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Happy Holi! Host the Perfect House Party with Vibrant Holi Decoration Ideas

The vibrant festival of colours is just around the corner, and to make this year's Holi Bash special, here are some striking decoration ideas to get your home ready.

In India, Holi is celebrated in numerous eclectic ways. From the Lath Maar Holi in Uttar Pradesh to the Royal Holi in Rajasthan, Holi is one of the most awaited festivals of India. 

Red-yellow-green faces with wide smiles, local markets loaded with various sweets, gourmet food, colours, music, dance and people splashing colours on every passerby; these indicate that "Holi" is here.

And what's better than celebrating this lively festival from the comfort of your home? So today, we will talk about some striking Holi theme decoration ideas that will help you host the perfect Holi bash of all times. Holi teaches us that no matter how many differences we have between our hearts, humble love will always win when people splash colours on each other and offer smacking sweets while chanting, Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai. 

So without further ado, let us unravel the most vibrant yet simple Holi decoration ideas for the super amazing Holi Bash at home:

Jazz the Walls

Holi decoration ideas

Throw some colours on your plain walls, no, not literally! Place vibrant wall art that matches the vibe you are planning for, alluring paintings to metal art, there are gazillion items you could use to jazz your walls. Bright and colourful wall art will offer your walls a striking look, festive enough to charm all your guests. Try out this Holi party decoration idea with our premium-quality wall decor products.

Change Those Covers

Holi decoration ideas

After doing the meet-up rituals, the next thing a visitor would do is find a place to sit comfortably. So, changing the cushion covers it is. Make your seating space look more inviting by placing visually engaging cushions. Holi is that kind of festival that makes you reach the max of your energy levels, so make sure you place some fancy cushions on your seating to make them stand out from the colourful crowd. This Holi decoration ideas for home will enhance the comfort of your space while offering attractive look.

Bloom Floral Aroma

Holi decoration ideas

Beautify your corners and doors with fresh flowers, this Holi decoration ideas for home is among the most engaging ones. The sweet aroma of natural colours plus the floral fragrance of your house would combine to give your space a lively aura. Hang flower strings on your entrance doors or near the corners to have a chic aesthetic on a budget. Marigold and rose flower hanging would suit best the festive vibes of Holi.

Eyes on the Floor

Holi decoration ideas

Colourful Area rugs can work wonders for your space. They bring a huge share of attention to your floors, and one can find various designs and patterns to match varied decor styles with ease. The best option would be to go with rugs that are easy to clean, this way, your after-party cleaning struggles will not be stern enough to stick around to give you backaches. At WoodenStreet, one can find vibrant rugs that can single-handedly get your house inclined towards vibrant celebrations of Holi.

Vibrant Lighting

Holi decoration ideas

Lighting always works best to indicate thrilling festivity, one can easily choose according to the theme. And we all know what Holi calls for, colourful lighting! It would fit best and is one inexpensive Holi party decoration ideas to amaze your guests. Lighting structures up the visuals of your space and infuses more artsy vibes in your house. One can discover beautiful terracotta and metal hanging lamps on WoodenStreet that scream Holi Vibes.

Rangoli for the Entrance

Holi decoration ideas

Wow your visitors the moment they enter your gates. A colourful rangoli can never go wrong, they make your space look more inviting while your guests will also acknowledge the level of consideration you gave to be the perfect host. Go for peacock and Krishna inspired rangolis as they express the vibrant vibrations of Holi festival the best.

Signature Drinks and Snacks

Holi decoration ideas

As said earlier, Holi is a high vibration festival which means food and drinks should never stop coming. Holi is nothing without its signature drink Bhaang Thandai and the smacking sweet snack Gunjiya. Pre-make these items in a large batch so that you can enjoy your Holi the same as your guests rather than rushing back to the kitchen every ten minutes. Serve them in fancy silverware to oomph your presentation game.

These simple yet striking Holi decoration ideas for home will help you host a party that perfectly matches the lively festive vibe. So, without wasting a minute, explore WoodenStreet to discover all the above-mentioned Holi party decoration ideas that can get your house festive ready on a budget. So why waste time? Shop from the comfort of your home only at WoodenStreet.com and have a Very Happy Holi!
Also, don’t forget to mention which Holi decoration ideas for home you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! And have a safe and prosperous Holi!

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