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International Women’s Day 2020: Let’s Celebrate Each for Equal

The International Women’s day, an event dedicated to women empowerment. And, here we are, appreciating our women globally with celebrating this year’s theme gender equality. #EachforEqual


Being a little daughter who is taught to be obedient.
Being a young girl who is taught to dress properly and focus on studies.
Being a woman who is taught to say yes to the guy her parents choose.
Being a lady who is taught to take care of her husband and in-laws.
Being the mother who is taught to teach everything that she had always been taught.

This is a brief of how women are expected to live in the society. An innocent daughter, a lovable wife, a caring mother and the cycle goes on.

But this is 2020. It is no more about the men in Tuxedo and women in Corsets. It is no more about woman waiting for his man to be home after work. It is no more about the only father who pays the bills of the family.

Today, it is about men and women working together, shopping together, raising family together and living together. Equal. Together. Happy.

As its International Women’s day 2020, this time the theme surrounds “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.” This time we do not celebrate womanhood, we celebrate equality where men and women are indistinguishable #EachforEqual. We stand together to collectively lead an unbiased world, with equal social, cultural, professional and economic achievements for every gender because ‘an equal world is an enabled world’.

Posing it Right #EachforEqual

Raising a toast to the empowering women, here are “The Women of WoodenStreet”, who are honored to be the indispensable force behind the throbbing success of WoodenStreet. While the efforts of the men who are investing their heart here cannot be questioned, but women are gladly the counterpart. From a 19 year old girl who is now no more a fresher to being a woman of 30 who leads the team like no-one else, every age and every lifestyle is cherished here. 

Every team at Wooden Street is incomplete without the hands of women, gladly from Development to Factory works, their presence marks the beginning of a workplace where both men and women share equal stage. A male TL is accompanied by a female lead and a woman colleague has a male peer supporting her in the further task. This is how we work here! 

Entitled to a position where we are competed but never compared, we as a woman take inspiration to be a better person everyday. We believe that every lady has a role model who has helped in shaping herself in some way or the other. And we would love to know yours too.
So, here we are with the #empoweringwomen contest for a shoutout to all the ladies out there.

1. Follow us on Instagram @woodenstreet.
2. Quote something inspirational and do tell us why women should be empowered.
3. Tag @woodenstreet and use #EmpoweringWomen.
4. Tag 3 of your friends.

And win a cash prize worth Rs. 1,000.
Hurry up! Entries close on 12th March!

With this, Kudos to the International Day for Women.
May we know them.
May we raise them.
May we be them.

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