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Office Chairs

If you’re looking for a small office room in your home, then, office chairs are an essential part of it. These office chairs are designed to give you maximum support and comfort to work for long hours. There are several types of office chairs available online in India. You can find brands like Da Urban, Wooden Street, Green Soul, Adiko Systems, Tealkart, HergoSit, The Sleep Company and many more. The work desk chair has become a popular interior choice because of its ergonomic design. This can adapt to the various movements of your body, allowing you to sit comfortably, recline, lean forward, and even slouch. For your long working hours, you need to have a good quality office chair that is comfortable and durable. So, look no further for a chair for your office. You can buy this furniture based on your choices and requirements. So, wait no more and check for a huge collection online and pick the one that best suits your space and requirements. Buy these styling and comfortable office chairs online for your work needs right away! Add it to your shopping cart, make payment through a secured gateway, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Office Chairs - Buy Mid Back Office Chairs Online in India | Mid Back Chairs | Mid Back Revolving Chair

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Teal Clio Mid Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair (Teal Green) Tealkart

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Rs 6,077Rs 10,35041% offship icon Ships in 3 Days
Office Chairs - Buy Mid Back Office Chairs Online in India | Mid Back Chairs | Mid Back Revolving Chair

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Teal Cosmos Mid Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair (Teal Green) Tealkart

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Rs 7,193Rs 13,95048% offship icon Ships in 3 Days
Office Chairs - Buy Mid Back Office Chairs Online in India | Mid Back Chairs | Mid Back Revolving Chair

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Teal Hector Mid Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair (Teal Green) Tealkart

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Rs 7,193Rs 13,95048% offship icon Ships in 3 Days
Office Chairs - Buy Mid Back Office Chairs Online in India | Mid Back Chairs | Mid Back Revolving Chair

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Teal Loca Medium Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair (Teal Green) Tealkart

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Rs 5,777Rs 10,35044% offship icon Ships in 3 Days
Buy  Gaming Chair price in India

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Superb Mesh Chair in Green Adiko Systems

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Rs 5,312Rs 8,59938% off
Office Chairs - Buy High Back Office Chairs Online in India | High Back Chairs | High Back Revolving Chair

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Atom Breathable Mesh Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair (Green) Green Soul

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Rs 4,099Rs 5,99032% offship icon Ships in 4 Days

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Recently Customer's Questions & Answers
What are the most comfortable office chairs?

The most comfortable office chairs can be those with comfortable backrest, seat and proper ergonomic mechanism. Just like Viper Krita Leatherette High Back White Executive Chair from WoodenStreet, which fulfills all the above requirements.

How much does a good chair cost?

You can get good office chairs from 4000 to 10000.

What are the different types of office chairs?

There are different types of office chairs available online, including Ergonomic Chairs, Revolving Chairs, Leather Chairs and Executive chairs. 

What is the best office chairs for sitting long hours?

Ergonomic chairs are the best office chair for sitting for long hours. They keep your body in a comfortable position with minimal strain and maintain good posture. For example, Low Back Royal Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, Eric Mid Back Black Ergonomic Office Chair, are the best office chairs from WoodenStreet. 

What are the basic features of an office chair?

The basic features of office chairs have height adjustability according to the user’s height and comfort and can adjust the backrest. Also, it is made out of premium quality material for the assurance of long durability and sturdiness. 

What are the extra comfort features of office chairs?

Revolving seat, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, tilting ability at various angles, and adjustable headrest are some of the ergonomic features you should look for in an office chair.

What are the primary materials used in office chairs?

You can swipe and select from options like metal, plastic, solid wood, and engineered wood as base materials and net, leather, suede, and more as upholstery material.

What kinds of upholstery material are used in office chairs?

Leather, fabrics and mesh are the kinds of upholstery material popularly used in office chairs. 

Do all office chairs feature the seat lock option?

No, only swivel office chairs feature the seat lock option.

Are office chairs similar to gaming chairs?

The gaming chairs and office chairs are the closest in function as well as appearance. Therefore, we might get confused about which to choose. But, the only slightest difference between the two is that gaming chairs prioritize style over comfort, whereas office chairs prioritize comfort over style. 

Which are the different brands available for office chairs?

Wooden Street, Green Soul, Adiko Systems, Da Urban, Tealkart, Featherlite, HergoSit and The Sleep Company are some of the popular brands offering office chairs.

What are the long-term benefits of using office chairs?

Using ergonomic office chairs can lead to improved posture, reduced risk of injuries, and enhanced overall comfort and productivity, benefiting your long-term physical health and well-being.

Are office chairs similar to gaming chairs?

Office chairs are similar to gaming chairs; however, gaming chairs often have higher backrests and are designed to provide better support, comfort, and efficiency, making them suitable for extended gaming sessions.

What is the price of an ergonomic office chair at Wooden Street?

