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Spring Decor Ideas To Blossom Your Home With Love

Spring is here and so the sunlight is. Kill the boredom of a long-long day with the zest of a beautifully decorated home. Follow the tips below.

Spring not only brings brighter colors and warmness. It also symbolizes new beginnings. Spring allows you an opportunity to shed away all the heaviness of winter layers and to immerse yourself in the rejuvenating phase of life while letting each of your body cell to breathe-in the freshness of the beautiful world.

This itself calls for a celebration but think about a décor that can be a part of everyday while you celebrate life. Creating a gorgeous indoor oasis seems like the beginning of a new life. Isn’t the concept interesting?
Hop right on the spring with these 9 amazing spring design trends of 2022 to create an indoor oasis.

1. Welcoming Front

Well! they say, “Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover” but in my opinion the cover is equally important. Because that’s where you create your first impression. Decorate your exteriors with faux or fresh flowers or you can even mix them. Add planters alongside the sitting area, if you have one. Do not forget the foot mat. Choose a welcoming colorful foot-mat for your entrance. For spring door decorations, hang a wreath on it.

2. Bring Garden Into Your Living

Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by nature? Don’t you consider bouquet a perfect gift for any occasion? You do, right? Then why not gift yourself a “Feeling-of-being-surrounded-by-nature” by bringing in the garden. Flowers and plants will definitely make a statement. Just find some colorful vases or convert your old glass jar into one, put flowers in them and scatter them across the house displaying colors of spring.

3. Add Boho Accent To Your Room

This spring home decoration idea dedicates to bohemian art with wall masks and wall paintings. You can also paint a wall with yellow or some bright color, but that’s completely optional. Change your rugs to some abstract pattern having colors for spring. Match your pillow and cushion covers with the flowery décor of the room. You can also convert dried flowers into an art piece to hang using some DIY trick. For instance, you can just display the dried-out roses or pampas grass into a pattern behind your couch using a scotch tape.

4. Update The Wallpaper

Re-painting a wall is way expensive and time-consuming task. If you think you might need to upgrade your wall, wallpaper is your go-to card. Just buy some flowery wallpaper for spring bloom in living and dining area and set the mood right. You can also swap your current runner and tableware with flowery-print tablecloth.

5. Switch To Spring Bedding

It’s time to finally pull out your shabby beddings and bring on some light-colored floral bedding. Light colors will not only help you keep your bed cool but will also coordinate with the dried-flowery wall & brightened-up space. Throw pillows and blankets with the spring home decor theme will enhance the aesthetics of the room. Off-White and pale pink are most loved spring colors for bedding.

6. Pastel-Up Your Curtains

Curtains, drapes and blinds add to luxury of a room, and that too inexpensively. So, here’s a quick tip for spring decorations, “Go for Pastel Colors”. Pistachio, pale pink and white are most popular among curtains. But you can also go for unicorn shade, dual tone and flowery curtains.

Hang toran or planters on the outside of a window or door to make it livelier and more welcoming.

7. Style Out The Dining

Set the dining table with some succulents or flowers. Use floral printed ceramics and tableware. Go for bright coasters in green, blue or rusty shade while choose light dinner set like one in beige, cream or white color.
You can also opt for fruit theme décor. Not to mention, the center-piece is the heart of dining table. Decorate it with white, pink and purple flowers. You can also use a combination of yellow and green. For example, decorate the table with leaves and some lemon. Cause of course! Nothing is more refreshing than a lemon. Use the similar setting for spring kitchen décor.

8. Mirrors for Beauty

Mirror is a quite versatile piece of décor that can go anywhere and everywhere. Its utility and aesthetics make it blend into every situation, in any season. Pick up a bohemian mirror set or an antique mirror piece to go with the setting of your spring decoration ideas. You can also pick ethnic Indian mirrors with chic design. Make sure that it reflects something that brings joy in the room.

9. Don't Forget The Candles

At last, your home should smell like spring too. Smell is one among the five senses so it’s equally important to consider for spring home decorations. From French Lavender to Ocean Lemon, there are lots of beautiful aromas that can effortlessly set the spring mood in your room.

It's always such a delight to rejoice in the blooming of flowers and the warmer days following a long, chilly winter. Celebrate the spring and decorate your home with the above-mentioned easy spring home decor ideas. Explore Wooden Street to discover the items you might need to decorate your home this spring season.

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