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A Safe Experience for You Always: Woodenstreet’s COVID-19 Combat Plan

Woodenstreet’s combat plan to fight Coronavirus after the lockdown to ensure that all the customers can add beauty to their home while being safe.

Till now, every step has been taken by our Government to ensure that the spread of COVID-19, which has become a disaster in other big countries, can be controlled. So far, the situation has been under control; thanks to actions that were taken at the right time and as well as all the personnel who were out there, perfectly managing everything. But, the real fight has started now and from here, keeping the environment safe is up to us. 

Providing the best experience to customers has always been the topmost priority of Woodenstreet. Ensuring that customers can experience the best of services in these times, there are some precautionary measures that have been taken. Here is an insight into how you will be able to explore and buy the best furniture designs after the lockdown. 

Experience Stores - Safer Than Ever

Cleanliness has always been maintained at every store of Woodenstreet and looking at current situations, a lot of additional steps will be taken, which are:

  • Regular sanitization of stores so no harmful virus gets the environment to live and multiply.
  • Call based appointments for customers to ensure that large gatherings can be avoided and social distancing is being maintained.
  • Customers will also be encouraged to not touch the furniture at stores so that the possibility of spread of the virus through touch can be minimized. 

Premium Delivery - Bundle of Happiness Right at Home

One of the major mantras to avoid getting affected by the virus has been “Keeping Yourself Clean”, and the same will be followed by all our delivery executives. Here are some of the major steps that will be taken to ensure a seamless and safe delivery:

  • Thermal checkup of each delivery partner before the start of the daily routine. 
  • Sanitisation hotspots have been set up, where each executive has to visit for cleansing at regular intervals.
  • All the members associated with delivery as well as packaging have to wear necessary items, such as face mask, gloves, etc, at all times.

Round the Clock Support - Complete Assistance in Every Situation

24x7 assistance will be provided to all the customers which will further add to an exceptional experience. The support team can be contacted to get details of existing orders or to get information regarding any product available on the platform. Following the government norms, all the teams have been asked to work from home, but it has been ensured that no problem is faced at the customer's end. 

By following the mentioned steps and abiding by the government norms, Woodenstreet is all set to provide its customers a much better and safer experience. We also request our customers to follow all the precautionary measures which will help in dampening the effect of Coronavirus. 

Just wait for a little while as a much better and safer experience is just around the corner. Until then, keep exploring the products and create a perfect setup for your home. At present, a discount of up to 55% and an additional 20% off can be availed on all the products, so start your shopping spree now. 

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