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Woodenstreet Raises $3M in Series A Funding by IAN & RVCF

Read about the latest funding of USD 3 Million received by Woodenstreet in Series A funding by IAN and RVCF.

If you follow the right path and have the right support, nobody can stop you from achieving the goals. With the immense support from all our customers and the hard work of all our team members, we have successfully raised $3M in Series-A Funding organized by IAN (Indian Angel Network) & RVCF (Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund).

“The fund will help in increasing the footprint of the brand, both domestically and internationally,” said Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, CEO, Woodenstreet. Providing the best experience for the users has always been our number one priority. So, a part of funding will also be allocated to some new technological advancements which will allow the customers to have an amazing and unique furniture-buying experience from the comfort of their home.

We would like to thank our new as well as existing investors to show trust in the sustainability and innovativeness of our model in the current situation created by COVID-19. In the times, when the economy is in shatters and even the biggest of companies are struggling to sustain, the funding will help us carry with our model smoothly.

A Safer Model for the Future

Looking at the prevailing conditions, we have also made some changes to our model, both online as well as offline. Here are some of the major changes that you will observe at Woodenstreet from now onwards:

  • To ensure that a safe experience can be provided to customers several measures have been taken, such as contactless furniture experience at stores, appointment-based visits, daily sanitization, and regular cleaning of all the stores as well as warehouses, daily health assessment of staff members/delivery personals, and many more.
  • Implementation of Virtual reality hubs at all the stores so that customers can have a better and personalized experience prior to making the purchase.
  • Wearing masks all the times has been made compulsory at all the places, be it stores or warehouses. Entry without a mask is prohibited, and if a customer arrives without masks, the same will be made available at the stores.

At last, we just want to thank & congratulate all our customers for always supporting us. We will soon be coming up with our latest range of furniture and decor items. So, stay connected, stay trendy!

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