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Living Room Design

Living room designs have gotten more thought than other areas of our home because it is a statement of pride and a hosting stage for our guests. Your modern living room design will define your progressive personality and mindset. Discover the wide range of Living Room Interior Design Ideas (2023) at Wooden Street. From modern living room design to Small living rooms in Indian Style, we style your drawing room with beautiful Sofas, Tv units, and living room wall designs. From customizing your design to providing you with hassle free-installation, we have covered it all. You will also get the support of our highly skilled experts and find tailor-made solutions for your living room design ideas; at an affordable price. All you need to do is book a consultation with us and fulfill your dream of having a well-styles and alluring living room interior design for your home. Tune to Wooden Street today to avail the Living room interior design services for enhancing the room design to the fullest.

How It Works
  • Get in Touch

    Tell us how you want your interiors to be, and our expert designers will shape your vision, flexible as per your budget and needs.

  • Custom Designs

    Want specific adjustments with your interior décor? Customize them to your liking!

  • Review Your Ideas

    Review your plans and your decisions, make changes the way you want and visualize in 3D how your home will look.

  • Execution Begins

    Once you are satisfied with our package and our offerings, our team of skilled craftsmen will start shaping your dream.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Our delivery team will ensure that you don’t have to go beyond your couch to set up your home. We’ll do that for you.

Living Room Interior Design We Offer

Living room design should have an elements that connect with each other as every home’s story begins with this room. At WoodenStreet, you will find the plethora of best living room interior designs to serve the best to you!

living room design
Eclectic living room design
living room interior designs
India Ethnic living Rom Design
living room designs indian style
Urban Style or mid century Living room design
small living room design
contemporary living room design
Living Room Interior Design
Living Room Design Ideas
Modern Living Room Design
Drawing Room Design
Living Room Design
  • Living Room Interior Design
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    Get in touch with our team of professional Interior Designers and Experienced Contractors for the best tips and suggestions.

  • small living room ideas

    There is room for every single style and budget, with no compromise on quality standards.

  • living room design ideas

    Get involved with our experts in the design process. Your inputs are invaluable to us.

  • living room interior designs

    We bring customization to your fingertips, so you get a personalized touch in your dream home.

What We Offer
Living Room Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design

Shape your rooms into what you love. Let your imagination meet our expertise, so that we can make your home a dream come true.

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Living Room Design
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Hide away your belongings within smartly-built modular wardrobes and enjoy seamless designs that make the best use of your space.

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living room design ideas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your space, we offer the liberty to help you configure the best combination you need

How can I make my living room design look stylish?
To make the living room design look stylish requires adding statement pieces;
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Rugs & Carpets
  • Drapes & Blinds
  • Throws & Pillows
How can I make my living room design look bigger and brighter?
To make your living room design looks bigger & brighter, choose the following for your space;
  • Fabrics which are light in weight
  • Pick cool colors for drapes & blinds
  • Add shelves to add storage
  • The walls and curtains should be of the same color
  • Choose monochromatic colors for furniture, finishings, and curtains
What is the best shape for the living room interior design?
For small and compact spaces, an L-shaped and U-shaped living room interior design will work best. It takes less space than any arrangement and organizes the room by spreading the furniture in each corner. For larger spaces, a free form of living room design will work. It can include everything from ottomans, stools, and armchairs, a great way to add extra seatings and functionality to the space.
What are the different living room styles?
The different living room design styles available are: -
  1. Eclectic Living Room Design
  2. India Ethnic Living Room Design
  3. Urban Style or mid-century Living Room Design
  4. Contemporary Living Room Design
What are some Small Living Room Design Ideas?
There are some standard small living room design ideas available;
  1. Add wall mirrors in the front wall of the window to make the space looks bigger and brighter.
  2. Go for neutral shades.
  3. The wall and floor colors should always be the same.
  4. Always go for multi-purpose furniture.
What are the Best Colour Combinations for the Living Room Interior design?
The living room design interior goes best with the following color combinations: Various tones of soothing green, Follow monochromatic plates and Combination of black and white to give dynamics and textures
How to Accessorize your Living Room?
One can accessorize their living room design with anything, but there are a few things to keep in mind are:
  1. Never use too many little things to accessorize the space.
  2. A group of tiny items can be decorated on a stool.
  3. Pick multiple color cushions, it will transform the look of your space.
  4. Add statement pieces to accessorize.

Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas 2023

Beautiful Living room design is the need of every house. The beating heart of the modern dwelling, ‘Living room decor’, has to be lively, welcoming, aesthetically appealing and highly comfortable, as it will be the area that will be first encountered by the guests. And, focusing on this aspect, WoodenStreet’s range of best modern living room interior designs envelopes different themes. From classic country style to terrific traditional, the living room design at WoodenStreet is apt for anything to everything.

Creativity and innovative ideas are everywhere but designing a living room decor with a plethora of furniture units, and home decor essentials become a biggie task! WoodenStreet's modern living room interior design will make your room lively, appropriately decorated and simply splendid.

Best Living Room Interior Designs By Wooden Street

Living Room interior Design plays an important role regardless of whether you are organising a party for your friends or family or holding an official meeting with your colleagues, the interiors of the drawing room design should be crisp, clean and splendidly beautiful. Moreover, it should form a mirage and make a small living room design, significantly bigger with the right placement of furniture units that matches the living room colour seamlessly and flawlessly. Modern functionalities, appropriate theme and utterly comfortable and relaxing, are the three WoodenStreet's Mantra for the living room design! Attain what you want from the listed themes below and let the guests have a sneak-peek into your taste and style with the modern living room design of WoodenStreet.

