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Dining Table Sets

Dining table sets have always been the enhancer of a dinette with its presence. Dining tables are an inevitable part of the home. So, get a beautiful wooden dining table set online for your abode at WoodenStreet.We have a wide range of wooden dining table online crafted with love that is efficient to spruce up your dinette room instantly. Scroll down to experience the purchase of wooden dining table set online that fits perfectly with your decor.

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6 Seater Dining Table Sets
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2 Seater Dining Table Sets
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4 Seater Dining Table Sets
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Extendable Dining Table
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Round Dining Table Sets
8 Seater Dining Sets, wooden dining table set, best dining table set, dining tables, dining table set price, solid wood dining table, डाइनिंग टेबल
8 Seater Dining Table Sets
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Marble Dining Table Sets
Glass Dining Table Sets, wood dining table, dining table india, solid wood dining table set, dinning table set
Glass Dining Table Sets
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Dining Chairs
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Dining Tables

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4 Seater Dining Table Sets, wooden dining table set, best dining table set, dining tables, dining table set price, solid wood dining table, डाइनिंग टेबल
Dining Chair, dining table and chairs, dining tables and chairs, dining table with chair, dining table with chairs, dining table and chair set, table and chair set, chair table set
6 Seater Dining Table Sets, wood dining table, dining table india, solid wood dining table set, dinning table set
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Dining Table Set - Buy Wooden Dining Table Set Online at Best Price in India from Wooden Street

Wooden Dining table sets are considered as the most comfortable place for enjoying fun moments with the family. Dining table set online presented by our expert team will surely blow your mind. Whatever your taste is, we have the best wooden dining sets online to embellish your dining area.

For a charismatic outlook of the dinner area, we have all styles of dining sets to best suit your needs. And thus, you can buy dining table set online in India for your dining area.

So, how wooden dining table set combination will complement your interiors is not a big question now. Just call our experts and state your imagination for an ideal design of solid wood dining table set that will cater to your needs perfectly. The sets paired up with ideal dining table chairs are available at our website.

Wooden dining table sets are finely detailed so that the theme of the interior is never hindered. Be it intricate patterns to obey the traditional aura, or be it sleek designs of furniture for modern interiors, every such wooden dining set can be found online.

With this, the dining table online on Wooden Street also come in all seaters, so that whether it is a joint family or just a couple, a dining table set online for all the needs can be found here. And some add-ons like extendable feature, storage areas and benches are few such ways to showcase a range of fulfilling dining table sets.

Types of Dining Table Sets Available on Wooden Street

Explore different types of dining tables available only at WoodenStreet! 

2 Seater Dining Table Sets 

A 2 seater dining table set is an ideal option, especially for compact homes; it is also best if you are looking for space-saving furniture in your house. This small dining table best serves those living as a single person or just a couple, and most people ignore buying a dining table because they think it wouldn't be of any use. Still, with this table, you can have meals together with your partner at an affordable price.

4 Seater Dining Table Sets

With a nuclear family, getting a four-seater dinner table is a good choice. Not only it makes the space more filled, but it also creates an environment where people can come and have dinner or at least their one-time meal together. You can get a wooden dining table set as they are more sturdy and durable in terms of use. 

6 Seater Dining Table Sets

Eating meals while sitting on a dining table set molds a perfect habit that one should be used to. If you are a person who likes to have people at the house for a get-together or love being a host, then you can get this online dining table set in 6-seater only from WoodenStreet. 

8 Seater Dining Table Sets

8 seater dining is an elegant piece of dining table, and chairs go perfectly in large houses. If you are a set of 6-8 people living under one roof, then give no second thought to buying this beautiful dining table from WoodenStreet at the best offers and prices available. 

Extendable Dining Table Sets

In the coming years, extendable and foldable furniture is becoming a trend because the spaces are becoming smaller. They are not only a space saver but also have innovative designs. WoodenStreet offers some premium designs in extendable dining table sets made of premium wood. Buying a dining table in wooden material will fit best with your home's interior. 

Explore the page of the extendable dining table to know about the designs we have available at great prices. 

Different Shapes of Dining Table Sets Available at Wooden Street

At WoodenStreet, you can find different shapes of dining tables that can make your living space or kitchen space more appealing. To know more, check out the website and buy the one you love most! 

