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Follow Less-is-More Approach with Small Space Decor Ideas

Are you facing difficulty in decorating your small home, which also feels cramped and claustrophobic? Well, this blog will help you to decorate your small space and trick your eyes down to perceive a bigger space.

How can I help cramped hallway to live larger?
How can I create plenty of seating in my small living room, without making it cluttered?
How do I maximize storage in my crowded bedroom?
And, so on.
Well, the small spaces come with a different set of decorating dilemmas. It happens with many of us because, when we’re picturing our dream homes, we usually focus on the big picture. It’s like you want to fit in as much as possible, but the room shouldn’t feel cramped. You want it to be picturesque, but at the same time keep it stylish, away from the chaos.
The thing is, it doesn’t turn out how you dreamt it unless you decorate small spaces very smartly!
Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a tiny room, these small space design ideas will make it feel so much larger. With a splash of creativity and can-do belief, you’ve got yourself a jackpot- no matter the size of your home.
Get started here with our best tips and ideas for small spaces.

For Flooring

For small spaces, a rug with geometric patterns or in a neutral color is a great option. Without adding much mess, it’ll create a connection between furniture pieces. Opt for a smaller size that can be used under a coffee table or to define the seating areas.

small space decor ideas

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small space design ideas

For Art and Mirrors

Bring mirrors into play! This is the obvious choice to use the natural light you have and bounce it around the entire small room. Even using the large-scale art above your eyeline creates a sense of height and space.

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home decor ideas for small spaces

For Lighting

We welcome natural light in interiors with open arms. But, what about after dusk? For small areas, try to get the style and visual impact through floor lamps. Another clever trick could be to use the lamp with the base and shade in the same finish as it creates an illusion of larger space.

small space decor ideas

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small space decor

For Furniture

The key to making a petite home feel comfortable and not cluttered, is opting for airy furniture that can also serve multiple purposes.

small space decor ideas

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small space decor

For Shelving

From driving the eye upward to creating an illusion of high ceiling or adding functionality, a wall shelf can increase the sense of scale in small rooms. Go for a combination of open-closed shelving that strikes the right balance between your clutter and personality. 

small room design ideas

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small space decor ideas for 2020

For Decorative Pieces

Just because you have to showcase your collection of inherited figurines, doesn’t mean you fill small space with them only. Select a handful of items you really love and pack the rest away.

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decor tips for small spaces

Sprucing up your small spaces is no more exhausting and difficult. So, treat your small space with smart tricks now and then and keep things picture-perfect!

Do you have any ideas to add to our list of decorating small spaces?

Comment below- We are all ears!

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