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Get Your Home Monsoon Ready with 9 Simple Decor Tips

The mausam of chai, pakora & baarish is all set. Now get your home monsoon ready to enjoy the blissful weather from your bed.

The eagerly awaited monsoon not only brings happiness and a romantic atmosphere, but also dark clouds and musty odors into your home. Enjoy the spell without making your home appear drab and grey. You may battle the blahness and inject a little joy without burning a hole through your wallet by adding minor decorative pieces and creative monsoon home decoration ideas. The 9 easiest and budget-friendly monsoon home decor ideas are mentioned below.

1. Welcome the Guests, Not the Dirt

monsoon home decor idea

Though how pleasant and blissful the mausam feels, muddy shoes and dirty water is something it definitely brings. Make an investment in some very absorbent dirt trappers to guarantee that your home sweet home stays dry and fresh throughout the season. Door mats in darker hues that conceal the muck and grime may keep your home functional while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of home décor for monsoon.

2. Scatter Your Sparkle, Not Your Shoes

monsoon home decor idea

Monsoon brings a new beginning with itself, which is all about bringing out the best in you. Trapping the dirt at the entrance is not just enough. Give your foyer an organized look by incorporating a shoe rack that matches your monsoon theme decoration. This is a season where you can go all joyous. So, scatter the sparkle you carry within you and not your shoes.

3. Hang Your Ego, Umbrella and Rain Coat

monsoon home decor idea

In the old days, the entrance gateways used to be smaller in homes so that one learns humbleness and keeps the ego aside before entering the house. In the modern era, you can ask your family members and guests to hang their ego, raincoat and umbrella on an umbrella stand. It will not only keep your house clean and tidy but will also incorporate a monsoon decoration theme with a twist.

4. Spread the Bright Colors with a Cushiony Feel

monsoon home decor idea

Plush comfort is something that one longs for in any season. And with the refreshing atmosphere outside, it’s a perfect time to give your home a monsoon décor with bright-colored cushions and throws. Bright colors like orange, pink, and cheery yellow may make your house appear lighter and more spacious, instantly boosting your mood.

5. Warm Up Your Space with Aesthetic Rugs

monsoon home decor idea

The moist winds bring along a touch of chilly winter. To keep yourself warm, adding an aesthetic nylon rug is one of the most wonderful monsoon home décor ideas. This will not only combat the monsoon greys by adding a pop of colors, but it also will add warmth to the space.

6. Combat the Monsoon Odor with Scented Candles

monsoon home decor idea

Who said scented candles are only meant for romantic nights? One can also use them as monsoon home décor. Lighting a few scented candles about the house is a great method for reducing the monsoon odor. Pick varieties with appealing aesthetics and a range of smells. Enjoy the serenity that these lovely scented candles bring with them while adding a bit of warmth to your house.

7. Ace Your Indoors with a Whiff of Freshness

monsoon home decor idea

The perfect time to indulge your inner plant parent by cultivating your own set of greens, whether indoors or out, is during the monsoon season. The amount of oxygen in your home will be increased using monsoon decor plants. Some people prefer to have plants in their homes so they can occasionally breathe in some fresh air. You can transform your house into a tropical haven with succulents, tall potted plants, hanging planters, and other greenery. These are simple to maintain and provide your house with lots of fresh energy.

8. Play it Musical with Wind Chimes

monsoon home decor idea

Ever heard the meditative sound of a conch shell? It’s everyone’s dream to hear that instrumental sound of a shell when on the beach. But why wait that long when you can have it all in your home? The next best monsoon décor ideas include hanging windchimes on the balconies and windows so that you can hear the melodious music that sounds relatively soothing all the time.

9. Take The Monsoon to Your Bedroom

monsoon home decor idea

This monsoon decor concept is for you if you're one of those persons who enjoy the rainy season so much that you bring a touch of nature into your bedroom. Wallpaper with a leaf motif might help the monsoon theme decoration come through. For a stunning contrast, you may also include a bed with a crimson velvet headboard. To improve the attractiveness of the area, place some tall potted plants on the side. Your room will now undoubtedly exude a monsoon vibe in every aspect. The indoor setting with a monsoon decoration theme adds a lot of freshness to the bedroom.

Enjoy the cool breeze and the chilly winds with an amazing indoor set up. It is pleasant to observe the rain from the comfort of our lovely houses while it is raining outside. However, it's essential to prepare your home for the season in order to take advantage of everything that the season has to offer and to reduce the occasional problems. Professional interior designers and decorators are not necessary for you to implement these improvements. Make sure your home is monsoon ready with these easy techniques!

Don’t forget to tell us which monsoon home décor idea you liked the most in the comment section below.

See you all in the next blog.

Till then, make your home monsoon ready and enjoy chai pakoras from your balcony.

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