Rectangle Dining Table Sets

Many people think that having a rectangular table is an old concept because it can be seen in almost every house. But it has a lot of advantages of being the best dining table set; one of them which is it can give extra space for guests. Yes, when you need no extra space, you can put it against the wall and pull it whenever you need extra space. At WoodenStreet, you can find some beautifully carved designs and beautiful patterns, so make sure to take advantage of such designs; go to the website and order now! 

Square Dining Table Sets

A square dining set is most preferred when you have a square dining room. It makes the seating pattern more accessible and best for those who don't have a lot of people to get seated with. These are more of a small dining table set that is meant for not-so-big spaces. However, they build a comfortable area where people can easily converse. Especially at parties, with square tables, everyone can feel being in the party, and it can be a balanced combination of both. 

Round Dining Table Sets

Especially for compact spaces, it gets hard to put something because there is always thought of not making the space look filled. And that is why putting a round dining table can be an ideal decision to elevate the space and to have something to sit down on. With this table, it is easier to carry forward any conversation because people feel very close to each other. You can find some best designs online for dining table sets.

Explore the Varieties of Wooden Dining Table Sets Online

Dining Table sets online comes in wide variety to blend with every home interior. All our solid wood dining sets undergo a rigorous quality check at each level of their manufacturing process and hence making them highly sturdy for everyday use. The dining table sets online available on our site are extremely adaptable according to your needs and requirements like folding dining sets that are easily foldable, small dining sets for compact spaces and so on.

Highest-selling dining table sets such as the Cambrey 4 Seater dining table chairs, Jaoquin 6 Seater dining set, Cohoon 4 Seater dining sets are the uniquely designed pattern at Wooden Street. Designer dining table sets such as the Terex and Ralph 2 Seater dining set bestows a lavish look onto the interior of the room.

Wooden Street has an extensive range of stylish dining sets online in numerous finishes which can adorn the decor of contemporary homes.

With all this, we also provide the user with the amenity to select their own customization option.

Buy Dining Table Set Online: A Bond over Meal

A set of correlated dining table chairs, i.e. a complete wooden dining table set packs more perks than you might think of buying separately. Along with providing a cohesive style, these instantly add stars to your dining space and dining with an entire family is always an attractive and inviting experience.

Wooden Street offers brilliantly crafted small and large dining table sets online that are composed for your comfort. Make mealtime conversations never ending one by decorating your dining hall with elegant wooden dining table sets from Wooden Street. Our astounding collection of wooden dining sets online features a set for each and every household.

Buy Wooden Dining Table Set for Attractive Dining Area

Modern dining table set models are designed by expert designers from mango and Sheesham wood for the eating place to enhance every dining room. Ranging from simple designs of 2-seater4-seater dining set, and 6-seater dining table to the ones followed by the elegantly designed extendable dining table, foldable dining set and round dining sets online that are available at the best possible price.

Within our extensive range of dining table set online, we also have beautiful dining chair, dinner set, ceramic plates, serving bowls, spice box, tea coasters, tables, and dining set online in various shapes like round, square, rectangular dining table sets and likes. 

Dining Table Set Online Shopping at Wooden Street

Wooden dining table set in a room not only serve families to congregate to eat but also entertain guests while you throw from formal to casual dinner parties. It has multifunctional characteristics to meet the requirements of daily dine-in with dining tables and dining chairs. Therefore, our experts have crafted unique solid wood dining sets with immense precision and grace.

Buy wooden space saving dining table set online in India at affordable prices from Wooden Street and get free shipping in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Gurugram or Across India.

Explore Different Types of Dining Table Sets Online Available at WoodenStreet

The material quality is the backbone when it comes to shopping for a dining set. Because it determines the dining table set sturdiness and durability. Therefore, our product is designed with extra precision and of high-grade materials to satisfy every customer’s requirement. Following are the materials for dining table sets you can buy at WoodenStreet. 

Wooden Dining Table Sets 

Our wooden dining table sets are known for their fine craftsmanship and can last for years. With excellent durability and robustness, our collection is available in a wide spectrum of designs and patterns for leveling up the style quotient of the interiors. WoodenStreet offers premium solid wood dining table set in which Mango and Sheesham Wood Dining Table sets are the popular choices.

