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Pantone Color for 2022: Easy Decor Ideas to Introduce “Very Peri” in Your Home

This year, bring creative and positive vibes to your home by infusing the

Last month, the prestigious colour institute Pantone announced the colour for the year 2022, the "Very Peri". A rich colour tone whose courageous presence stimulates inventiveness and creativity, says Pantone.

So finally, it's that time of the year to spruce up your home decor to align with the spiritual chakras right! Everyone wishes to touch up their interiors from time to time but, it is not economical enough to refurbish or reconstruct your interiors just to own a fresh look. With minimal decor changes, one can achieve an interior well infused with this elegant colour on a budget.

From walls to furniture, there are ample creative ways to infuse the Very Peri colour in your decor.

Let us unravel a few stunning yet easy decor ideas that will induce the creativity and inventiveness of the colour Very Peri:

Bloom Your Space

Artificial flowers are one of the most suitable ways to match the vivacious colour "very Peri" creatively. The focal highlights of your interiors can make the best out of artificial flowers, from room dividers to the unnoticeable corners, they can create serene getaways with minimal expenditure. One can easily find artificial lavender flowers to adorn the soothing colour of the year 2022 flawlessly while giving your interiors a blooming look.

Let Your Cushions Talk

The beauteous colour of the year looks surreal on velvet and cotton fabrics, which makes cushion covers an easy decor to spruce up your interiors. Cushion Covers with some textured fabric would be the best way to enhance the colour to the finest level possible. They grab a lot of attention because they are paired with the seating arrangements of the space. Decorating a bunch of cushions in your Living Room is an easy yet eye-catching idea to give your interior a splash of the rich tone Very Peri.

 Glam the Walls

Wall art always tops the list when we talk about budget-friendly decor, from paintings to metal art to face masks, Wall Art is one of the closest ways to induce very peri colour accurately into your space. Decorative wall plates or paintings would be a great way to tribute the glamorous colour of the year. Giving your interiors an artsy touch-up is a great way to invest in decor that can be used to enhance any corner of your house.

Rug It Up!

Carpets and rugs are plush decor items that will not only max up the floor comfort but are an easy decor idea to enrich the visual aesthetics of your space. Enhancing the overall structure and look of your space can be a tricky job to figure out, but this year, you know which shade to choose without having second thoughts. At WoodenStreet, our wide collection has ample beautiful shades that resemble the vibrant colour of the year perfectly. Always go for textured designs as they bring out the best of the colour.

Alluring Showpieces

The dramatic elements of your decor can bring a great change to your overall interiors and table showpieces are the most fitting ones to add such minimal elements to your decor. Small detailing is the key to sprucing up your decor on a budget. And, with showpieces you can pop some art your decor while reflecting the rich shades of very peri.

Colour Coded Curtains

Colour Coded Curtains! One of the sleekest decor ideas to completely charm your space on a budget. They are essential to maintain the privacy of our interiors while complementing the theme of our interiors. The shades of the colour very peri would not only look astonishing on your curtains but will surround your interior with its vivacious vibes.

Makeover the Bed Cover

Lastly, bed covers! Patterns and designs glorify the base colour in the best possible way, and Bed covers are the best example that incorporates these elements. Intricate prints and additional elements like tussles are always a good idea for your bed covers. Always try to get the best out of your purchase by buying products that manifest more than two style elements. With bed covers, one can achieve the colour of the year 2022 while adding many other decorative elements.

These easy home decor ideas are the most effective ones that can dazzle your space up with the richness of the colour "Very Peri". To create a look that is not sabotaging the overall look of your interiors is what we aim to do, with minimal changes significantly having a big difference in the picture. So, waste no time and shop right now! Bring the essence of creativity and inventiveness to your space the right way with WoodenStreet.

Also, don’t forget to mention which easy home decor idea for the colour of the year 2022 you liked the most in the comment section below.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

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