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Select Miniature from the wide range of trendy miniatures online. Do you wish to induce the golden era to this time? Then Wooden Street’s collection of antique miniatures will be an ace for it. From small vintage cars miniature to pretty bicycles, everything has its own significance. And, introducing miniatures in the abode is by far the most astonishing form of a regal appeal.

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Approach a Home Full Of Twee and Tiny Beauties with Miniature

Miniature is a small figure that has a certain charm to bring the ancient, traditional and golden time to any place. Minature has the vintage metallic appeal is what that grabs immediate attention in a sleek way. For the ones who do not leave any flaw in a flawless and fantastic appeal of the abode, would leave no chance to add small miniatures that are meant to seek an eye-catching glance at any place. To match to your living standards and your uncontrollable desires for décor, we have brought about a tantalizing range of uniqe miniatures online in India, which are of utility along with its unique forging. Above are true epitomes of how the pretty ancient collection can be established to your present-day abode.

Explore and Experience the Brilliant Family of Multi Colour Miniatures online in India

Showpieces like miniatures and figurines have acquired their own special space to the modern abode. And to fill this special space in a special way, Wooden Street has a big fat phenomenal range of multi colour metal miniatures for a dazzling array. An adornment to your homely space is the motto of Wooden Street which has led to the fabrication of the following types of miniatures:

  1. Vintage and traditional miniatures: Wooden Street houses a vivid collection of beautifully bronze polished miniatures online which are wrapped up in vintage and traditional tint; these are mainly cars and tricycles. There is a wide range of clearly and cleanly forged miniature cars online available only at Wooden Street. We have fabricated the various tints, shades and grades with high expertise so that none of the cars compromises with the aura of an ancient traditional era. We have brought a range of tricycles not only keeping in mind the clean vintage appeal but also adding utility to it. The tricycle holds a pen stand along even to add it to your study.
  2. Miniatures with something ‘extra’: Why not have a miniature in India that can serve you more than a décor essential! Yes, Wooden Street has a range of products that will serve you the best. We have tricycle with a clock, pen stand and bottle holder.

Tricycle with pen stand and clock: To add to the boon of pen stand with a vintage touch, we have also brought in a summation of a clock with the two to make it worth every space. Wooden Street all together has bound multiple purposes to one outstanding definition of miniatures. Tricycle Bottle Holder: A tricycle bottle holder is by far the most splendid miniature Wooden Street could ever offer. A bottle holder topping the vintage tricycle is all set to give an amazing appeal with an amazing utility.

Avail the Drum of Boons Right with Wooden Street

Miniatures are a must-have décor essential for the modern décor. Use them anywhere and these will surely amplify the overall appeal of the abode. Wooden Street’s miniature collection is sure to win your heart. Browse through the variety of miniatures online below. A land developed to serve every comfort to your abode via sofas, beds, study tables, home decor accessories like wall art, wall frames, photo frames, and so on. Wooden Street has emerged as a rising portal with facilities of low-cost EMI, easy returns, free installations etc. to add happiness to your happy spaces. Put your steps forward to explore the astounding range of miniatures only at Wooden Street.

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Brass and Wood Embossed Silver and Golden Horn Gramophone
We all are a musical family and loves to be in touch with music and artful things. We bought this miniature from a wooden street and very happy with the purchase. Quality is awesome and delivered at the exact time. Thank you so much.
Dinesh Rao Bangalore View Product
Buy Metallic 4-inch Eiffel Tower
Our family's favorite destination is Paris for shopping or traveling. So, on my father’s birthday, I gifted this miniature. He is very happy and the shopping from wooden Street was amazing and memorable. Love to shop more in the future.
Priya Anand Chennai View Product
Wooden Street has a beautiful range of miniatures online. I bought Metallic petronas 7- inch twin tower and loved its design. Will buy more décor accessories from here.
Kratika Vardiya Bangalore View Product
miniature online
Ordered Brass and wood antique miniature and it came in beautiful condition. Loved it.
Kanika Mathur Chennai View Product
buy miniature online
I bought a miniature of statue of liberty from wooden street and I liked the product a lot. Will surely buy more.
Rahul Sharma Mumbai View Product
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