Furthermore, our divine finishes will change the overall aesthetics game in your dining room setup. Have a look at some of the wonderful picks for you are Ariana 6 Seater Dining Set (Walnut Finish) and Alfred - Mozza 6 Seater Dining Table Set with Glass Top (Walnut Finish). 

Metal Dining Table Sets

If your home’s demand is a contemporary style, then our metal dining table set is the sure bet to pick. They are classy and available in vibrant color finishes to adore the appeal of your space. Along with this, metal dining table set prices are nominal as compared to wooden dining table sets.

The wooden tabletop and cushioned seat with metal body look sophisticated and spruce high your decor. For instance, our Cora Metal 6 Seater Dining Set with Bench will spoil you with color options such as black, white, blue, red, and yellow. 

Plastic Dining Table Sets 

Wants to enjoy Sunday brunches on outdoor seating areas? If you are not compatible with wooden furniture. Here WoodenStreet has a stunning range of plastic dining table sets that can survive for long without losing their quality. Keep it in your balcony or working space or even in the dining room, our beautiful color finish dining sets will blend in every interior.

Some of the popular choices are Italica Set of 4 Modern and Stylish Plastic Arm Chair and Table (White) and Italica Set of 2 Modern and Stylish Plastic Armchair with Stainless Steel Legs and Table (Tan Brown). 

Marble Dining Table Sets

In our collection, one can find luxurious options, and one of them is a marble dining table set, it not only enhances the space by spreading aesthetics and grandeur in the living but also lasts for a really long time. Many people think that marble is something hard to take off and breaks off easily, but the material we sell is off top-notch quality and would not break easily. All it needs is just proper care so that it can serve for a longer period of time. Explore our very amazing collection of marble dining table sets to have an amazing dining experience with only WoodenStreet.

Check Out Impressive Dining Table Set Prices at WoodenStreet 

Need a space for premium dining table sets? WoodenStreet has extended dining table sets for you or wants a luxurious set, and we have a wooden dining table set with a bench. Dream of any furniture, WoodenStreet is there to serve you the best.

But does budget restrict you from fulfilling your home dreams? Worry not! Thanks to our dining table set prices whose range is reasonable to buy quality of furniture without spilling a lot of money. 

Our impressive dining table set price range is as follows: - 

One can shop for extended dining table sets, 2 seater dining tables or space-saving tucks under dining set under Rs. 20,000. 

Under Rs. 20,000 to 40,000, customers can shop for elegant dining table set collections in a variety of colors and finishes. 

Our more elite range designs of dining table sets start from Rs. 40,000 to 60,000. 

Our collection isn’t restricted to only dining table sets, you can make your own set by our dining chairs and tables. Also, you can shop our dining table decor, office tables, and chairs as well at much-discounted rates online. 

How to Choose the Right Dining Table Set Online?

Here are some thumb rules to prefer while selecting the perfect dining table set online:- 

Choose by the Size of the Room

The foremost thing is to check the available space for occupying the dining table set. Measure the dimensions carefully, which results in deciding the perfect type of dining table set for your home. For example, a small or extended dining table set is ideal for space-limited homes, whereas a luxurious wooden dining table set will go best for a palatial bungalow. 

Select The Dining Table Set By The Capacity

The next is to decide the dining table set by the usage of family members. If you are living in a joint family, then 6 or 8 seater dining sets would be the ideal choice, whereas 4 seater is the popular choice for a small and medium family. 

Dining Set by Shape

The shape of the dining table set is another crucial factor to keep in mind. According to the available space and style of the interiors, select the shape of your dining table set. The rectangular is the usual choice in traditional homes. Go for the square and round shapes are the best picks for retro and modern style dining table set.

Pick Design and Color of Dining Table Set

Traditionally, most of the Indian homes choose wooden dining table sets in light and dark finishes. But, why not experiment with modern dining table set designs with vibrant color finishes to create the style statement in your interiors. Choose the colors, designs, and patterns for a cohesive look and feel throughout the home. 

Why WoodenStreet is the Best Online Platform to Buy a Dining Table Set?

When buying furniture online, many people find it dicey that from where they can make the best purchase. That is why we have concluded a few reasons to make you know how WoodenStreet is the best online platform available to shopfor a dining table set from our online portal.

