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5 Kids Room Ideas to give a Happy Homecoming to your Newborn Baby

A baby’s birth marks the beginning of a new life for the whole family. So, here are the kids’ room furniture ideas for welcoming the tiny-tot happily.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

~Eda J LeShan

The tiny feet of the baby makes the biggest footprints in our hearts. From the homecoming of new born to caring around the clock, everyone in the family stays excited throughout. With this, comes the tough task of finding out kids' room decor ideas. After all, there is no official instruction manual designed for new parents. So for implementing the right kids’ room decor ideas, one should begin with lining up all the necessary items including toys, clothes and the essential baby room furniture.

Worried? Then, please don’t! All new parents have felt this way when the time comes closer. It is here that the importance for planning for kids’ room ideas is highlighted as the room decor not only contributes to comfort but also to the upbringing of the newborns. Take a look to know how you can create comfort zone at your home with baby room ideas:-

Cribs - High on Functionality

The little babies outgrow from the lap quickly. It’s like they get a shift from a crib to bed in a short span of time. So, it won’t be possible for parents to buy new kids' bedroom furniture every time they grow up. What if you can get all the features in a single furniture unit? Yes, it can be possible with one of the product designs, i.e., Haven Multi-Functional Crib. 

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• The basic structure of Haven can be used as a crib with storage. It has high white colored side rails for the safety of your newborn baby. Along with it, you can organize essential items in the drawers, shelves, and cabinet designed at the side part. Your kid will surely experience utmost comfort in this crib, without any difficulty.

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• Picture this. What if your child reaches the age of 2 to 3, and messes around for not sleeping in the crib anymore? What will you do? Maybe, planning for a piece of new furniture which basically means more expenditure. But, this unit in kid's room furniture will not let you do this. Haven is designed to grow with your baby; you can convert it into a single bed, a bedside, and storage for the toys. In a few minutes, you will come up with the entire new setup in the room. 

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• Learning is really important in the life of toddlers, and for that a healthy learning environment is necessary. So, you will be required for a suitable study table, which will cost you a few thousand bucks. But don’t fret! Haven got your back in this situation too. You can convert this crib into the following setup- a single bed with storage, bedside table, and a spacious study table. What else do you need for a complete and perfect setup.

Haven Multi-functional Crib is high on functionality and comfort to serve your newborn baby's needs for almost 6 to 8 years. It’s a complete package!

Storage Units - Space for Everything

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Looking for a trick in the list of baby room decor ideas to arrange the clutter of toys? One of the best examples for this is Wykin Kids Storage Unit in multi-color. The alternately arranged cubes in closed and open form can work wonders in the setup of kids bedroom. You can hide toys or display them; the choice is yours! Apart from adding a lot of storage space in the kids room, it can enhance the colorful aura instantly. This unit is a valuable resource with accessible storage in the child care environment. 

Photo Frames - For Pretty-Pretty Pictures

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Imagine the dull walls in your baby’s room. Seems weird right? Not anymore! The kid's room walls can be beautifully transformed into something incredible with Equis Photo Collage. These artful frames can lock the priceless memories of your little baby. Arranging this collage together can be an amazing DIY activity that allows you to unveil your creativity. The bright combination of yellow and blue will grab everyone’s attention instantly. Also, the frames are provided with hooks at the back to assist you in hanging. 

Wall Shelves - Stylish and Spacious

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The most casual kids room decor idea mentioned so far in this list- the wall shelves are a smart pick for your children’s room. If you feel that you need a handy storage space or something unique for room walls, you can consider the Shelly Wall Shelf. Its unique structure can serve stunning beauty with great utility. This unit is finely crafted from the most exceptional quality of Sheesham wood and is further available in different finish options. Shelly has a distinct combination of curvy wooden planks to bring the modern vibes in the setup. You can arrange everything in this unit, be it showpieces or some useful items.

Table Lamps - Spread Brightness

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To spark the magic of lights and colorful vibes in the kid's room, you will require table lamps on your side. The option like Find My Cat Table Lamp can really make a huge difference to the kids' bedroom interiors. It has a vibrant lampshade supported by the sleek metal base. You can keep it on the side table in your little one’s room. Also, it is a great savior during the night time, when you don’t want to turn on big lights in the room again and again. 

These were the best baby room decoration ideas that you can explore to give a comfortable and colorful touch to the entire setup. All the products can be found in different finish options so that you can choose the one as per your needs.

Furthermore, you can check out an exclusive range of kid's room furniture to find the best options for your newborn baby. Even, you can avail the customization service to create suitable furniture pieces for your tiny tots. 

Till then, Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Trendy!

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