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Home Décor Ideas for Navratri

With Navratri, everyone starts decorating their home and simple decorative items go a long way in making your home feel festive-ready. Wooden Street brings the finest décor range to add some aesthetically appeal to your interiors.

Finally, the most awaiting month in the Hindu tradition has arrived. Starting with Navaratri and followed by the Dussehra and Deepawali, the October-November months of this year are undoubtedly the most happening ones. And whenever we think about any festival, the first thing that comes in our mind is decorating our home sweet home. 

With Navratri, everyone starts decorating their home and simple decorative items go a long way in making your home feel festive-ready. Wooden Street is here to help, bringing the finest décor section for your home so that positivity, prosperity and happiness win over all the negativity in your home. 

Add Colours in form of Fabric


Make sure that your interior is perfectly ready for the Navratri celebration. We Indians love colours and our homes always display vibrant colours of every season. You can paint your wall with earthy and traditional colours if your budget allows. Alternatively, a simple and best way is to replace furnishing and décor items.

Jazz up your sitting areas with colourful cushions and beautiful curtains. Also define your space by choosing rugs and carpets from our vast collection.

Lights and Lamps


Any Indian festival is incomplete without a spark of lights. They are a necessity of immersive and peaceful décor. Diyas, or oil lamps, are the must-have elements of any Navratri décor, but you can also add decorative lights and lamps to boost-up your interiors. Also, lights and lamps are those essentials which never go out of fashion. There is huge variety in lamps to outline the areas, our hanging lamps are perfect to highlight the specific space you want.

Wall Décor


Bare walls block positivity and feel bland. Wall décor is the best solution to give any room a polished and finished look. Wall arts and mirror frames brighten the room and bring life to a bare wall, while wall hangings add that much-needed wow-factor to the space.

For a festive makeover of your rooms, add a wall frame of a deity and decorate it with some string lights.



Fresh flowers are the best way to bring the festive hues and soothing affects. Flowers not only make a place fragrant but are also pleasing to the eyes and refresh our mind and body. And if it becomes a little tedious to get some fresh flowers daily, artificial flowers come to your rescue. We are bringing a variety of artificial flowers, so that you can choose something that suits your requirements perfectly.

Home Temple


Last, and the most important thing to remember, is a Home Temple. You need a well-painted and easy-to-maintain temple. A temple takes away all the attention eventually. So, buy a magnificent looking temple and place it in the best direction possible.

Decorating your home according to the Hindu traditions can be helpful in bringing positivity and prosperity into the house, and when paired with modern designs, it would ultimately result in an aesthetically appealing interior. To make your shopping livelier, Wooden Street is coming with the Shubh Navartri Sale. Check all the exclusive offers and also get extra 20% off using the code “NAVRATRI

Team Wooden Street wishes you a very prosperous and delightful Navratri. 

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