Affordable Options 

When clients purchase anything, we provide our best to give them a convenient option with a suitable and high-quality product. From reasonable to expensive furniture, we have everything available in the best designs. Those looking for affordable options must go through our website to see some of the best options. 

Top-Notch Quality 

From the outset, our company strives to satisfy customers who purchase from us. The products we sell are of the best and most premium quality and durable so that the customer feels that it is always worth spending money on our furniture.

Offers and Discounts 

Customers may always get some fantastic deals because we always offer discounts on all of our products, both seasonal and non-seasonal. Visit our page to learn more about some amazing discounts!


We offer a guarantee period to all of our clients so they won't regret purchasing from us if something goes wrong with the product. We have a support team to always look for a resolution for you so that the problem can be considered and resolved. 


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FAQ's - Dining Table Set
How do I choose a dining table set?

The foremost thing to select the perfect dining table set for your home is to measure the available space. Then, choose the seating capacity to fulfil your requirements and make sure the style and color finish must match with the theme of your interiors.

What's the best shape for a dining table in a small room?

The round and square shaped dining tables are considered to be the best for small rooms.

Which are the best dining table sets under 25000?

Clove 2 Seater Dining Set, Mcbeth Storage 2 Seater Dining Table Set, Adolph 2 Seater Dining Set are the best dining table sets under Rs. 25000.

Which Wood is the best for a dining table set in India?

Sheesham wood is the best material for dining table set in India.

Which dining table set is better, wood or glass top?

If you talk about beauty, then, of course, the dining table with glass top always presents a luxurious and attractive appeal wherever you place them. But, in terms of durability and safety of children in your family, then a dining table with wood tabletop is preferred.

What material is the best for a dining table set?

Solid wood, like Sheesham, is the most durable and best material for a dining table. Marble is another popular tabletop material for dining tables.

What is the common shape of a dining set?

A dining set's most common and popular shapes are square, round, and rectangular.

What is the price of a dining table set?

WoodenStreet's price range for dining table sets starts from as low as 19,999 and goes as luxurious as over 69,999.

What is a dining table set?

A dining table paired with dining chairs makes a set. So when you buy a dining table set, it’s a dining table with respective number of chairs. 

What is the standard height of a dining table?

The standard height of a dining table should be between 28 to 32 inches. 

What things should I keep in my mind before buying a dining table set?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a dining table:
-Decide on your Budget
-Measure the Size of Your Room
-Consider the Material you want for the Dining Table Set
-Choose a Style That Blends In with the Room's Aesthetic.
-Look for Storage Features or Space Saving Features
-Evaluate the Ease of Maintenance

What should I keep on my dining table?

Tableware like, tablecloths, coasters, salt and pepper shakers, fruit baskets, and vases are valuable and decorative to keep on your dining table. 

What should be the color of my dining table?

Neutral colours like browns and whites are best for a dining table. 

Which dining table is best: Rectangular or Round?

Round dining tables are ideal for small spaces, whereas a rectangular one takes up more space while providing versatility. Hence, a round is the best dining table shape for a small dining room, and for a big room, a rectangular dining table will create a more balanced look. 

Is the dining table important?

A dining table is an essential piece of furniture to eat your meal with the utmost comfort and style. It is also a scientific fact that eating meals while sitting at a dining table promotes healthy eating portions and intensifies family bonds. 

Which materials are best for a dining table?

Sheesham and Teak wood are India's best materials for dining tables.

What is the common shape of a dining table?

Round, square, and rectangle are the most common shape of a dining table.

  How can I accessorize a dining table?

One can accessorize their dining table with tableware like tablecloths, coasters, salt and pepper shakers, fruit baskets, and vases. Such elements are decorative and useful while dining.

  How do I protect my dining table from marks and scratches?

Using a tablecloth for the dining table can protect it from regular wear and tear, avoiding marks and scratches. Apart from that, using table mats and coasters while dining can promote the same.

  What size dining table do I need?

Measure your dining room to know what size of dining table would be the best fit. Round and square are the best dining table shape to have for compact spaces while a rectangular would be great for a larger room.

What is the best material for a dining table?

Solid wood like Sheesham wood and Teak wood dining tables are the best material for a durable dining table. At WoodenStreet, you can find this and more to suit varied styles and budgets. 

How do I choose the right style of dining table?