The price ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs 75000 with the latest designs and varied upholstery material.

Is a delivery option available for online orders, and are there any extra charges?

Wooden Street offers free shipping for the furniture range, and a delivery option is available for online orders (you can enter the pin code and check for location serviceability).

How often should you clean office chairs for long-term use?

For long-term use and to maintain hygiene, it's advisable to clean office chairs regularly. A general guideline is to clean them at least once a month, but more frequent cleaning might be necessary if they are heavily used or subject to spills and stains.

How do I buy a good office chair?

A good office chair must be made with high-quality materials. It should have a swivel, castors, lumbar support, a deep seat, adjustable height, and armrests.

What type of office chairs is best for sitting for long hours?

An ergonomically designed chair in breathable material is best for long hours in a chair.

Should an office chair be low or high?

The height of an office chair should be adjustable to suit your body and workspace. Ideally, it should allow you to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle. This means that the chair should be neither too low nor too high, but adjustable to the correct height for your comfort and ergonomic needs.

Should your feet touch the ground when seated in office and desk chairs?

Yes, when seated in an office or desk chair, it's generally recommended that your feet should be able to touch the ground. This ensures stability and proper ergonomics. Your knees should be at or slightly below hip level, and your feet flat on the floor, helping to maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting posture. If your chair is too high, you can use a footrest to achieve the correct position.

Where should your elbows be when sitting at a desk?

When sitting at a desk, your elbows should be close to your body and bent at approximately 90 degrees. This position allows for relaxed and comfortable arm support, minimizing strain on your shoulders and wrists. Your forearms should be parallel to the ground, with your hands resting comfortably on your keyboard and mouse. Adjust the height of your chair and desk or use armrests, if available, to achieve this ergonomic posture.

Can customers have an option to view the Wooden Street office chairs online before delivery?

Customers can visit Wooden Street Retail Stores available in selected cities to explore our wide range of office furniture. Not just that, when at the retail stores, you can get a feel and understanding of all our products. Come visit us, look and try our products yourself and then decide what suits best for your home.

Customer Stories
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Office Chairs in Bangalore at Low PriceView Product
This is a great office chair and I am happy with the investment made. Quality is superb as expected. Thanks a lot!

Vinod Negi Bangalore

Buy chair for office in Delhi onlineView Product
What a beautiful office chair brought. Also, the design is really ergonomic and too comfortable to sit upon. Loved with the chair!

Geeta Nambiar Delhi

Office Chair in Hyderabad Online at Low PriceView Product
Absolutely brilliant services brought from the woodenstreet furniture store. From ordering to delivery, everything went smoothly. Great job done by the team! 

Rushika Ravilla Hyderabad

Buy chairs for office in Bangalore online low priceView Product
Perfect Office Chair for Work from Home set up at a reasonable Budget. Looked for various options and found Eric Mid Back Black Ergonomic Office Chair due to its quality deliverables. The material of the chair looks strong than expected. What surprised me more was the installation support provided by WoodenStreet Executive post-delivery. This is really a Perfect Office chair, highly recommended.

Narendra Babu Bangalore

buy office working chair in delhiView Product
I bought this Breeze Office Chair for my Father as he has back issues while seating for hours doing Office work. But now I don't have to worry about it. Thanks, WoodenStreet for this classy Tan High Back Office Chair he liked it. I'll recommend wooden street for my next shopping too.

Ram Parihar Delhi

office chairs online bangaloreView Product
I was looking for a computer chair and I had no clue that I will find it here. I went to every furniture shop and couldn't find the one that could suit my requirements. On a friend suggested I came to this site and I am glad that I did. It is just amazing in every sense and it was here that I found the Strato Mid Back Black. It doesn't only look great but also blends with my existing furniture. Thanks, WS for this chair. Its love incarnate.

Rakesh Ranjan Bangalore

buy office chair in Pune online View Product
I will define my entire experience with the porus mesh office chair in one word, which is, comfortable! It is so comfortable that I have worked for long hours and did not experience any back pain. The armrest of this also provides support to my arms when I am relaxing. Thanks for making my working hours comfortable and stylish.

Deepesh Agarwal Pune

office chair online MumbaiView Product
I ordered a correa mid black ergonomic chair from Wooden Street last weekend and found everything in it perfect. This chair is very spacious, comfortable and same as mentioned in the pictures. I would like to thank the whole team of Wooden Street. Delivery was on time.

Neha Sharma Mumbai

chairs for work in BangaloreView Product
I ordered an Porthos office chair from Wooden Street last weekend and found everything in it perfect. This is comfortable with a thick cushion & upholstery of this is very soft & smooth. The backrest of this is enough adjustable and flexible to have a really comfortable time sitting. Thanks a lot, Wooden Street! Highly recommended to others for long hours work!

Ram Parihar Bangalore

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