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Study Table Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Explore innovative ways to decorate your study table for a productive and organized environment.

Remember those days when we had cute stickers, covers, colorful decorations, and whatnot on our notebooks? Those things made us stay attracted to studies. And then we grew up. What didn’t grow is our motivation for studies, notes, and reports. To fuel your interest in your studies and reading sessions, we have got you some trendy and beautiful study table decoration ideas. Just like the old days, adding these decorative and lovely additions to your study table will keep you sticking to your learning and work sessions. Not only this, you can also explore some arrangement and study table setup ideas in this blog, along with suggestions on the best colour for study table. Let’s get started with some study table decoration tips first:

Creative Study Table Decoration Ideas


Add Planters: Greenery for the Go!


Creative Study Table Decoration Ideas

Plants symbolize growth. And adding small planters and pots helps attract positive energies to our study space. There are many small indoor plants, like the money plant, lily, bamboo, and aloe vera, that you can decorate around your study table. Staying close to nature gives a refreshing vibe to our study sessions, and watering them daily also helps us stick through our work and study schedules. You can easily create an aesthetic study table with this decorative idea.

Table Lamp: To Enlighten You Positively 


study table decoration ideas

Table lamps are one of the best study table decoration items. While adding an attractive touch, it also helps you study in a much better way by offering proper illumination. If you have a bedroom study table, you cannot keep the room lights on during the night as it may disturb others. But this little wizard gives you much needed lighting during your study sessions. As per your study table decoration requirements, you can select many attractive and compact designs of table lamps for your study table setup. Don’t wait much; give a glow-up to your study table with a designer study lamp!

Sticky Notes: Write it Right Away 


study table decoration items

Placing colorful sticky notes on the front wall adds to the aesthetic of your study table. These are not only budget-friendly decor ideas but also let you keep tabs on the necessary topics and quick revision points. While they are a reminder of your exam schedules, they are also termed the finest study table wall decoration ideas. You can either create a theme of complementary colors or use separate colorful sticky notes to spruce up your study rounds. Guess what? These will also add artistic flair to your study table decorations and walls by being vibrant bulletins.

Wall Paintings: To Unleash Your Creativity 


how to decorate a study table

Wall art is the best addition to your study table to keep your inner artist alive. Whether it is modern art or a horse painting, the colorful textures and vibrant design will keep you going. If you are really into artwork, then you can hang your own handmade sketches, doodles, or quotes. Instead of staring blankly at the wall, you can get inspired with these wall paintings to awaken the inner artist within you. Using paintings as study table decorations will turn the boring walls into a creative canvas.

Wall Shelves: Unlock Extra Storage 


study table wall decoration ideas

Wall shelves are striking additions to your study table decorations, which will add a visual charm to your study room. Whether you want to keep your notebooks or organize your pile of books, adding wall shelves will help you keep the unmanaged things on the study table in an organized way. Not only this, you can showcase your trophies and mementos on these shelves to motivate you continuously towards achieving more. There are a lot of innovative and trendy wall shelf designs that you can explore in our collection at Wooden Street.

Stationery Organizers: For a Neat Look 


study table decoration ideas

Stationery organizers are smart solutions that help you find highlighters, pens, glue, staplers, and many more things handy as and when you want. Whether you want to maximize the space at your desk or need to simplify your daily study routine, you can do everything with it. The multi-storage spaces of the stationery organizers make them ideal study table decoration items. 

Decorative Candles: Scented Illumination 


homemade diy study table decorations

Decorative candles are also among the best study table decoration ideas. By placing them in a candle holder, you can go on a solo date with your books. The soothing fragrance of the candles will surely let you stretch your study sessions and keep you studying for longer hours. Moreover, the attractive designs and shapes of these decorative candles will also add aesthetics to the overall study area.

World Map: To Conquer Every Corner 


study table decor

Pasting a world map in front of your study table is a great decorative idea with many other benefits as well. Whether you want to ace your geography lessons or need motivation for your abroad study plans, the world map will help you with everything. As the proverb says, “If you truly desire something, the entire world helps you achieve it.” This way, you can stay motivated for your dreams for a long with a world map beside your study table.

Now you may have a complete idea of the multiple study table decoration ideas that can turn your study table into an appealing and inspiring set-up. While giving a complete makeover to your study table, do not forget to keep your study table systematically arranged. Overwhelming the study table decorations with different items may prevent you from using it properly. Let’s move ahead to know how to keep your study table set up neatly and more arranged.

Study Table Set Up and Arrangement Ideas


Creative Study Table Decoration Ideas

To study and work more efficiently, a neat and organized arrangement is a must. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain a cleaner and systematized study table setup:

  1. Keep your study table in a place where proper lighting arrangements or natural lighting are available. This will help your study sessions by getting proper illumination so that your eyes do not get strained.
  2. Organize your study table set up by decluttering it regularly and using storage solutions like drawers, shelves, and stationery organizers. This will help in avoiding piles of books, pens, and notes and make your study table arrangement tidier.
  3. Make sure that electrical outlets are present nearby your study table so that you can charge your laptop, tablet, and other essential electronic items easily.
  4. Fix the habit of keeping your stationery and notes in a separate area to ensure that you don’t have to waste time searching for your essential notebook or writing essentials.

Best Colour for Study Table

Colour combinations play a major role in uplifting our mood. According to vastu and home decor experts, these are some productivity enhancing color tones that you can select for your study table 

White Study Table


study table decoration items

For a minimalist, neat, and spacious feel during studies, a white study table is considered the ideal one. As per Vastu, the white color denotes harmony and purity, helping you to stay inspired during your studies.

Green Study Table


Green Study Table

Green is termed the best colour for study table due to its natural and fresh vibes. According to vastu, a green or light green study table symbolizes growth and promotes a balanced study environment. You can inspire creativity with its positive vibes.

Pastel Blue Study Table


aesthetic study table

The pastel blue color helps create a calm and peaceful environment to help us concentrate better during studies. Vastu Shastra symbolizes blue as the color of purity and clarity that assist us in staying focused and clear towards our studies. If you are into problem-solving and mathematics, then this would be the ideal colour for your study table.

Brown Study Table


Creative Study Table Decoration Ideas

For a long time, brown study tables have been considered ideal for studies. Resembling Mother Earth, it offers preserved and long-lasting vibes. In terms of vastu, the brown color signifies stability and concentration, which help us focus efficiently on the studies. Whether it is teak, walnut, or honey, every shade of brown is the best colour for study table.

Summing Up

With the help of these study table decoration ideas, study table set up tips, and guide for best colour for study table, you are now fully geared up to rock your studies. Whether it is procrastination or lack of motivation, you can battle them off easily with these tips. You can explore these study table decorations at Wooden Street. Here, you will also find different space-saving and affordable study tables online. Whether it is your reports or exam-time studies, ace it all with our study table.

We will be back with the next blog soon; till then, stay tuned!

Image source: Wooden Street and Google

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How can I decorate my study table by using sticky notes?

To decorate your study table with sticky notes, you should use notes of different colors. You can write inspirational quotes, make doodles, or scribble important notes on them.

How can I make my study table aesthetic?

To make your study table aesthetic, incorporate elements like plants, decorative organizers, motivational quotes, and soft lighting. You should use neutral color tones like beige, light blue, and gray for a more aesthetic look.

Which is the right color for a study table?

According to vastu shastra, blue, white, and pastel colors are right for your study table as they help attract positive energy.

How can I arrange my study desk in an organized way?

Arrange your study desk by decluttering it regularly, using stationery organizers, and keeping frequently used items within reach.

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