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This 20th March Celebrate Togetherness, Celebrate Happiness

It is the International day of happiness, and we make this day count by giving a tribute to our way of serving happiness through WoodenStreet’s furniture across the entire nation.

A kid getting her favourite Barbie Doll. An ambitious man making the world wonder with his success. A couple decorating their new home together. A woman preparing special Sunday breakfast for her family. A father playing video game with his son. A grandmother knitting socks for her “on the way, grandchild.”

These are some of the reasons for our happiness. And the question is never about who, with whom and from where it comes. Because the definition of happiness is common irrespective of where we are down the globe.

This is what the blog is about - Happiness.

And today we say so, because it is March-20, the International Day of Happiness.

international day of happiness

Everything You Need To Know About International Happiness Day

The concept of International Happiness Day came into motion in 2006. It is originated by Jayme Illien, CEO of the United Nations New World Order project. He strongly believed that the ultimate purpose of human life is happiness and well-being. For this, he came ahead with the theory of “happytalism” which means a new economic system, socio-political philosophy, and human development paradigm which places the primacy of happiness, well-being, and freedom at the center of human development and all life.

Since 2013, the United Nations started celebrating March 20, as International Happiness Day, which is a way to popularize how salient is happiness in the life of people. This time it would be a goal like every other. It would be a day when we would pledge to balance equitable and economic growth to spread smiles across the world.
This year the theme for the day is “Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.”

As they say, “Together is a better place to be.”

Being from India and being from WoodenStreet, here we are giving a tribute to happiness in our way through delivering furniture-bonded with love across the nation since 2015. From Chennai to Jaipur to Bangalore to Hyderabad, the premium furniture is featured across all the homes. Gladly, we are serving families at every place, no matter if the house is located at the central hub of Bangalore or the remote corners of Jabalpur.
Safely, calmly and happily, we intend to provide the best of furniture to all the people.

international day of happiness by woodenstreet

Their happiness is our encouragement and their words our pride!

international day of happiness

The reviews and smiles of the people from different cities say so.

Basavaraj Burge, Lakshmi Ramamoorthy - Bangalore

Anjali Cheema, Dr. Deepmala- Jaipur

Charu Parasher - Noida

Mohammed Nazimuddin - Hyderabad

Srikant Rao - Mumbai

Ramkumar Prasad - Chennai

And the list keeps on increasing with different people in different cities.

International happiness day

Customer Tales

With selling happiness around the nation, we at WoodenStreet, support, encourage and wish you all a very Happy International Happiness day.

Also, Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Learn Social Distancing. #COVID-19

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