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Sofa-cum-bed Buying Guide

Sofa-cum-bed is the perfect furniture unit when you want to go smart with small spaces. Wooden Street brings a sofa-cum-bed buying guide that will help you in making the right purchase for your abode.

Gone are the days for clunky and traditional sofas in the living room. Welcoming the smart and elegant sofa cum bed furniture is on the ball these days. Undoubtedly, the increasing population has considerably reduced the space in modern dwellings wherein such multifunctional and clever designs work for the best.

It is effectively convertible from a bed to a sofa and vice versa, this can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to unexpected guests. With a comfortable seat, this stunning showpiece gives a place to recline with sophistication. Therefore, make sure that you buy a perfect one that compliments the style of your interiors. If you have decided to shop sofa cum bed online, then we must tell you there are endless choices in terms of fabrics, textures, models and many more, which are enough to confuse you. That’s why to ease up your task; Wooden Street brings you the buying guide for sofa-cum-beds that will help you in making the right purchase for your abode.

Study the room specifications

sofa cum bed

The first thing that needs to be considered is, whether the adequate space to keep your sofa cum bed is available or not. You should check once the area of a room is enough to allow your selected furniture to double its seating without any hassles. For this, measure the space of your room carefully and compare it with your selected sofa cum bed. Apart from that, check that it doesn't give a cramped look to the place.

WoodenStreet have some skilled set of craftsmen, who creates a masterpiece that fits perfectly in your comfort zone. 

Material Matters

Material Matters

Don’t get overwhelmed by affordable deals and stylish catalogs. Check the material and padding properly, along with the fitting and inside fixtures. The constructed sofa cum bed with premium quality material is directly proportional to it’s lifespan. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy units which is carved of wooden material that will not only offers longevity but brings soothing aura and timeless elegance to your interiors. 

For this reason, WoodenStreet has a wide assortment of wooden sofa cum bed designs in various attractive finish options online. 

Aesthetic Styles- Key to Create Thematic Impression

sofa cum bed designs

The online furniture world is flooded with numerous styles of sofa cum bed designs to add a touch of ‘suave’ in your home. Getting a furniture piece is just like picking up a style you like. Choose the stunning sofa-cum-bed that suits your taste and you can either compliment or contrast the appeal with the style of your existing decor. For instance, if you are looking for some traditional touch to your living room, then shop for the wood sofa cum bed design with curvy legs and indented pattern of headboards. Or for a modern touch, the ideal option is to pick the minimalist design that depicts a sleek and stylish look.

Storage Facilities: Adding “Cherry on Top” to Furniture unit

sofa cum bed design with storage

In the furniture world, sofa cum bed design with storage features is booming these days and is one of the smartest choices to shop for modern homes. If you want to add a lot of comfort and manage all your organizational needs, then sofa cum bed with storage can be a right call. So, keep all your clutter in their shelves, racks and drawers in a proper arranged way.


sofa cum bed

No matter what you buy, setting a budget plays a vital role. Furniture is a long time investment so choose wisely. Setting the budget before buying a sofa cum bed will surely help you to buy the perfect furniture. Pick the one that fits your financial plan and graces your stylistic theme in an admirable way. Save your bucks without compromising in quality and attractive look. 

Now, buying the comfortable yet stylish sofa cum bed for your home is not at all a challenging and daunting task as WoodenStreet is present to serve all your needs. Here, you will find the trendy collection at great rates. Furthermore, you can customize the unit in terms of design, color or size online via a Call/ WhatsApp. 

Dive into the scoop of our outstanding and latest collection of sofa cum bed designs. Explore and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments. Further, check more buying guides by Wooden Street to make your furniture purchasing process more empowered and knowledgeable. 


Have a Happy Purchasing!

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