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Top 7 Home Makeover Ideas - Exclusive by Interior Designers of WoodenStreet

Every once in a while, your home deserves a refreshing transformation. Here are some expert-approved home makeover ideas for you.

“As we evolve, our homes should too” – what a beautiful quote to swear by when it comes to home decor. The home interior design of every space speaks volumes about the owner’s personality and tastes. However, people change and so do their choices. At times, we get bored of the way our home looks and try to spruce things up a little. While the creative minds come up with DIY projects to make things more interesting, the others rely on quirky furniture and décor elements. 

It is actually pretty cool to use home makeover ideas to change the way your house looks without burning a hole in your pocket. All you have to do is pick the right things from the right places and bam! There you have it- the house of your dreams. Here are some great makeover tips from the interior design expert Michelle Williamson of WoodenStreet:

Light Up Your World

Lamp & Lighting Online

A great interior decorating idea is to bring home the lights. If you want a sophisticated and elegant touch, invest in some good floor lamps, and hanging lights. You can even go for the flush mounts that are so in vogue these days. Floor lamps would an amazing addition to your living space as they not only come in a lot of style but also make for a splendid décor element. If you want something classic, try out Wooden Street’s Beads Metal Floor Lamp. 

Add in Those Cushions

cushion cover online

Cushions are one of the easiest ways to change things up in your space. A good living room interior design depends a lot on the kind of cushions you have. It’s time to throw away your old cushion cases and bring home some cute cushion covers. You can have fun with the patterns and prints. For a tropical vibe, buy something with leaf motifs or floral prints like WoodenStreet’s Blue Digital Print Velvet Reversible Cushion Cover.

Don’t Forget the Mirrors

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“Mirror, mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?”, seriously, there was a reason why the evil queen in Cinderella was so obsessed with her wall-mounted mirror. Mirrors are not only very functional but also serve as an awesome décor element. While you are going all in with home improvement, look up for a good mirror too.

You can also use them for adding depth to the space. An interesting interior decorating idea is to use it in your dining space. You can even go for the huge mirrors that you can just place on the floor. We will strongly recommend bohemian-styled mirrors as people are really raving about them.

Changing Things at Dinner

Dining table decor

Want a quick home makeover but don’t want to invest much on items? Just invest in some good tableware items and see your dining space transitioning into a luxurious realm. You can add quirky elements to the table like the Orange Colour Madhubani Art Wooden Tray with Brass Handle and Glass Jars from WoodenStreet. The set not only looks very appealing but is also of great use.

While you are at it, you can even check out WoodenStreet’s amazing range of dinner sets. From ceramic bowls to melamine tableware, they have a lot to offer. Home improvement does not always have to be just about how things look on the outside. You also need to consider how the changes make you feel from within. Enjoying a nice meal on luxurious plates will make for a royal experience for sure while beautifying your dinner space.

Jazzing Up the Walls

Wall Décor

How can we talk about walls and not mention the cool accents that are all the rage these days? From huge clocks to peppy photo frames, you have countless interior decorating ideas when it come to the walls. If you are digging that Instagrammable artsy vibe, check out the stunning wall art collection at WoodenStreet. From tropical prints to abstract art, you will be swooned by the diverse range.

Bringing in the Blooms

Indoor Planters

If you want to keep things simple, do not go for a lot of showpieces and accents. Just stick to the basics and for that extra pop of colour, you can always count on artificial flowers. Apart from being a super awesome interior decorating tool, these flowers will probably last you a lifetime as they are of plastic and you can enjoy them all through the year. Be it lilies or cute bonsai plants, you can get their fake versions very easily. They will add a very cute colourful element to your space while the rest of the area drenches in neutrals.

The Pretty Little Things

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After you are done with all the painting and decorating, if you still think you are missing out on something, throw in some knick-knacks. These can be anything- from beautiful figurines to adorable key holders. They will be an interesting addition to your space and also be handy-dandy. Not only that, people will think you have put in a lot of effort in giving your home makeover that it truly deserves.

Now that we have spilled all our expert’s approved home décor ideas, it’s time for you to pull up your socks and get started with your home makeover. You don’t need to go all out with transforming all the corners at the same time. Take it easy, take it slow. Take your sweet little time to plan things out and then see how the magic unfolds. Bid adieu to your ratty, old abode and say hello to the all new and fabulously transformed home!

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