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Top Plant Decoration Ideas and Its Types to Infuse Greenery in Home with Planters, Pots, and Plant Stands

If you love greens inside or outside of the house, we have an impressive list of planters and plant stands that will amp up and clean the space.

With every year passing, there's a lot more stress causing in people's minds, so the question is how to beat the stress and unwind from those not-so-happy days to have a fresh start. To your surprise, we may have found the right thing for you! Have you ever heard of a flabbergasting impact of nature? Being around more greens looks like a seventh heaven and feels like a world where you can breathe freely! Urban people living in apartments may find it hard as many wonder how to bring greenery into the place, and here come planters, pots, and plant stands to your doorstep! WoodenStreet cares about everyone's well-being, which is why we have the must-needs list to start the green arrangement in your humble abode. 

Why Should One Include More and More Plants in Their House?

Before starting up with the types of planters and other plant stand series, it's essential to know why in the first place, greenery should exist in a home. Your home is a cake, and the plants are the cherry on top. We believe now you know the understanding and importance they hold in everyone's life. Plants in a home are an essential factor that livens up the house, and the freshness that comes with it is a +1 to human life. They purify the air and are a natural mood buster, so they are important. It is the right time when you can not run from the natural world, so adapt the nature and heal the stress caused within you. Bringing some easier ways to start and set up with Indoor Planters and Outdoor Planters


Planters are an efficient way to introduce a green setup in your house because they are cheap yet do the job on point. Planters online and offline that are available have different types in terms of designs, colors, and materials. Therefore, here are some relevant options in indoor and outdoor planters you can choose basis on high-quality material and to level up the greens with aesthetics. 

Types of Planters

Hanging Planters


Starting off with hanging planters, they are a match made in heaven! They add an element to the space and create an aesthetic and green heaven around the house. Those who worry about indoor planters taking up space can choose a hanging planter

Wall Planters


This quirky yet beautiful concept adds an element to the wall and the house itself. Wall planters are a top choice for those who want to avoid securing their flooring space with plants.

Railing Planters


To spice up the outdoor look of the house, a railing planter is another way to choose! They will add a beautiful vibrant touch to the outside area without much arrangement.

Table Planters


Be it the dining table or a side table, having a planter set around the house is as much good as getting a delightful nap. So try looking up table planters.

Jute Planters


Sustainability is an important factor to follow when buying anything, so jute planters can be the best option for bringing greens into your home. They are made of natural fiber and last for a good period.

Floor Planters


Beauty, creativity, and practicality are the three best things a floor planter brings. Get your now from WoodenStreet at affordable prices.

Balcony Planters


The balcony is one of the cozy areas in a house, and to make it more lively, have a set of balcony planters to make it more efficient.

Indoor Planters


It is always a good option to have lots and lots of indoor planters, as they convert the space into a purified one by ticking off all the wanted beautification in the house.

Outdoor Planters


If you haven't become a garden fan yet, believe us and try getting outdoor planters. The gentle breeze of flower scents and the cooling space will create an inviting look.


From choosing the right plants to the suitable pots, everything that goes from planning to implementing will be worth it at the end of the day. Check out a variety of pot options available and the ones you can find online at WoodenStreet. 

Types of Pots

Ceramic Pots


To celebrate and promote craftsmanship, ceramic pots are an ideal choice. One of the advantages is they are available in multiple designs and colors.

Metal Pots


Metal pots are lightweight, durable, and indestructible, making it easier to choose this over anything else.

Glass Pots


It is a good choice to uplift indoor household decor. Glass pots are significantly a better option to show off everything you have in terms of different plants.

Wooden Pots


Wooden pots are long living and the right choice to get the designs in a home, Scroll for the numerous methods available at WoodenStreet and buy some!

Terracotta Pots


Terracotta pots can be used for outdoor and indoor setups; they are made of earthy materials and do not contain any toxic elements

Plant Stand

Plant stands are known as stands with a proper structure that can help keep pots and provide a display altogether. If you do not wish to cover many areas, then you can choose a plant stand to have three-four plants in one place.

Types of Plant Stand

Flower Stand

Plant Stand

A combination of flowers on a single plant stand is as beautiful as it sounds; if you love flowers or scented herbs, you must get a flower stand for your home

Outdoor Plant Stand

Plant Stand

Outdoor spaces must have something to reflect, right? This is why an outdoor plant stand can be the right choice.

Iron Plant Stand

Plant Stand

If you are looking to buy a durable iron plant stand that does not compromise on the looks, then an iron plant should be the choice you need to make.

Summing Up!

We hope that with this blog, choosing the planters, plant stands, and pots will become easier for you! Infuse your space with greens because the color and its pros never disappoint! 

We will be back with the next blog soon. Till then, stay tuned!

Image Source: WoodenStreet and Google

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