Traditional living room design:

Traditional living room design is all about bringing back old memories in the form of colors, textures, and furniture pieces that you choose. So, Paint your living room design Indian style with the traditional hues and richness. Vibrant colours, solid wood furniture, traditional decorative storage units, gorgeous ottoman, handwoven rugs and rich Indian style wall arts, the ‘traditional theme living room decor’ is all about it. Go for the wooden sofa set like Winster Wooden Sofa set for the living room and spruce it up by throwing some colourful cushion sets with Lotus red cushion cover or summer bloom cushion cover. Surround them around a slatted pattern, traditionally rich and lavish Lynet coffee table. Use the awkward corner to place a table with drawers with a royal high-back Adire lounge chair in mustard coral or rosy leaf by its side.

Classic living room design:

Love country-style living room interior design? Add essence of it in the drawing room design with us! From tightly tufted wingback chair and subtle toned fabric and few wall hangings that can enlighten it with the required charm. You can browse the collection at our store and suit the best one with your requirements. Generous seating, bright colours and perfectly lightened, rooms count as an ideal classic, vintage living room design. Add our range of artificial flowers ranges to add warmth to the overall theme!

Contemporary living room design:

We have the Bella chaise lounge, McKellen L-shaped sofa sets can be the ideal designs for attaining the stylish contemporary living room design. Get your hands on our stylish collection of wooden furniture collection and have a living room design.

Each product on our store whether it is a modern living room design collection, bedroom design range or any other zone’s furniture, everything is crafted from solid wood such as sheesham and mango wood so these are sealed with high durability and perfect sturdiness.

5 Living Room Design Tips At Wooden Street

The living room is perhaps the most interesting yet difficult area in your house to design and furnish. Living room interior design can take time, effort, and careful planning to create a functional yet pleasurable area for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy. Wooden Street brings you handpicked, living room design ideas within your budget.

It may also be a lot of fun to decorate your living space. It may be necessary to visit your favorite home furnishings shops and try out a variety of chairs and couches in order to choose a comfortable sitting. Some individuals could be fascinated by the technology found in the living room design ideas! There are countless options, but your living room design must unquestionably represent your preferences, hobbies, and life experiences.

  1. Determine the Purpose: Defining & understanding the function of your living space is the first step in creating a living room design. Will this be a formal living room for entertaining visitors and hosting events or a cozy family area for relaxing? Making important décor selections when you need to will be easier if you have a clear purpose for the living room design from the beginning.
  2. Take Inspiration: Pinterest is the best platform to take style inspiration and modern living room design ideas if you are worried about too many styles and too many pages, then just follow Wooden Street on Pinterest and you’ll be updated with the latest, economical and modern living room designs. It would be much simpler to decorate your living space if you have a place to go for ideas!
  3. Décor Style: Ask yourself these questions before choosing any big or small living room design: “What kind of décor do you prefer? What attracts you the most?” These days, farmhouse design is highly fashionable. Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, French Country, Modern Coastal, Traditional and living room designs in India Styles are some further prominent decorating fads.
  4. Colour Scheme: Your décor style will often dictate the color scheme for your living room interior design, but don't be hesitant to experiment with other color schemes that you are drawn to. Decor in the farmhouse style is frequently painted in soft browns, antique whites, and faded blues. Dark browns, deep greens, and mustard yellows are common mid-century modern décor hues. Grey tones, strong blacks, and bright whites are common elements in Scandinavian design. Living rooms decorated in the French Country style are frequently medium brown and white with hints of soft blue or pink. Unsurprisingly, coastal-themed rooms include a lot of turquoises, navy blue, and sea green. It's a good idea to have a palette in mind for whichever hues you are drawn to!
  5. Room Measurement: Even if you've purchased the ideal sofa, it won't be comfy if it is placed inappropriately in your living room. To avoid purchasing furniture that won't fit your drawing room design, take out the measuring tape. Not just the length and breadth of your living room, but also any doors and windows, should be measured. How far away from the corner are each window and doorway? How much room do the windows have between them? A decent rule of thumb is to measure the whole window, not just the glass portion and any molding that surrounds it.

Got Living Room Interior Design Ideas? Get Customisation!!

WoodenStreet provides customisation service for the creative ones. Share your ideas with us at the customer care service or call us at +91-9314444747. We are all ears. Changes in the colour of the fabric or the material or introduction of storage in all the living room furniture designs, all can be done under the customisation service.

Go beyond the conventional tip of making the living room ‘clean and tidy’, make it engrossing, comfortable, and stylish with our living room design collection! Shop our living room wooden furniture range or book us for consultation so that we can know our requirements better.

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Customer Stories
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Living room design Ideas online
Recently modified my living room design with the WoodenStreet team. My family is so happy and overwhelmed with the arrangement and lighting it provides. The best part is, that it provides very minimal design without being so creative. Many people who use to come to my home, love the mixture of simple and creative at the same.

Sanjay Gupta Gurgaon

living room designs indian style
I recently bought a new apartment and got to know about Indian ethnic living room interior design. It was fantastic to have an Indian touch with a set of an elegant sofa set. Blessed with a unique design in my home.

Gurjeet Arora Bangalore

Small living room design Ideas
Though I have a compact space in the living room. I was amazed that it is possible to have a mid-century concept for my small living room design. The shades I opted for were ochre and grey, it was impressive to have for my space.

Chahat Sharma Hyderabad

living Room Interior Designs
I saw a pile of pictures before getting a makeover for my living room design. Liked the freshness it is giving to the space with a combination of floral and solid color sofa sets really overwhelmed with the contemporary look.

Ajay Kumar Mumbai

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