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Living room showcases your personality and creates cozy and inviting ambiance. Wooden Street offers a wide range of living room furniture to make it classy, comfortable and captivating. Take some inspirations from our customers to revamp your décor.

Living room is the place where you create memories, shares your daily experiences with family, lounge and watch movies, host parties, enjoy meals with your dear ones or just laze around on a sluggish day. This is the room in your home that showcases your taste and personality while creating a cosy and inviting ambiance. This is the reason we go head-over-heels while decorating this special space of our living room.

Wooden Street offers a wide range of living room furniture to make it more classy, comfortable, captivating and your own. You can choose the one that matches your taste perfectly and beautifies your living room. Scroll down to take some inspirations from our customers to revamp your living room décor.

Sofa is the first thing we need in our living room. This single furniture unit can change the entire feel of your living room. Mr. Anand Narayanan’s living room is worth get inspired from, as he played the bold game with Winster Sofa Set. The cushions of this sofa are customised according to the décor need of Mr. Narayanan, adding a pop of colour to his living room beautifully. The addition of magazine brackets makes Winster sofa a perfect utilitarian piece of furniture for any living room.

Coffee tables are the unsung heroes of living room that complete the look by complimenting the sofas. Wooden Street brings a wide range of coffee tables offering storage in different manners. Our coffee tables, with ottomans underneath, are quite famous for smart space saving living. But, if you are the one who loves to bring out the beauty with simplicity, take inspiration from Basappa Mullangi’s décor. He picks our Sofar Coffee Table to compliment his white and warm living room.

Television is the focal point of every second living room, but the difficult task is to decorate around it this black box. Bringing home a TV unit is a smart idea to bring life around your Television. From a giant entertainment unit to sleek and small TV unit, and from functional TV cabinets to space saver wall mount units, Wooden Street presents endless options of styles, designs and patterns so that you can get the most purposeful TV Unit for your living room.

When Manidara Saha was looking for a TV unit online, her search ended at our Chappell TV Unit. She got the dimensions and shelves customised through our customisation facility and made Chappell TV unit the perfect pick for her living room. She liked the multiple storage and display options, offered by this TV unit, a lot.

Adding a Chaise Lounge and Lounge Chairs in your living room is a good idea to add luxury with elegance that’s perfectly coupled with seating space. Kumud Singh brought life to a spare part of her living room with Crocus Chaise Lounge.  This stunning piece with floral fabric perfectly adds calmness to her décor while keeping it minimalist.

The best thing about lounge chairs is that they can blend with any kind of décor easily. This living room of Smita Ballabh, from Gurugram, is a true inspiration. She picked everyone’s favourite Ariel Wingback Chair. This floral fabric chair adds charm with elegance to her living room and creates balance between the warm and dark colours.

One more underrated but the most common element of living room is the shoe rack. Gone are the days when a shoe rack used to be a piece of furniture kept outside homes. Now, they have become a functional part of the living room providing storage space with designer appeal to the room. You can get the one with additional drawers to keep some things organized or one with a seat to assist you in wearing your footwear.

Also, you can replace it with a console table at foyer, like Shipali, and decorate the top with a lamp and a mirror to enhance the complete look of the décor.

While kitchen is the heart of home, the living room is its heartbeat. Bring the best for your living room with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want. Shop and give an amazing look to your home effortlessly with Wooden Street.

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