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5+ Ways to Give Your Living Room an Indian Touch of Minimalism

Want to give your Indian interiors a trendy fusion look? Then here are some decor tips and tricks that can give your Indian interiors a kick of minimalism.

When we talk about minimalism or minimalistic interiors, many find it difficult to understand the very concept of it. Minimalism is nothing but a design celebration of simplicity. Uncluttered, renewable, monochromatic, are some minimalistic decor ideas that feel strange to many who always incline towards bright and loud themes.

What they do not know is that one can easily establish a harmonious fusion of minimalism and peppy decor elements to have a space that can charm away your visitors in a glance.

Decorating your Living room interior can be a daunting task, too many opinions and choices can break the entire look of space no matter how beautiful each decor individually be.

From Living Room decor ideas to pop designs for living rooms, there are ample ways to make minimalism work for Indian style living room interior design.

Minimalism works on many artistic levels, so here are some simple and quick fixes that you can do to liven up your Living Room interior while being minimalistic:

Wonders of Earthy Neutrals

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It would be a rare sight to find Indian interiors with neutral colour walls. Even if they do, there would definitely be a popping accent wall. And minimalism does not work around loud colours, so a quick fix that can infuse minimalistic elements to your walls would be by opting for the right mix of neutral colours. Go for a deep earthy shade for the accent wall and pair them with soothing mellow earthy shades like cream or beige. These colours for living room would suit best with any deep shade that you pick for your accent walls.

Declutter Strategically

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Cleaning your space and just throwing away your garbage is not what decluttering means. Removing unnecessary elements that attract too much attention and creates an un-proportional visual weight for your living room interior is what decluttering is. And we Indians can't help but place ample decoratives just in the hope to create that wow factor for the living room decor. What Indians do not know is that without overstuffing also we can create a striking visual for your Indian theme modern living room interiors. So remove everything that divides the focal highlights of your space.

Brighten Up the Focals

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Now in this part leash out your inner typical Indian and opt for the most bright and vibrant decor that would bring attention to your living room decor and furniture. Going for colourful pillow covers would be the most subtle yet eye-catchy element to brighten up your Indian living room interior design while being minimalistic.

Versatile Furniture Please

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Minimalism is heavily inclined towards versatility. Furniture and decor that have multi or dual purposes would be the right fit to maintain the tinge of Indianness while having a minimalistic looking living room interior. Sofa cum beds, tables with storage, folding tables, and more are a few examples that give you a gist of dual-purpose furniture. Explore our website to find innovatively designed furniture that is made to serve multiple purposes.

Embrace The Beauty of Bareness

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It would be way too difficult for an Indian to digest bareness in their living room decor or interior. But having minimal striking elements to support the vibrancy of your Indian aesthetics would go amazingly well with bare neutral coloured walls. So, do not worry and curate peppy highlights with decor while keeping everything else in the Living Room as visually simple as possible.

Statement Accessory

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Another way to give your living room interior design a desi touch while keeping the look minimalistic is by placing a single statement decor accessory. Wall art and painting would create a visual balance while giving your space a singular theme. Now one can opt for anything that would reflect the authentic Indian vibe. At WoodenStreet, one can discover beauteous wall arts in various types to choose the one that fits your taste right.

These subtle yet striking Living Room decor ideas will help you curate a perfect mix of modernity and cultural elements that give your Indian Living Room an authentic look while looking minimalistic. So, without wasting a minute, explore WoodenStreet to discover Living Room decor that gives your house a minimal looking peppy look. So why waste time? Shop from the comfort of your home only at WoodenStreet.com
Also, don’t forget to mention which simple Living Room ideas to have a minimalistic look you liked the most in the comment section below. 

We will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

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