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TiEcon Mumbai 2020 from the Eyes of WoodenStreet

TiEcon Mumbai 2020 was a great event indeed. In this blog, we have included the happenings of the event from the eyes of WoodenStreet.

Have you ever heard of TiEcon Mumbai? Yes, that largest Entrepreneurial Leadership Conclave that happens once every year in Mumbai.
Still not following?

To give you a quick recap, the event where Narayana Murthy touched his great friend Ratan Tata’s feet, which won many hearts over Twitter was the exact event we are talking about.
Rings a bell? Of course it does!

We do not remember the days and events but rather the moments...

TiEcon Mumbai 2020 also proved to be a great moment for us. Yes, with a new day, new aims and new hopes, today we have come up with the memories of TiEcon Mumbai 2020 from the eyes of WoodenStreet.

Woodenstreet TiEcon Mumbai 2020

The event was held on 28th and 29th of January, 2020, at NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai with a thought-provoking theme of “The Decade of Start-Ups, Kickstarting the Future”.
The theme was designed to reflect on the future of ideas that entrepreneurs and leaders need to embrace for remarkable breakthroughs and journeys unexperienced so far.

TiEcon Mumbai 2020

In what can be called an honoring moment, the first issue of WoodenStreet’s eponymous décor magazine was officially launched by chairman of TiE Global Board of Trustees, Mahavir Pratap Sharma, along with Silicon Valley angel investor and chairman of TiE Global, Nitin Rai.

TiEcon Mumbai 2020

Planned as a quarterly issue, the WoodenStreet magazine aims to bring people closer to the stories, tips and ideas on interior designing and décor along with informative and thought-provoking interviews with leading interior designers and architects. The aim is to create a digest that feeds the curiosity of décor and interior enthusiasts. This issue features behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, Q&As and is loaded with décor tips and interior inspirations.

TiEcon Mumbai 2020 from the Eyes of WoodenStreet

Counting the moments, another such launch was of the Virtual reality experience module that we brought to the table for bridging the gap between imagination and interiors through technology. It is a step forward to bring virtually-rendered 360-degree interiors, replete with WoodenStreet’s furniture and furnishings, for visualization of products and interiors on a human scale in a virtual environment.

TiEcon Mumbai 2020

With this, the chapter of TieCon Mumbai 2020, from the eyes of WoodenStreet has finally come to an end.

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