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Hrithik Roshan’s House: An Island of Salty Air and Scenic Beauty

Hrithik Roshan's house is designed by Ashiesh Shah, which has a blend of a family home and a feel of a bachelor pad. He got inspiration from the sea and his travels with his family for this apartment.

A schoolboy who struggled to complete a sentence because of his stammering, a teen who suffered terrible health issues and a self-admitted bad dancer, is now known for his acting skills, fitness, and moves that are hard to match.

Yes, we’re talking about none other than, Hrithik Roshan who has faced tough times but eventually, got them all.

To enrich the seeds planted for a lifelong fandom, Roshan made everyone swoon with a sprawling sea-facing mansion in Juhu, Mumbai.

The palatial abode, named Paras, is spread over 3000 sq ft of area, consists of a den, a dining room, a beautiful balcony, and two bedrooms. 

During the shoot of Mohenjo Daro, Hrithik realized that he was looking for the same colored walls for his home.

About his lovely beach house, he revealed- “While washing the pigment off from my hands one day, I realized that’s the color I’d been looking for- not cerulean, not turquoise, something in between. Building this home was about discovering myself. I wanted to explore what would manifest on the outside if I went by what I felt inside.”

Sounds interesting, right?

So, get ready to take a look at the snapshots from the actor’s bachelor pad-meets-family home aesthetic:

The Living Room

For giving beachy and resting vibes, Ashiesh Shah - Roshan’s Architect has smartly bathed the living room in neutral tones. The custom-made sofas have the contrast of Beige, Grey, and Blue, while the low-leveled coffee table with varying height showcases all symmetrically aligned decor items.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

P.S - I love how the living room opens up to the balcony space, for adding freshness and witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of Juhu beach.

The Den

Hrithik said - “That’s what homes are supposed to do — make you feel safe and secure. I trade my comfort and my privacy on sets and locations, so I have this to come back to... like a bird that gets its little twigs and builds its nest.”

This can be seen in the beautifully designed den, which has various elements like - a beautiful wall of memories, billiard table, white-washed brick wall, and a bubble chair.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

The Balcony

The first cup of coffee, greenery, laid back seating arrangement, and enticing view of nature - worth experiencing? Everything can be seen at the Roshan’s balcony for a breakaway from the hustles.

The wooden ceiling is binding the whole natural look together! And, yeah larger than life-sized hammock never fails to grab anyone’s attention.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

The Home Office

Wonderful quotes on walls, creating a sense of belongingness and personal collections in the home-office of the Kites star, is in itself a process of self-discovery. Also, the dark wood flooring and laid back cushion style of traditional chairs are adding the right amount of warmth.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

The Dining Area

In Paras, colorful vibe continues from his living area and den to his dining room. What your eyes will catch - the wooden charm, summery feeling, blue color hue on the wall frame and beautiful fabric on the dining seats. 

All that I can say when I witness this dining area is - “Take me back to the beach”.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

The Kids Room

In this room, an amazing world map wallpaper, bright-colored ladder, and that football-shaped carpet, perfectly justifying the kids decor style. Well, who’ll not like this combination? After all, learning has never seemed so much fun!

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

Despite all these peaceful vibes, a thought or a quote affected Roshan’s life in any way; he adorned them in his home. From quirky one-liners penned by him to Latinate aphorisms, here’s a glimpse of their stunning presence.

Inspiring us with the sandy and colorful interiors, the Greek God of Bollywood - Hrithik Roshan has beautifully designed his paradise!

We have our eyes on other celebrities too, wait for more aspiring posts to get your home celeb-ready!

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

Content Source: Vogue India

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