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Easy Christmas Party Decoration Ideas for the Festive Bash at Home

Confused about how to decorate your home for Christmas this year? Here are some simple and effective ideas for some classic Christmas decor that will blow your guests away!

Just like Santa, Christmas has snuck upon us. It feels like yesterday was the 1st of December and its already time for the Christmas bash and party decoration. And as hectic as it is, it’s important to plan it all out from what you may serve to how your home will look (we can all be party planners!). These things are really important if you are planning a Christmas feast at your home. And you can do so using easy party planning ideas and make your home look festive and classy!

(Be sure to spread some Christmas cheer, use red, golden and green deer!)

Let There Be Light

And then there was- Light is one of the most important things in our lives. What's more, you can add it to your homes and Christmas party decoration as well. Using colour coded light like red and golden (all lights that shine in the spirit of Christmas) in any space can add a lot of glow into the mix. Just what you need to give your home the perfect Christmas vibe (what's more Christmasy than dancing fairy lights?)

Tin Tin Twinkles

Need a DIY hack for when you have extra tin cans lying around? You can make designs on the surface using a marker; and then using a nail and a hammer, you can poke holes along the lines of the design. Place a candle or some lights in the tin and VOILA! You’ve got a patterned lamp that can instantly enhance the look of a room.

Welcome Unpoision Ivy

There's life all around us- all the plants are alive after all! And it makes sense that we include them in our Christmas celebrations. You can add flowers and plants to your home or plant them outdoors to make a beautiful garden (heavenly, right?). And to add to your Christmas decor more classically- you can use wreaths as well. (Perfect for decorating your homes for Christmas celebration ideas!)

The Apple of the Eye

One of the most important elements to decorating a place is to catch the guests eye. And doing so becomes very easy when you use a centrepiece. You can place classic and designer pieces on the table as centrepieces or add statement wall art to enhance the space easily. Dazzle your guests with shiny and attractive showstoppers!

A Way to Classy Eatery is Tableware

Make sure to use the best of table wear as it will make an impact on the guest’s impression of you and your home (as well as your party planning skills) that will probably leave you wondering- Et Tu, Brute?
And if you want to know a cool and easy decor hack- add coasters onto a wire and hand it on the wall!

Mr Bean’s Tablecloth- Handkerchief

If you have ever watched any of Mr Beans episodes, you have a classy taste. And you can theme your Christmas bash like those episodes you so love!
One quirky thing that Mr Bean does is take the Table cloth or the runner and make a bib out of it. Now- you may not know anyone quite as enigmatic as Mr Bean, but you can show your love for him using Table cloths and runners too! (but do not use them as a bib, or you may end up looking at a food massacre.)

Popsicle Lover’s Placemat

There are two reasons why you cannot have ice creams- one, having ice cream in winters can make you sick (not counting Australia, they are boots deep in summer this time of the year). And two, making popsicles may be difficult since you would have used up all the ice cream sticks! You can glue them together and splash some colours on the ice cream sticks to make a colourful and fun placemat! (you could make this into a DIY activity for you and your family, oh what fun it would be.)

Mr Mason Jars

Or Mason Jars, as you may know, are the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. How?
Well, all you need to do is put the mason Jars and use it to serve hot chocolates, or put some whipped cream and cherry on the top and place it on tabletops- remember, there’s nothing to drink in there.

The Mark Extinguisher

People leave around all sorts of cold and hot drinks and this can cause your decoration to go bad or even leave marks on your furniture. And the easiest decor idea is to keep your home clean and functional- and using Coasters will help with just that!

Quirky, Cosy and Plush

Place a couple of contrasting hues or Christmas coloured pillows on the sofas, bed and all kinds of chairs, even the ones outdoors! This can help you make your guests comfortable and lend the space a pop of colour and make the environment seem brighter and happier. 

Would You Like Some Hot Chocolate?

Indian households are big on serving the guests snacks, so be sure to give them some classic and warm Christmas special- hot chocolate! Serve them in designer serving trays and add style to each serve (literally).

DIY No-Waste Upgrade

If you want to make your party a lot more fun and interesting- you can add a photo booth at your home or christmas balloon decorations. You can make a DIY wall of chains using paper strips and glue. Just make sure to chain the strips together and hang it all on the wall. The more colourful it will be, the more beautiful the pictures will turn out to be. You can also use tissue paper to make ruffles and bio-degradable decorations.

Divide and Rule

Do you have two drinks that look the same? You can easily differentiate between them! All you need are a bunch of straws and washi tape- mark the table up to tell the guests what each of these drinks is and then place different straws in them (you can easily separate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks using this method). And you never have to worry about the drinks you serve during Christmas celebration ideas!

Easy Christmas Party Decoration Ideas can form the backbone of the festive bash at home. It is important to plan things out and keep things warm and homey. Because even though Christmas is a pious festival- it is also the time when love and family, both find hope. And it is with this sentiment that we bid you ado- with loads of laughter and fun with all those you hold dear. Merry Christmas!

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