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The Luxurious Interiors of Swamy Household

Dr. Brijoy Viswanathan Swamy and his family wanted to give their home a warm and snug atmosphere, so they chose wooden furniture to accentuate the wooden tone, and Wooden Street was their choice for furniture needed for their 4-bedroom house.

Wooden Furniture adds warmth to your interiors and the charm of solid wood can be the safest bet to your décor choice. If you don’t believe this, check out this 4BHK home from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, where different units of solid wood furniture have been curated, conveys the class and elegance of the dwellers.

Dr. Brijroy Viswanathan Swamy owns a beautiful residence in Thiruvananthapuram, a home that binds his huge family together. The family wanted to give their home a warm and snug atmosphere, so they chose wooden furniture to accentuate the wooden tone within their home, which now oozes with warmth and character.

A recommendation brought him to Wooden Street and our customisation service, along with lots of available designs, charmed them to buy all furniture needed for their 4-bedroom house.

The living room, which further extends to the dining room, is the statement piece itself. Dr. Brijoy decided to emphasize the wooden theme by adding our Alanis 6-seater Dining set, Alanis sofa set and Alanis coffee table, which is the perfect combination of authentic solid wood and traditional designs.

A Christie Bench in the foyer and Swayze Divan add functionality and storage at spare spaces, letting the interiors become rich with opulence.

For the bedrooms, everyone was focusing to utilise the available space. He picked all the top beds from our bestseller list for all of his bedrooms. The top seller Walken bed, the sleek Lynet bed and the huge Alanzo bed, all adorn the bedrooms of the Swamy households.

We personally loved this bedroom accommodating Ferguson Bed with Storage, with Jackson bedside table, Declan computer desk, Ralph single study chair and Archivist stool. Walnut finish took this all-wooden theme to the next level.

Whether it is the bedrooms or the living room, Dr. Brijoy didn’t overlook the necessity of bed side table or end tables.

When we asked the family about their experience with Wooden Street, Dr. Brijoy said,” We're happy with the designs and availability of choices at Wooden Street. Customisation on true wood with quality products at affordable costs is their hallmark, and we liked it the most. Also, all the orders, payments and communications were done online, saving much time and energy.”

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