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Republic Day Special: A Pledge to choose Swadesi

Become a part of the emerging India on this upcoming 73rd Republic day by introducing a new furniture into the family, that will fulfil your purpose of contributing towards a greater good of our nation.

India is a land of mystery and enlightenment, where tranquility meets the imagination. Thus, every year approximately 10 million foreign tourists travel to India for satisfying their curiosity, to assimilate the age-long traditions and cultural strand of holy cities. However, India still holds an image of being an “oriental” and “exotic” country, across the globe. Nevertheless, it is not true anymore because we have come a long way in establishing our hierarchy of unbeatable academicians and the ongoing rapid development in the major economic sectors of the country.
In order to alleviate unemployment and to lower the international imports, the nation introduced a motto “make in India”, in the year 2014. Since then, elements like manufacturing costs, market knowledge, technology, and creativity have been a driving force in thriving the nation, in becoming the global manufacturing hub.

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Woodenstreet online furniture store

We are feeling very proud to say that, Woodenstreet has proved to be a valuable and significant part of the make in India project, since the beginning. As, our international designs have certainly won over the large customer base in India and overseas, yet, our manufacturing remains swadesi. Every furniture unit, from sofa sets to kitchen cabinets, are made and groomed in India to provide a traditional and intimate touch.
The special feature of the Make in India initiative is the structural approach towards enticing investment, enhancing skilled manpower, encouraging entrepreneurship to the core. Similarly, Woodenstreet has been contributing to all these factors, directly or indirectly.

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The Indian economic policies aimed at maximizing the GDP and tax revenues in the country by manufacturing the products that meet high-quality caliber and curtailing the impact on the environment.
Hence, Woodenstreet has certainly contributed worthwhile revenue and is still continuing to do so. Further, we have never compromised with the quality of wood, and that is why we create world-class furniture. Moreover, when it comes to being environment friendly, we use premium Sheesham wood for gaining smooth texture and engineered wood, which is man made and 100% recyclable.

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Make in India is a bold step in the history of Indian democracy because it depicts an advancement of the government’s mindset, as changing roles from being an authority to being a business partner, in keeping with the Prime Minister’s promise of “ Minimum government, maximum governance”. Woodenstreet has adopted the new ways of governance and has surely made an impact on the organized economic sector of the country, by employing the maximum numbers of local carpenters, warehouse workers, and company employees. We have established approximately 25+ experience stores across the nation and people working in the store are employed in reference to the local customer relationship, which helps in expanding the reach of furniture throughout the city. This is how vibrant and diversified our nation has been, from the start.

#bonded with love

India has voyaged through the tough times during economic reforms and financial challenges but gradually our country has sailed through and through by proving to be a largely self-sufficient and colossal e-commerce business hub in the world.
Similarly, at Woodenstreet, we understand how important it is to nurture the love of family and friends and hold onto these relations in difficult times. Therefore, we make the furniture, keeping in mind the rightful need of our citizens, i.e., what will make them happy?, what will be convenient? or What will look good for the customers?; All these relevant questions make our furniture, “bonded with love”.

This country that we are born in, is full of diverse languages, vivid cultures, never-ending colorful uniforms, the distant hoard of bells and drumsticks in a temple, everything is incredible! This Republic Day, embrace the culture and heritage of India by purchasing a piece of furniture for your family, that could bring a smile on their face or buy a meal for the people who are weak and helpless. It will strengthen the bond between rich and rags, bureaucrats and socialists, worker and owner, that will lead India towards the brightest of future.
“We have been part of the great legacy and we will continue to witness the greatest wonders of our nation until the end.”

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