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Dinner table etiquette for an Iftaar party during Ramadan

  • 2016/06/09
  • 1158
Dinner table etiquette for an Iftaar party during Ramadan

With the festive season, Ramadan, around the corner, there are vibes of happiness and joy everywhere. We know how these festivals are the harbinger of peace and unity. In the month of Ramadan, people observe fast until sunset and then open their fast with the prayer and a party, called Iftaar party. Whether it is a big bash or a small gathering, it is always paramount to brush up on manners and maintain the decorum on the Dining table. Not only the host needs to follow certain rules, but the guests must also look and behave decently. So, Here are some fundamental revisions about the etiquette that should be followed on dinner table and sets:

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Rules for the Guests:

  1. Sources say that Prophet Mohammad never used to eat something he did not already know about. He did this with the purpose of getting to know about the new dishes. So, you must also inquire about the dinner menu and specify the allergies you have, if any, on prior. This prevents food wastage.
  2. Never say no to any invitation, because according to Islamic Tradition-”Every Muslim has five rights over his fellow-Muslim. Returning greetings, Attending Funerals, visiting sick, Accepting invitations and saying ‘Yarhamuk Allah’ when he sneezes.”. And even if you can not attend, do not forget to RSVP to the host.
  3. Always let the host raise the toast first! This makes the host feel valued and happier about the gathering. Also, do not plan and sit according to your will, if the host has planned something for you, let him bring it on.
  4. Never, ever make faces or criticize about the food. It is the worst thing that you can ever do on the dinner table. This not only embarrasses the host but also kills the festive spirit. Also, make sure, you finish the food in your plate, for it looks uncivilized to overfill your plate first and then waste food.
  5. If you feel sick all of a sudden, leave the party without disturbing anybody, neither the host! Just leave him a hint about your sickness and do not panic a lot. And if you have attended the entire party, then before leaving, thank your host and praise the ambiance!

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Rules for the Host:

  1. Make sure the catering is the best because when it comes to a dinner party, everything served on the dinner table must look mouth-watering! Good food is a key to a successful party.
  2. Do not prepare too many dishes, neither opt for making too less. Estimate the number of guests and only after that decide what all and how much to prepare.
  3. Keep everything ready on your dining table and sets before Adhaan, so that you can spend enough happy time with your guests and do not keep running here and there for different things.
  4. Non-vegetarian Cuisine is the heart of the Iftaar meal, so place a bowl for the bones and leftovers to be placed in, so that the plates of your guests look tidy and the sight of the table, healthy.
  5. If you have invited a poor to the party, do not mistreat them with the leftovers. Ramadan is the season of seeking blessings, so treat the unfortunate in the best way by making them sit on the table and serving them hot and fresh food.

Festivals make us a better person. Until we are happy our-self, we can not bring the happiness in the aura! Good intentions and actions earn you sky-full of blessings and happiness.

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