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Knock Knock: 20 Door Designs Ideas that will blow your mind

Explore the top 20 door design ideas, showcasing a diverse range of styles and materials to elevate your home's aesthetic.

The Main door designs are always the focal point that sets the tone for the rest of the house interiors. When designing your house, think about how the door will fit into the overall design. A well-chosen door may improve the appearance of your home's outside and inside. For instance, a well-made wooden door design may bring warmth and character to a classic home, but a sleek, glass door design might enhance a modern, minimalist design.

We've compiled some of the 20 best door design ideas from across the world to get you thinking about your door setting. You'll be amazed at the creative twists designers have added to something as simple as a door.

Main Door Design Ideas to Create Great First Impression

The door design ideas available can be overwhelming, but knowing the different types of doors is the first step in making the right choice. You can choose from numerous materials, designs, and styles based on your suitability and needs. However, the main door design is critical to every house and should be designed properly. 

Geometric Door Design

main door design

The stunning focal point for the entryway, the bold shapes with sharp edges, clean lines, and chic minimalist design door pattern effortlessly complement the most modern of architecture. 

Traditional Indian Patterns

door design for main door

Door designs like mandalas, lotus flowers, elephants, and peacocks are often hand-carved into the wood, with vibrant colors reflecting the rich heritage of India. The door design keeps with some transitional interior decor.

Double Door with Gold Accents

indian main door design

The gateway design leading to your foyer offers practicality along with style. The door with golden glam against the rich wood is an eye-catching yet minimal design.

Pocket Door Design

This is a design for homes that prioritize smaller living spaces, achieving a tighter layout and minimizing the footprint of essential living room furniture. The door slides into a pocket rather than opening out, and when open, it disappears into the space inside the wall. 

Modern Contemporary Main Door 

house main door design

The modern contemporary door greets guests with a pleasant yet unique appearance. It may feature innovative features like smart locks or integrated lighting to improve convenience and security.

Full-Height Main Gates

main entrance modern door design

These gates extend from the ground to the top of the surrounding walls or structures, forming a barrier that provides isolation while also making a powerful statement. Full-height door design makes a dramatic first impression, whether sleek and contemporary or classic and elaborate.

Floral Carving Wooden Door

single modern main door design

A huge wooden relief door with flower petal cut-outs shows the delicate beauty of flower art. Adding a layer of grill door is a truly distinctive and captivating feature of any entrance, allowing a glimpse of the interior. 

Sideways-Opening Door

Doors design is convenient in small corridors, tight corners, or spaces where furniture arrangement limits the swing of an ordinary door. The door opening swings vertically, allowing individuals to pass through. 

Grill Pattern Door Design 

main hall double door design

The vertical or horizontal grill bars protect and strengthen the metal frame of the main door. One can use geometric designs door such as square, oval, triangle, rectangle, and circle to match the main door and suggest that the grill patterns are also on the wooden door design.

Victorian Main Door Design 

front door design

This front door design remained timeless over the years. Elaborating detailed carvings, intricate moldings, and decorative panels that showcase the craftsmanship of the era.

Traditional Yet Contemporary 

wooden main door design

The design creates a sense of balance between the past while embracing the present, resulting in spaces, objects, or artworks that feel both familiar and fresh, timeless yet current.

Gold Leaf Design Door 

wooden front door design

The door's surface is carefully coated with thin sheets of gold, as gold leaves, to give it a glossy, reflected surface. They add a lot of character to the look of your home entrance.

Arch Wooden Door Design 

wooden door design for main door

The arch doors may be subtle, softly curved, or more plain and striking. These arch curves in the doorways provide much-needed softness to your interior design. 

Jali Door Design 

Adds cultural reference to any home entrance, emitting a mesmerizing paly of light and shadow. The jali main door also allows air and light to pass through. Jali door design combines exquisite craftsmanship with practicality.

Foldable Door Design

Foldable doors are widely utilized for internal applications such as room dividers, closet doors, or patio doors, as well as external entrances that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. The door design is ideal for areas with limited space or where a wide opening is desired.

