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Top Trending Mirror Frames for Every Uniquely Designed Homes

If you are a big fan of mirror frames for wall decor like us, Wooden Street is here with an amazing collection in this blog that will give you brilliant ideas.

Mirrormirror, on the wall — who's the fairest of them all!” reminds us so much of fairy tales, isn’t it? Mirrors have fascinated humankind from a very long time, adult and children alike. Even babies are intrigued by mirrors and it quickly captivates their attention. Adults are no exception to this, which is why mirrors have been an integral part of our home decor from times immemorial.

Although they are primarily used for seeing reflections, but mirrors do much more than that. They add glamour to the overall look of the house and impart a subtle charm to it that is why trendy mirror frames sell like hot cake.

Thus here is a guide, which will help you choose a trendy mirror frame that will complement the unique style of your home.

If Vibrant Colours Fascinate You

Wall Art

Some of us love multiple vibrant colours, and want to style our homes in different contrasting hues. Our ardent love for arts and craft, and folksy styles also reflect in our home decor. Incorporating mirror frames to achieve that, is an excellent decor idea. Hence, if you are one of these people here is a trendy solution for you.

Try the Bohemian Mirror Collage to create a modified wall gallery in your home. The bright & vibrant Bohemian tiles contrasted with mirrors can create wonders of magic in your home interiors.

For Homes That Emanate Elegance

Wall Mirror

If you are someone who loves elegance and sophistication in all spheres of life, and have a home gracefully styled, you must quest for a mirror frame that will match this vibe. The design has to be simple yet regal, to bring out the true essence of this style to your home décor.
We suggest that you try Gauss Metal Mirror with Frame to bring subtle elegance in your homes. It has a water drop shape and is made up of aluminum and glass, and is covered with gold plating that makes your wall look classy.

Space-savvy Homes That Have Mastered Utilitarian Style

Wall Shelves

Today, Many homes are crammed up on space, and this has led to an innovation of infusing style into utility. Wall mirror frames that also act as wall shelves are a brilliant example of it. If your home furniture illustrates space-savvy designs with style, try the same with wall decors too.
A trendy yet utilitarian example of this is the Bee Hive Wall Shelve with Mirror from our exquisite collection, which has a beautiful honeycomb structure and radiates a funky vibe. The sides of the hexagonal shaped frame can be used as shelves while there is a mirror attached in the centre.

Modern Homes That Portrays Abstract Shapes

Wall Mirror

Modern architecture is all about abstract geometry and shapes, and thus, the décor items of most modern houses resonate the same. The overall home appeal portray love for modern art and if using a mirror frame of that style to decorate the walls of the living room can alleviate the purpose.
If your love for abstract home décor speaks the same, try the Nebula Metal Mirror with Frame from our collection. This is made out of mild steel and coated with silver polish, and resembles a wavy galaxy shape. Flaunt your style now!

Homes Rooted Deep in Traditions

Wall Mirror

If your home has a traditional style and a very classy décor, you should get a wall mirror that will complement that unique look. Wooden mirror frames will be the best in that regard.

Try the Apollo Circular Carved Wall Mirror, which you can place in your entryway wall or a broad living room wall. As this frame has a dark finish, it can work well with light hued walls. Also, made up of MDF and with intricate carvings that make this piece a brilliant home décor.

If You Believe in Fairy-tales

Mirror with lamp

If you are thinking of a fairy tale vibe for your homes, mirrors are the best way to do it. For cherishing the child within you, go for unique styled fairy tale mirror frames that will spice up your drab walls. Meadow Mirror with Frame is one such frame, which comes as a pair of two mirrors measuring 24 L x 60 H inches and coloured in white distress. They have elaborate carvings and works best on dark coloured walls.

Ultra-modern Homes that Love Art

Round Wall Mirror

Then, there are homes that are furnished in a beautiful blend of ultra-modern look and artistic tastes. The combination of modern sleekness and artistic appeal is rare and unique.

For such unique house, we suggest the Black Louvre Wall Mirror from our collection. This classy design is made of iron, and has an appealing black and gold metallic finish with a circular glass in the middle.

For Homes into Old-School Rustic Style

Wall Mirror

If you are old school and has imparted a rustic touch to the decors of your homes, you need a similar mirror frame that will do justice to that style. 

Try Kailey Copper Finish Wall Mirror, which works best on textured walls. It is a circular hanging mirror made of steel and embellished in copper finish.

Our collection of stylish mirror frames online doesn’t end up here, it is extensive and alluring. However, it becomes tricky to decide which one to buy for your homes. We hope that this blog will help and make your task of choosing trending mirror frames for your uniquely designed homes much easier.

Don’t forget to weigh in the comments below what you think about our ideas, and also feel free to share your own too!

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