The bright yellowish reflection with roots spreading all over the wall, this piece in itself is enough to create an aura.

· Serve guests with pleasure

Let’s start planning the special Diwali feast. Serve those homemade sweets and junkies to the guests in Medallion Teak wood large serving tray made up of solid wood. Bold brown outer surface with gold design inside the tray stands to be the sophisticated Diwali décor item.

· Diwali celebrations inside the house

Celebrating Diwali 2020 with your loved ones inside your safe place is a great example to create even for others. Pull your Diwali party in your balcony or on your terrace by adding four tattva bamboo floor lamps in each corner and add the missing glam with symmetrical brown wooden cluster hanging lights to give the traditional Diwali touch.

· Elevate the decorations with hanging plants

Artificial morning glory hanging plant in ironware basket is a smart idea without decorating those big empty walls. Just place some small oil lamps or incense candles near this hanging plant in the room which catches the first attention of the guests while making a way into your house.

· The glimmer of static lights

Are you sure you’ve checked everything from your decoration list? Even your bedroom? Well, here’s the one magical tip to enhance the beauty of your master bedroom by not doing more than placing two table lamps at both sides of the bed frame. Check wick metal golden table lamp built in Arabian style architecture.

Follow these simple Diwali home decor ideas and optimize them creatively in a way that they entice your friends and family to celebrate this occasion inside four walls.

Happy Diwali!

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