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Mirror Frames Ideas for Enchanting Décor

Mirrors can bring life and add character to the interiors. Catering to the various moods and needs as there are a million option to choose from. Today, we bring you some enchanting ideas to decorate the different parts of your home with mirror frames

Mirrors can bring life to the interiors of your home. They have incredible power to make any room look bigger and brighter by reflecting light. Catering to the various moods and needs, Wooden Street brings an endless range of mirror frames with varying designs, patterns and finishes. It gives you an opportunity to be creative while choosing one for your décor and add an impressive character to your space.
Today, we bring you some enchanting ideas to decorate the different parts of your home with mirror frames.

mirror design ideas

If you are lucky enough to own a large entryway, then place a full-length mirror over there. This is the best way to flank the foyer, but please take a note that it should be positioned in symmetry without touching the celling.

If you happen to be short on space, we suggest you to place a mirror frame over a console table. Pragya Sharma from New Delhi combined Boris Console Table with Cambrey Mirror with Frame to give that boring wall of her entryway, breathing a new life into it.

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If you want your mirror to stand out, use darker frames on light coloured wall or vice-versa to create a natural contrast.

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Hanging a beautiful wall mirror over a shoe rack or a chest-of-drawers at entry way as a focal point is a unique and striking way to steal the show. It makes the place brighter and inviting while utilising the available space. We love it how Mr. Narayana from Bangalore hung a Boho Mirror with Frame over the wall adjacent to a shoe rack in the living room. The honey finished frame matches the finish of the Augur Shoe rack perfectly, enhancing the beauty of the space.

mirror designs ideas

If you have a spare wall in any room, there is no harm in playing with colours, patterns and ideas. Vinita Das complimented a spare wall of her room with storage and style. She added a mirror frame over a Boho Trunk and turned the blank wall into a cohesive gallery of artwork.

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Dramatizing your living room wall with decorative wall plates and frame is a modern and elegant way to add colour. Bohemian Wall Frame Set from Wooden Street in the Samuel residence is the perfect and impressive fusion of modernity with elegance.

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Mirrors make for a great décor accessory in the bedroom. Replacing the dresser with the combination of a chest of drawers and a mirror frame is a good way to add glamour to the bedroom.

mirror Frame design ideas

Nisha Mehra residing in Dwarka, Delhi paired Adolph Chest of Drawers with Adolph Mirror with Frame for her bedroom. She chose the walnut finish for both to match the existing tone of the bedroom.

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A full length or three-forth length mirror with wooden frame and storage in the bedroom can replace the need of a dressing table. It keeps the storage and ups the glam game with simplicity.

ideas for mirror Frame

A mirror frame behind a dining table can be the statement piece of your living-cum-dining decor. It works wonderfully as an art piece on a large wall.


Grab the opportunity and enhance the beauty of your décor with Mirror frames and unleash the interior designer within you. Go bold and experiment with spectacular shades, striking shapes and fantastic frames to give your home interior an instant aura of brilliance.

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want.

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