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Inside the Glamourous House of Virat and Anushka

Take a look inside the modern and glamorous house of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and the talented actress Anushka Sharma to get some tips for your home décor.

Ever since the marriage of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and B-town actress Anushka Sharma, the couple has managed to be in headlines. And on top of that when they bought a penthouse in Mumbai, it became more imminent for their fans to take a look inside their domestic life.

The power couple Virushka bought this 4 bedroom apartment in omkar skyscraper for 34 crores and is 7,171 sq.ft in the area, facing the beautiful Arabian sea. The couple is constantly active on social media handles and we often get glimpses of their apartment through their stories and posts. Though, it looks like the couple have definitely spent a fortune on the interiors because the pictures of Anushka and Virat Kohli home are dominant with classic but mild interiors that seeks our attention immediately.

“Somber Matting Everywhere in House”

It is a picture of Virat kohli lying down with his adorable dog on the floor. Now, if you will notice, in the backside, the living room setup is visible where a coffee table is placed on a off white round rug, that is covering most of the area.

It is simply decipherable that keeping a rug or mat in the living room area, adjusted to the color contrast of your lying around furniture setup, will look really great.

“Into the Wilderness of Nature”

How adorable Anushka is looking while adjusting some plants in the balcony. It gives us a promo of the anushka sharma house with a natural ingredient for keeping up with nature. Also, we can see the plants behind Virat, while he is reading the book in the balcony.

Well, it is true that money can buy you great terrace gardens but the thing to learn here is that regardless of money, you can also bring some of that nature touch in your house by keeping one or two artificial planters in your balcony.

“Chesterfield in the House and Perfect Lounging”

Yes, some of you might have noticed the huge white colored chesterfield in the background of this picture where Virat and Anushka are looking so adorable together. Indeed, it is a classic element in the furniture, but it surely has enhanced the Anushka Sharma and Viral Kohli house and interior.

The thing here to grasp is the proper use of vintage furniture in the harmony of modern interiors because it creates a beautiful combination if paired correctly.

“Lights, More Lights and Love”

A key to a good-looking home is not always the furniture but many a times lighting must be effective too. First of all, this picture could not have been more beautiful than it already is, just look at these two lovebirds, definitely couple of the era.

Now, while looking at them, shift your eyes towards the shoulder of Virat and you would see a bunch of lights hanging from ceiling is visible. Even if it is little blurred out, one can manage to see that the light is ball shaped and it has surely created a luxury makeover in Anushka and Virat Kohli house. Thus, create a proper set of lighting and you will see how vast of a difference it creates.

“The Splendid Views of Sea!”

Wow! It is definitely splendid to witness such beautiful sunset from the 37th floor of Virat kohli house after the routine exercise. As you would see that there is not so much of furniture lying around, it’s just a simple chair which is accommodated to simply increase the utility of space. The smile of Sharma, is saying everything.

This makes us rethink about the life of celebrities because after all the glamour and light they receive, it might be the place where they want simplicity in their life too. Other than that, we can see the chairs in Virat Kohli home are made of cane furniture which is becoming a new face of defining luxury with simplicity.

“A Symphony of Comfort & Leisure”

The first thing that everyone notices in a bedroom is the view from the bed. Yes, the view from this bedroom is absolutely mind blowing as you can see the opulent setting of the décor and how majestic every detail is poured into the room with just the required home furnishing items. 

This must be called the perfect bedroom setup for Anushka & Virat Kohli house as they get to enjoy the scenic beauty of Arabian sea in all it’s glory.

We hope that we have given you enough peeks inside the lovely and captivating house of Virat and Anushka Sharma house and surely the interior décor tips will come in handy once you will start to apply it in your home. You may not have a big fancy home like them but designing is not subjected to the limitations of space. Hence, go ahead with all the tips and start renovating your house today itself. To confirm it, share interesting pictures and videos on our social media handle to get featured.

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