Semi-Circular Doorway 

front door indian main door design

The design forms a graceful curve gently framing the entrance. They can be built with single or double doors, depending on the size and purpose of the entry, and may include glass panels, sidelights, or windows that allow natural light to enter the room.

Cane Door Design

latest designs of main doors

The lightweight yet durable nature of cane makes it ideal for crafting doors that are both stylish and practical. Cane door design adds warmth and character to homes when used as a whole door or in conjunction with other materials like wood or metal. Whether in a modern house or a rustic town, cane door patterns subtly improve the atmosphere.

Double Layer Door

grill door design

This is a popular door design for people who seeks a combination of strength, insulation, and versatility. The double-layer door consists of two separate layers of material, typically with an air gap between them.

Rustic-Inspired Design Door 

latest front door design

A rustic-inspired door, whether utilized as an outdoor entry door, internal room divider, or decorative accent piece, brings character and charm to any space.

3-D Door Design 

front door design latest

Craved on green ply or MDF board embossed or layered to add depth and dimension to the door design. The 3-D door design enhances the architectural style and character of a space.

Choosing the Right Main Door Material

Glass Door Design

housing gate design

Glass doors offer a stylish and rich aspect to the property while also providing practicality. A one-of-a-kind glass door design may enhance any area, including bedrooms and outdoor spaces, as the design makes smaller rooms feel larger and more inviting. For a perfect entryway, glass doors can be installed as single or double doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, or even folding doors.

Wooden Door Design

latest main double door design

Wooden door designs are renowned for their durability, versatility, and natural beauty, available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and designs to suit various aesthetics and functional needs. The door's design showcases the natural grain and texture of the wood used to manufacture it.

Fibre Glass Doors

wooden main door designs indian style

The doors, with their sophisticated design procedures, are rugged and long-lasting, waterproof, and incredibly easy to maintain. It's proving more challenging to identify them apart from wood doors. Fibre Glass door design can hold up against dents, scratches, and rust better than most materials.

Iron or Steel Door

front double door design

This door design offers a modern and timeless charm. Doors made from elements like iron and steel are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for outdoor applications. The door design with geometric patterns and decorative motifs carved into the iron and steel doors offers a modern and sleek appearance.

Aluminium Door: 

double door designs for main door

They are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for coastal areas or humid climates. They are available in various contemporary designs and can be powder-coated in multiple colours to match your home's aesthetics. 

Explore India’s Mesmerizing Door Designs as Per State: A Fusion of Culture and Creativity!

The Intricate Jali Door of the Taj Mahal, Agra 

main double door design

The Colourful Haveli Door of Rajasthan 

main door grill designs for flats

The Wooden Craved Doors of Kerala 

steel gate design single door

The Mughal Doors of Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh 

home door design wood

The Portuguese Doors of Goa 

design of house front gate

The Bamboo Doors of Northeast India

double door grill gate design for main door

The Stone Carved Doors of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh 

front gate designs for homes

The Teakwood Doors of Chettinad, Tamil Nadu

single door steel gate design


Each door is a work of art in its own right. Knowing that you want an entry door is just the start of your journey; the next crucial task is selecting the perfect door design that seamlessly integrates with your home's unique style.

So, do you want to boost your entryway? Choose from the 20 Best Front Door Ideas mentioned in the blog. Whether you prefer a traditional look or crave a bold and unconventional design, these doors offer endless inspiration. 


1.What are some popular door design styles?
Some popular door design styles include traditional, modern, rustic, and contemporary.

2.What materials are doors typically made of?
The doors are made of different materials like wood, steel, aluminium, glass, PVC, etc. A metal or steel exterior door is the most budget-friendly of the all.

3.What are the most common front door design ideas for homes? 
Here are some common front door design ideas for homes: 

  • Classic wooden doors with detailed carvings or panels
  • Modern steel or fiberglass doors with a sleek appearance.
  • Craftsman-style doors with geometric motifs and stained glass inserts. 
  • Rustic doors created from recycled wood have a warm, inviting appearance
  • Modern glass doors with simple frames provide a clean, airy appearance.

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