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Hatch a Christmas Look for Your Living Room this Year

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Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Christmas is here.

When cathedrals are buzzing with jingles and bells, sweet dishes and candies have surely done the spell, when lights and decorations have already hit the roof since Red and White are the only color on groove, it’s officially “CHRISTMAS on the move”.

Since the whole year has been a hoodlum, people have started decorating their homes with beautiful lights and fancy decorations to take a break from all the conundrums of this Covid affected year. Although, Christmas decoration can be tiring, especially when we decide to makeover the living room, as it is the most difficult. Yet, living room is the place where Christmas happen, as family and friends get together, shares warmth and happiness with each other.

Even when every family member helps, something always remains unturned, that is why, we have brought you a series of ideas incorporating every furniture unit that can be placed in your living room for creating a cozy and gratifying home decor setup for Christmas.

Santa Couch

Having guests over at your house for Christmas is going to be very engaging since you would be busy cooking and entertaining guests. Therefore, the very first thing you need to look out for decoration is a couch. To bring a Christmas vibe, you must bring a fabric sofa of red colour, so that other furniture can be matched with contrast. It will liven up your living room by creating a clutch of elegant ornamentation.

Lounge Throne

Right beside a couch, consider placing a Lounge chair and you will see the difference by yourself. Preferred color is White and Beige, but since you may not find exactly the same, so go with any color. Further, place lounge chair a little bit adjacent to fire place, so the party can roam around the stone patio of fire pit. An addition of lounge chair to you living room furniture may bring a gaudy and nostalgic decorum to your space.

Spatial Table

Central to the room, right in front of the couch, there needs to be a table, which will accommodate all your drinks and snacks. Think of the decor you want to depict, and choose the table accordingly. Take something with the minimalist appearance, so it would not dominate other furniture.

Shrugged Rug

A rug ensemble the complete room set up at once because it can really lift the ambience of the decor. For introducing Christmas feeling into the living room area, consider taking a white-coloured shaggy rug, which will maintain the contrast and beautifies the space.

The Jingled Tables

Amidst the presidential furniture setup of your living room, add one more thing to make it more functional and cognitive, and that side tables. These tables increase the utility of furniture in the room for you and your guests. These tables add an extra charm to your living room setup, so you could show off a little bit more.

Cabinets Latitude

Well, the place must be taking a shape by now, as we have added the major units. But there is still some furniture left to explore and add to the living room. Cabinets have a significant place at your home because it bears a load of your belongings and certain articles. Go for a cabinet that has a natural appearance and it will twitch the spark of Christmas in your decor.

Drapes in Crime

Curtains may be neglected on a day to day basis, but it can bring a complete transformation to your framework. Choose the curtains wisely, although preferred is Red and White amalgamated, so it can represent a Santa oriented theme.

Lamp swamp

A lamp beside your couch is something that will bring elegance to your place along with the grandeur that you might have seen in the movies. Select a White shade lamp, it will really jazz it up the spot for a short dance number.

Ottomans empire

An ottoman addition will keep your guests accommodated for a long time and it also works as an extra seating module. You can bring an Ottoman of the White colour family so that it can contribute to the overall theme by just blending in comfortably.

Hanging & Banging Lights

The Hanging lights over your head is something people always like, especially on Christmas. Score a good looking hanging light that justifies the entire living room furniture and also the decor, that you have been working so hard to make beautiful. Further, it may fetch the luxury to the setup and it will become more formal. 

Hots Pots

Now, the most obvious thing that needs to be added to the living room front, and that are Planters. We know that Christmas tree is already a plant, then why do we need a second one, because it suffices the space with something beautiful and responsive. Thus, make sure the pot that you bring should be white, so it could blend in easily.

Photo-generic Frames

At the end, one last thing remains to be added, so you are good to go. It is a well-furnished mirror frame on the “hall of fame” wall of your living room. Take out some family pictures that you can put in that frame and mount it where your guest can see them. As well as, this will always remind you that nothing is more essential other than family.

At the end of the day, only one thing matters the most, that is being with your loved ones on Christmas over and over again. Now, you must be anxious to call your guests and show off your space. Well, let them come over to your house, and note their reaction.

Other than furniture decor setup, you must decorate your house the way you always decorate your house. This way, you may be able to achieve something extraordinary this Christmas. The most important thing while decorating the house is that make sure to create an environment where comfort meets style, where joy meets triumph and where desolation meets contentment.

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time”

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