Factors like dining room interior and space availability will help you narrow down the best styles of dining table that fit your style and needs. A contemporary style square 4 seater dining table or a minimalistic round dining table, there are a lot of styles available at WoodenStreet, for you to choose from.

  Can I mix and match dining chairs with a table?

Yes, one can customize the dining table set according to their preference with WoodenStreet. Match a dining table to your choice of dining chairs or vice versa. 

What is an extendable dining table?

An extendable dining table is a basic dining table with the feature to extend it. At WoodenStreet, one can find an extendable dining table that just needs a pull to extend and offer more top surfaces to enjoy meals.

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Dining Table SetView Product
The finish and wood quality of the dining table set is amazing. Thank you!

Keshav Shrivastava Bangalore

Dining Table SetsView Product
The Cohoon Six Seater Compact Dining Set is awesome for my joint family as we all can sit comfortably and eat together in peace. The table is also big enough to hold all the dishes and cutlery.

Vishnu Saxena Bangalore

Dining SetView Product
The 4 Seater Round Dining Set is such a space saving furniture set. I live in a small apartment with my girlfriend and this table has helped us save a lot of floor space. It looks very stylish and we are in love with it.

Kartik Mehra Mumbai

Adolph 6 Seater Dining Set (Honey Finish) Customer ReviewView Product
I bought this dining table set from Woodenstreet and am fully satisfied with the wood quality and the shopping experience. Also, I would rate Packaging and delivery services 10 out of 10. The tabletop is more spacious and the chairs are too comfortable to accommodate my whole family. Surely recommended dining table set for larger families!


Wertex 6 Seater Dining Set with Bench (Honey Finish) Customer ReviewView Product
I was looking out for a dining table set online for a very long time. Then I bought Wertex 6 seater dining set with bench from WoodenStreet’s vast collection. I am very much satisfied with buying this sturdy Solid wood dining table set online. Thanks to WS! I would surely recommend the store to my friends and family.


Janet 6 Seater Dining Table (Honey Finish) Customer StoryView Product
I am obsessed with the beauty of this unique design of a dining table set. This Janet 6 Seater Dining Table unit is really a space-efficient and also provides proper support to enjoy our meals. Also, it added a stylish look to my dining room at an affordable cost. It is the perfect dining set to buy and I would also like to give 5 stars to their delivery and installation services. Thanks a lot, WS!

Mrs Lakshmi Hyderabad

Dining Table Sets OnlineView Product
We have recently added this stunning looking Cohoon 6 seater dining set to our family, it enhanced our interior and can easily be accommodated in a small space. The color and finishing were exceptionally attractive and pleasing. It exceeds our expectation and we are very satisfied with the product.

Shreya Bhagat Pune

buy dining set online IndiaView Product
Love the design! The chairs and the table are, by no means, weak. Suffice to say, they are very enduring, and the joints are sturdy and don't wobble. I have received many appreciations of having such an elegant dining set. The upholstered chair gives a comfortable seating, and the tufted pattern gives a luxurious look to my home. The chairs are well cushioned and great for the back. The delivery was quick, and the installation was problem free. 10/10!

Harsh Chauhan Hyderabad

solid wood dining set designs
I was looking for a dining set that matches my requirements and I got it customized with Wooden Street. It arrived exactly how I imagined it to be. Good job.

Shashi Agrawal NOIDA

sturdy dining sets onlineView Product
A true beauty. With cushions on the seats and a cushioned bench, this becomes a very appealing dining set. The whole design has uniformity to it and everything is equally spaced and well crafted. And the best thing about it is that it can easily accommodate extra people, thanks to the bench, especially kids.

Misha Baheti Pune

sturdy dining table setsView Product
Ariana is an amazing six-seater dining set. The table has a luxurious feel to it, all the while being strong and sleek. Those simple and smooth lines create an awesome effect in our dining room. And the chairs are incredible! The design is flawless and really amazing. I am very very happy with the whole thing, and how Wooden Street delivered it to us. Best furniture buying experience.

Ruhi Ahuja Mumbai

dining set online in MumbaiView Product
This beautiful dining set is the new addition to my home. I customised it as per my room and the outcome is flawlessly awesome. It looks very classy and is very sturdy. The cushioned seat is very comfortable. It is a great dining set and affordable too. I'll give 5 starts for the whole set.

Nisha Sengal Mumbai

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