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Navratri Colors 2023: Style Up Your Home with 9 Different Color Themes for This Navratri

Take a glimpse of ways to infuse the bright and vibrant Navratri colors 2023 into your home and decor!

Navratri Colors 2023: Navratri is one of India's most special celebrations. This auspicious occasion not only marks the triumph of good over evil but also brings a wave of joy, spirituality, and festivity into our lives. It's that time of the year when people come together to dance, sing, and honor the goddess Durga. One of the most fascinating aspects of Navratri is the association with different colors for each day, also known as "Navratri colors" These colors hold profound significance and are believed to bring blessings and positivity. While we usually associate these colors with clothing, there's a fantastic way to embrace the festive spirit and infuse these hues into your home decor. Let's explore WoodenStreet's take on ways to style up your home with the nine different themes of Navratri colors 2023.

Pratipada: Goddess Shailputri - Color Orange

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The first day of Navratri is associated with the colour orange, symbolizing energy and optimism. To infuse this colour into your interior, start with accents. Incorporate orange cushions, throws, or artwork for a minimal pop or one can also go for an orange fabric sofa to represent the Navratri colours 2023 to a full extent. Orange being an inviting and lively colour, is a great choice to keep the ambience of the living room lively for the long run.

Dwitiya: Goddess Brahmacharini - Color White

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On the second day, the colour theme is white, symbolizing purity and spirituality. To create a serene and calming atmosphere in your home, introduce white in your living room or bedroom. Overall, white is one of the easiest 2023 Navratri colours to infuse into the interior as it can blend in any style.

Tritiya: Goddess Chandraghanta - Color Red

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The third day celebrates the vibrant colour red, symbolizing power and passion. Red is ideal for spaces where you want to encourage activity and vibrancy. Consider red accents in your dining area or living room, like red tablecloths or chair cushions. It will invigorate conversations and infuse an energetic spirit into your dining experience.

Chaturthi: Goddess Kushmanda - Color Royal Blue

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Royal blue takes centre stage on the fourth day of Navratri, signifying calmness and depth. Infuse your space with this colour to create a sense of peace. Royal blue 2023 Navratri colour cushions, curtains, or accent chairs in your dining room can provide a serene atmosphere and a stunning view.

Panchami: Goddess Skandamata - Color Yellow

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Yellow, representing joy and happiness, is the colour for the fifth day. To introduce this cheerful colour into your home, focus on spaces that promote positivity and energy. Your kitchen or breakfast nook is a great place to add yellow. Incorporating this 2023 Navratri color will bring you all the sunshine and illuminate your living space with an optimistic aura to brighten up the Navratri celebration.

Shashthi: Goddess Katyayani - Color Green

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The sixth day celebrates the colour green, symbolizing growth and harmony. This 2023 Navratri color is perfect for spaces that you want to infuse with a sense of balance and calm. These Navratri decoration ideas will indulge stability and a soothing aura in your ambience that helps you grow and be a better person every day.

Saptami: Goddess Kalaratri - Color Grey

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On the seventh day, we embrace the soothing and subtle colour grey, symbolizing detachment and calmness. You can use grey to create a zen-inspired corner or meditation space. Grey diwan and bold accessories in any unused nook or corner will encourage relaxation, while a grey-focused meditation corner will promote inner peace and focus.

Ashtami: Goddess Mahagauri - Color Purple

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On the eighth day of Navratri color 2023, the day is celebrated with the colour purple, symbolizing power and ambition. To infuse your space with this regal hue, consider using purple accents in your living room. Deep purple lounge chairs, curtains, or even a statement wall can add a touch of grandeur and set a celebratory mood.

Navami: Goddess Siddhidatri - Color Peacock Green

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The final day of Navratri celebrates peacock green, signifying elegance and mystique. To introduce this enchanting colour into your interior, consider using peacock green wallpaper in your living room. Or for a minimal touch, throw in some pillows or curtains that will help you represent the charm of this elegant Navratri colours 2023.

By incorporating the Navratri colors into your home decor, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also invite positive energies associated with each colour theme. This Navratri 2023, make your home vibrant and spiritually enriching with our list of Navratri decoration ideas that resonate with the divine and the festive spirit of this beloved Indian festival.

Do remember to tell us which Navratri color 2023 is your favorite and do check out our furniture, furnishings and decor collection to find all that you need to get your home Navratri 2023 ready!

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Have a Cheerful Navratri!

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