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Style Up Your Home with 9 Different Colour Themes This Navratri

Navratri 2022: 9 days of 9 different Navratri colour themes and decor ideas for your home. Look out for the fantastic ideas given below:

Navratri Colors 2022: Navratri is one of India's most special celebrations. It is commended with extraordinary excitement in India and viewed as the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is devoted to Goddess Durga, Nav Durga, who is revered in nine divine presences. Thus, the occasion goes on for nine days, with every day of Navratri colours regarding another Maa Durga sign. Hinduism holds Navratri special in the most elevated respect; its nine days are the most promising and powerful times for love. Each day has a specific colour defining the auspicious presence of the day. 

Here is all you need to know about these colours and their significance in decorating your home in the nine Navaratri colours 2022. 

White - Shailputri: Daughter Of Mountains

White - Navratri Colors 2022

The colour of purity, peace and innocence; white is the Navratri colour of the Hindu Goddess Maa Shailputri, daughter of mountains, also known as Parvati. Devotees wear white shaded clothing on this day to satisfy the Goddess as it addresses immaculateness, harmony and reflection. And white is one of the easiest Navratri colours in 2022 to infuse into the interior as it can blend in any style.

Red - Brahmacharani: Seeker Of Knowledge

Red - Navratri Colors 2022

The life and renewal of new things, the subsequent day is devoted to Mata Brahmacharani, and red is the shade of the day. This fierce and vigour tone represents a range of emotions, from anger to love, it justifies it all. This is one of the best shades to incorporate into your interiors without trouble, as it can complement many Navratri colour 2022.

Royal Blue - Chandraghanta: Emblem Of Bravery

Royal Blue - Navratri Colors 2022

Devotees worship Mata Chandraghanta on the third day of Navratri. The day is related to representing reliability and emerging confidence through the colour Royal Blue. It is obvious that indulging such a rich Navratri colour in your decor would only bring luxury to the view and value of your interiors.

Yellow - Kushmanda: Energy Of Cosmos 

Yellow - Navratri Colors 2022

Thought to be a 'grinning goddess', the fourth day is devoted to Mata Kushmanda. Hence to match her merry smile, day five of Navratri special is celebrated with the colour yellow. Incorporating these Navratri colours will bring you all the sunshine and illuminate your living space with an optimistic aura to brighten up the celebration.

Green - Skandmata: Symbol Of Maternal Bond

Green - Navratri Colors 2022

Mata Skandmata, the fifth form of Goddess Durga, is worshipped on the fifth day with the colour green. The colour for this day denotes new beginnings and fruitful growth, leaving all envious and negative thoughts behind. Incorporate the colour green to indulge calmness and a soothing aura in your ambience that helps you grow and be a better person every day.

Grey - Katyayani: Equalizer Of Dharma

Grey - Navratri Colors 2022

On the 6th day of Navratri, the Mata Katyayani form of Maa Durga is celebrated. The colour of the day in 2022 is Grey. It represents the importance of neutrality and balance in ones life. This Navratri colours will help you induce a strong will into your living space that motivates you to achieve better in life.

Orange - Kaalratri: Destroyer Of Negativity

Orange - Navratri Colors 2022

Kaalratri is commended on the seventh day of Navratri with a bold stance and influence colour, orange. This colour represents the vigour energy of Maa kaalratri in the best way possible. This tranquil and energetic warm navratri colours would help you curate an optimistic and engaging ambience.

Peacock Green - Mahagauri: Healer Of Suffering 

Peacock Green - Navratri Colors 2022

Mahagauri is the eighth manifestation of Goddess Durga, and she is known as the Goddess of bliss and har mony.This day is celebrated with the vibrant colour of our national bird, peacock green! Incorporating this colour in your living space would spark the sense of individuality and promote you to embrace compassion and uniqueness. This Navratri colour 2022 in your decor would set the vibe right.

Pink - Siddhidatri: Ultimate Form Of Shakti

Pink - Navratri Colors 2022

The last day is for Mata Siddhidatri. She portrays sympathy and immaculateness, and the pink tone is in focus today as it addresses kindness, affection and harmony. Pink would be too extravagant for people to test out. Still, with items like curtains, pillow covers, rugs or fabric sofas, one can easily blend this Navratri colour into the interior. 

All in all, what are you hanging tight for? Begin planning for Navratri colours adornment at home and attempt these tips to benefit from the Navratri home design.

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Have a Cheerful Navratri!

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