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5 Wooden Home Temple Design Ideas For Every Indian Home

  • 2017/03/04
  • 2371
5 Wooden Home Temple Design Ideas For Every Indian Home

Every household in India is incomplete without a home temple where the family can pray, meditate and perform daily pooja. This isn't necessarily confined to Hindu homes. Most people also like a small space for prayer and meditation, even if they choose not to refer as a pooja mandir.

While designing a mandir for home, several factors are considered such as right direction and wooden temple Vastu. According to Vastu, the wooden mandir unit in the house should be placed in the north-east direction or should be placed facing the east side. But today's lifestyle has caused space to be precious. As a result, building a temple in the house poses a challenge for many homeowners especially for those who live in metro cities like Mumbai or Bangalore and has very little space in their apartments. However, you can work with professionals to custom design pooja units in small space as mostly it is a part of kitchen or a living room area.

Here are few Home Temple designs that could accompany your area:

1. Wedged between walls:

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Most Indian families prefer traditional built-in wooden temple design for their homes and offices. So if you have space at the end of the narrow passageway or have an extension to the room, wedge a custom-built mandir unit between the walls. Decide on the display space depending upon the number of idols to be placed and rest can be used as a storage space to keep pooja accessories.

2. Wooden Mandir in the Kitchen:

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A mandir in the kitchen or right outside the kitchen can be installed. You can go for a small wooden temple unit installed in your kitchen area or get it wall mounted. For making a wooden pooja unit, Sheesham or mango wood with teak, honey, walnut or mahogany finish on it will amplify the interior design of the kitchen and will also provide positive vibes in the house.

3. Open Mandir in the Living Room:

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An open temple unit is in trend in Indian homes nowadays. Due to lack of space, homes incorporate an open pooja unit in the living room area only. God sculptures, murals, pooja accessories and designer wall arts highlighted by bright lights is another way to enhance the prayer zone.

4. Behind the closed door:

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Small or big, it does not matter. What is important is your faith in God. A small or large pooja room can be made in the space in the corridor or the space left under the staircase. But if you have belief in Vastu, then you have to search for the correct direction and space in the house for the home temple.

5. Portable Pooja Temple:

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Portable Pooja Mandir is the most budget friendly option and does not require much space. It allows the flexibility of moving it from one place to another until you find the best and right place for it. They also come with storage boxes thus allowing you to keep pooja accessories all in one place without causing any difficulty.

Wooden temple for homes should be designed with care as we relate emotions and aesthetics with it.Thus it needs to be peaceful and soothing and needs to placed in a space where it provides a divine feeling. We at wooden street take great pride in making beautiful and aesthetically proportionate home temples. We pride ourselves on our quality and firmly believe there should be no compromises made when it comes to choosing one. So if you are looking for the best designs that could furnish your area with all the positive vibes and make it better, then explore Home Temple online and let God shower happiness and wealth on you.

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