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Top 30 Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home that Will Make Your Celebrations Memorable

Make this Diwali more memorable and stunning with our handpicked list of 30 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Home.

Diwali is merely a festival and more of an emotion for us Indians. It is one of India's most cherished and vibrant celebrations that marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Diwali is a time when our homes come alive with a warm and welcoming ambiance. Thanks to the beautiful decoration ideas that help us evoke the righteous spirit of Diwali in every nook and corner. It's that time of the year when we take pride in showcasing our rich heritage through decor choices to celebrate this festival. So, today, we present you with our list of the top trending 30 Diwali decoration ideas for home that will make your celebrations truly memorable. Embrace the magic of Diwali, and let your home reflect the beauty of this vibrant Indian festival.

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Living Rooms

diwali decoration ideas at home

Large Decorative Mirrors on Wall

Reflecting the essence of Diwali, large decorative mirrors on the wall not only create an illusion of space but also add a touch of richness to your living room. Go for an abstract or traditional decorative mirror to connect with the Diwali theme better.

Gold and Silver Colour Accents

Embrace the Diwali theme with gold and silver color accents as they best represent the value of this festival. These shades symbolize prosperity and are perfect to give your living room a dazzling Diwali vibe.

Infuse Flower Decorations

To strike a balance between traditional and contemporary, use a combination of natural and artificial flowers for decoration for Diwali. Use real flowers near your pooja room and have designer artificial flowers to decorate the rest of the spots, like the dining table, living room, and entrance.

Warm and Rich Carpets and Rugs

Rugs and carpets have always been marked as a luxury for living rooms, so what festival better than Diwali could do justice to such a rich decor element? Invest in a premium quality carpet or rug to make your living room floors worth noticing for Diwali 2023.

Colorful Cushions and Sofa Throws

Add contrasting color pillows and sofa throws to create a harmonious balance between the vibrancy of the festivity and your living room's color palette. If you have a light color seating, then go for dramatic dark shades for the cushion covers and vice versa for dark-colour seating. This would create an engagement of various colors, helping you create a dynamic view like the Diwali night sky.

Diya Decoration Ideas

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Opt for Fancy Candle Stands

Elevate the traditional earthen diyas by placing them in fancy candle stands. This not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of intricacy. This investment is a good deal for other festivities as well.

Decorative Diya Shape Lights

For places where lit diyas pose a risk, consider using decorative diya-shaped lights. They capture the essence of Diwali beautifully while helping you stay safe without sacrificing your Diwali decoration ideas.

Urli Bowl for Entrance

Make a striking entrance by using an urli bowl filled with flowers and floating diyas. It's an exquisite and aromatic way to welcome guests while offering your space a statement look.

Fancy Decorative Diyas in Rangoli

Your rangoli can be the centerpiece of your Diwali decor with some diyas. Go for decorative diyas to bring more character and definition to your rangoli art.

Rich Material Diyas for Pooja

When setting up the pooja spot, consider using diyas made of rich materials like brass or silver. They not only look divine but also enhance the purity of the space as silver is regarded as a pure metal, auspicious to use for pooja ceremonies.

Flower Decoration for Diwali

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Use Fresh Flowers for Pooja Room

In the pooja room, use fresh and auspicious flowers to create a spiritually charged ambiance. Marigold, Lotus, and mango leaves are the best to use for an auspicious and Vastu-friendly Diwali pooja.

Artificial Flower Vases

Spread the Diwali charm throughout your home with artificial flower vases. They bring a pop of color to every corner and are a long-term investment to spruce your space in minutes.

Flowers in Rangoli

Fresh flowers in rangoli design are always a success. This Diwali decoration idea is the best to infuse the essence of nature into your space without overwhelming the view or resources.

Artificial Flowers and Grass

Create a stunning and eco-friendly Diwali decor 2023  by using artificial flowers and grass for the outdoors to save on resources while involving your outdoor space in the Diwali decorations.

Mandir Decoration for Diwali

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Earthen Diyas and LED Lights

Brighten up your pooja mandir with earthen diyas and LED lights. This combination creates a spiritual and enchanting ambiance.

Scented Candles and Dhoop Batti

Enhance the serenity of your pooja mandir with scented candles and dhoop batti. They create a soothing atmosphere for your prayers. You can also opt for fancy smoke fountains to increase the mystic beauty of the pooja area just with a dhoop batti.

Ganesh and Lakshmi Murti

No Diwali pooja is complete without idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. These idols symbolize wisdom, wealth, and prosperity.

Fancy Silver-Plated or Brass Pooja Thali

Arrange all your Diwali pooja essentials on a shiny silver-plated or brass pooja thali. It adds a touch of luxury to your worship space.

Diwali Lighting Decoration

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Fairy Lights for Safety

To avoid fire hazards, use fairy lights in areas where lit diyas could be risky. They create a magical and safe ambiance.

Chandelier as a Centerpiece

For the dining space or living room, consider a chandelier to act as a centerpiece. It becomes a dazzling spot that sets the festive mood.

Brighten Unseen Corners with Hanging Lights

Illuminate the unnoticed corners of your home with hanging lights or floor lamps, infusing a distinct Diwali character.

Table Decoration for Diwali

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Bright and Festive Tablecloth

Lay out a bright and festive table cloth to set the stage for your Diwali feast. It adds a vibrant and celebratory touch while being a gem for your table in the long run.

Shiny Brass Bowls for Snacks

Serve your Diwali snacks in shiny brass bowls. It not only elevates your table decor but also complements the festive atmosphere.

Candle-Like Lights Near Dining Table

Create an intimate dining experience with candle-like lights near the dining table. You can also go with scented candles, but if your feat involves children, then make sure your lit candles have a case to avoid direct contact.

Vase with Artificial Flowers

Enhance the overall concept of your dining table by placing a vase with artificial flowers. This adds a finishing touch to your festive feast, and a vase full of flowers only blooms the view!


This list of top trending 30 Diwali decoration ideas for home mentioned above will not only make your Diwali celebrations memorable but also create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests. As you embrace these Diwali decoration ideas, remember that Diwali is not just a festival, it's a time to create lasting memories and share the joy of togetherness with your loved ones.

Do tell us which Diwali decoration idea you like the most in the comments section below.

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned! And a Happy Diwali!

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