Dining 18 Sep 2021

Its Time to Take Your New Plates Out - A Guide to Redecorating Your Dining Room

From selecting the dining table to deciding what to really put on there can be taxing.WoodenStreet’s experts will help you throughout the process! Our carefully curated list of features and items will surely change the look of the room.

Dining rooms are one of the spaces that are used on a daily basis. Sadly, they are seldom updated. Traditionally, sitting on the floor was an accepted practice. This, however, has changed in the last three decades. Having proper dining rooms has become a must.

Decorating the dining room is a task- You don’t just have to pick matching furniture, but you also have to make sure that they are trendy (hopefully evergreen) and not too extravagant. If that wasn’t enough, the price tags on some of the flashier dining area furniture can give people a good run for their money. But you needn’t worry because we have your back. We bring to you a wide range of beautiful items- from dining table sets to the crockery and cutlery. Our range of affordable luxury items is sure to make your dining room decoration look simple and elegant.

All You Can Adjust Dining Tables

Most people prefer buying proper dining table sets- they come in different sizes and include complementary chairs as well. When you buy a dining set- it allows you to be carefree and focus on the other aspects of the dining space. When deciding- consider the storage space, strength and the utility of the dining table. Mcbeth Storage 6 Seater Dining Table Set With Bench - A carved beauty, this table comes with 4 chairs and a bench that’s sure to make the children in the house very happy.

If you’d like to replace just the table- the Tim Extendable Dining Table is a multi-funtional table that can be extended when there are many mouths to feed. It’s a good furniture for decorating small dining rooms.

Cosy And Comfortable Chairs

When buying a chair, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is comfort. Adolph Dining Chair With Fabric has a luxurious seat and comfortable cushioning with a basic geometric design that goes well with Tim Extendable Dining Table.

Storage Savvy Kitchen Cabinet

All dining rooms need a sturdy and useful storage space to put all the tableware in. The more compartments it has, the easier it is to categorize your crockery and cutlery. The Monarch Kitchen Cabinet has deep and spacious racks with 4 drawers to maximize the storage area.

‘All You Can Handle’ Bar Cabinet

The looks and the storage facility for a bar cabinet are equally important. It will add to the dining room decor and make a safe space to keep all the liquor away from children. The Morse Bar Cabinet is an elegant diamond cut cupboard that comes with ample storage and stunning looks.

Easy To Use Kitchen Trolley

The trolley is a useful addition to your Kitchen and dining ware. It helps transport food, and while you can do that one after another, a trolley lets you do it all at once. This ensures that the food does not get cold. Sonic Kitchen Trolley is a classic and simple kitchen trolley that comes with drawers, shelves, an extended table and wine racks to make eating easier.

Strong And Sturdy Bar Trolley

People with a more varied choice of liquor can invest in a bar trolley. Slany Bar Trolley has stunning honey finish option that helps keep the bottles properly and has a place for wine glasses and a small cupboard for storage.

Simply Elegant Table Mats

Table mats are an important addition to your dining armory. It not only elevates the look of the table top but it also protects the wood from cold and hot dishes. It helps keep the table clean from spills as well. Natural Beige Jute Braided Round Table Placemats is a braided place mat that complements the whole decor thoroughly.

Fine Dine Dinner Sets

Dinner sets are just as important as the food that we see on our plates. It’s important to be considerate of size and depth of the dish as it may change with the kind of food being served. The Blue and White Floral Ceramic Plates for Dinner with Katoris is a standard size dinner set that contrasts well with the wooden decor of the dining room. It will give the room a much needed splash of colour and vigour.

Sharp And Smooth Cutlery Sets

Cutlery is the medium between the food and you. The Copper Colour Dinner Cutlery’s sleek design offers a smooth grip that makes eating easier. The set comes with 4 different forks and spoons and a knife; and is the ultimate cutlery set for the real foodie in you.

Dining is an experience- It’s not just eating lunch or celebrating dinner. One should be able to feast on everything: from the smells to the sound of laughter with the entire family eating together. Ensuring that the food is appealing visually as well is important for a good dining experience. So, give your eyes a treat with our uniquely designed dining room decor ideas.

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