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Incarnate your Home with Hope and Stability - Pantone Color of the Year 2021

Re-furbish your home with the flavour of HOPE and CONVICTION by exploring Ultimate gray and illuminating yellow as the new PANTONE colors of the year.

We always hear people say, “I want to lead a colorful life”. What does it actually mean? Well, since the beginning of time, colors have been associated with the series of human emotions that reveals the deepest of passions and frivolous quotients of human life. This is how much a color holds significance in our day to day life. Likewise, last year, Pantone institute of color design had already launched the color of the year as, “Classic Blue”, which means stagnation throughout the world.

#Pantone - Dungeon of the colors

Pantone Institute was founded in 1962 and is currently based in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Pantone invented the first and finest Color Matching system, which is followed worldwide mainly in fashion industry. At the end of last year, Pantone revealed the colors for 2021, that are namely,

1. Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5107)
2. Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647)

It is first time in the history that two colors have been selected, in place of one. The chemistry behind choosing these colors is quite fascinating, as it is based on the ‘sorrow’ and ‘strength’.

We all have witnessed the ravaging impairment of Covid-19 pandemic last year, and many people have lost their loved ones in the catastrophe. Therefore, the pantone colors are chosen to decipher a deeper understanding of relationships for one another, to acknowledge the support system and collective work effort.

To implement these colors in our day to day life, we have come up with the series of furniture and home furnishing items that will blend in right away.

#Sofa Minimalist - Berlin 3 seater Sofa

pantone's color

The color illuminating 0647 means bright and cheerful that sparkles with scintillation. Therefore, the very first thing to start “Re-pantoning” is a couch because life happens the most around a couch. Start changing the little details around the living room, initially change the pillow cover to Yellow and then paint the background wall to the same. You will soon realize the intensity of change and it will also remain in trend for years to come, so do not worry of going ‘out of trend’. Please make sure that your sofa should be in the Gray shade, but it won’t be a problem if you don’t have it, just simply go ahead with the changes.

#Dining Room Decor - Cora Compact 4 seater Dining table

pantone color of the year 2021

Well, just like eating is essential to remain alive & healthy, colors are also necessary to remain creative and calm. What can be a better example of vivid colors than various kinds of foods. A dining table consists many small essentials like tissue paper holder, salt and pepper sprinkler or bowl with fruits in it. Change all the items to Yellow and paint the background wall into Ultimate Gray. After completion, your own jaw will be dropped. The reason behind this is that the ultimate Gray 5104 brings solidarity and dependability to the scenario, further it helps you build a sturdy foundation of calm and security.

#Bedroom Goals - Samberg Upholstered Bed

pantone color of the year

You must learn how to work with the contrast on any furniture unit. Your bedroom needs a re-pantoning with various home furnishing and home decor products such as changing the table lamp into illuminating Yellow along with the cushion covers. If you have any photo frame on the front wall, then paint it Yellow and further paint the background wall into the ultimate Gray. That’s very simple isn’t it? Just the minor changes and you have recreated the decor of your house.

#Luxury Lounge Furniture - Walper Lounge Chair

color of the year

Lounge chair is considered to be a luxury furniture because of the placement it gets in a living room often near a fire place or bookshelf. If you are thinking that the pantone colors are not capable of procuring luxury then you have probably got it wrong because, these colors are more than capable of creating a luxury and gaudy home decor with just a few changes. If your wall shelf is white in color, then color it Yellow or change the entire wall shelf. Further, change the color of side table into Yellow or a slant shade of the same. As, pantoning is not about taking the exact colors, it is about implementing a hint in decor. Further, paint the background wall into Gray and tadaa! - Your luxury makeover is done!

#Kitchen Inspiration - Toronto Kitchen Trolley

color of the year

Kitchen is the den of colors. From bowls to cabinets, everything can be pantoned in various ways. For a start, consider a kitchen trolley, that possess a bowl, a pot and some whereabouts of food. Bring some Yellow colored and Gray colored bowls. Further, paint the pot into illuminating Yellow and here it is, a perfect combination of high visibility contrast. Besides a kitchen trolley, you can also work out the main cooking area if you cook a lot, otherwise, you can just stick with the core pantoning of house.

#Kids Room Decor - Blueberry Kids Bed

color of the year 2021

Kids may not know the whole pantone thing but they sure know what looks good and encouraging. You don’t need to change everything around, just some visible parts like bed. Bring a Yellow colored bed this year for your kid and paint the background wall ultimate Gray. After all the makeover, it will be the most gorgeous room in the house as your kid will be the happiest after seeing this makeover. If you are thinking to apply some more pantones to the room then go ahead, it’s your canvas, just fill the damn thing.

#Decoration Interior #Interior Styling - Home Decor Accessories

pantone color of the year

Decor is the key figure in trapping a perfect home interior along with the pantones of the year. Since we are doing the whole home makeover lets add some decor accessories that will enhance the tone of your home and will bring out the posthumous vibes. Just change some products here and there and you will soon realize the difference it has created in your day to day life.

1. Mary Metal Mirror Frame

Grab a mirror in Gray color and find a wall in your home that will look good with this mirror frame. The reason is that it generates a sense of austerity and profound compatibility of decor with the pantone colors of the year, even if it provides slightest of hint.

2. Artificial Tulip flowers in ceramic

Bring some Yellow tulips into the house, and make sure they are artificial as bringing fresh tulips daily is expensive. Now, you have already painted most of the walls into Gray, keep this pot at some place in hallway, properly contrasted with Gray walls.

3. Ceres Metal Yellow Table Lamp

Lamps have frequent use in the house and also looks good if placed at right position, similarly bring home an illuminating Yellow table lamp and place it in the drawing room for pristine decor vibe.

4. Microfibre Gray Shaggy Carpet

Carpets are the secret element, responsible for the vast home decor makeover. So, buy a Gray shag carpet that will accentuate the living room or bedroom decor very closely according to the pantone contrast.

5. Yellow Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Well, we know for sure that coffee mugs are the everyday use units, so purchase a set of Yellow color mugs, so that you can see them, touch them and drink coffee in them and it will always keep you calm and cool, as is the purpose of pantone colors this year.

6. Premium Shot Glasses 50ml

Every occasion in the world, regardless of happiness and sadness, requires liquor. Take some shot glasses and pour tequila by adding a lemon on the brim. Now you may serve the shots or you can drink it yourself.

7. Gray Embroidered Cotton Organic Cushion Cover

Cushions are hugely responsible for changing any home decor in seconds. Therefore, bring some Gray or Yellow colored cushion covers for smashing change in the decor.

Your home is fully equipped to get you through the clobber of any worst nightmare you may suffer. Pantone has chosen the colors so wisely that it will keep your spirits high whenever you will see these colors popping out from everywhere.

The Illuminating Yellow represents the depth of sunny days, bright flowers and hankering of beginning something new. While, Ultimate Gray portrays the color of cozy blankets, nostalgic sweater and all those herculean mountains that highlights the ability to stand still in the test of time.

“When you are reduced to Black and White, you never see the rainbows”

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