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Design Ideas for Living Room

Living room Design - Revamp your living room interiors with some latest living room designs offered by WoodenStreet. Our living room interior designers got your back and will provide the exact designs that you have always wanted as a part of your home. With different living designs, you can incorporate the latest trends in your home, with the utmost functionality and modularity. Everyone wants to make their spaces different from others, and that is why we are here, to give such design services. Discover such beautiful living room design inspiration and contact us to make them a reality! WoodenStreet brings design solutions that are new and the upcoming trends to your doorstep, so wait no more and reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I make my living room design look stylish?

    To make the living room design look stylish requires adding statement pieces;

    • Lighting Fixtures
    • Wall Mirrors
    • Rugs & Carpets
    • Drapes & Blinds
    • Throws & Pillows
  • How can I make my living room design look bigger and brighter?

    To make your living room design looks bigger & brighter, choose the following for your space;

    • Fabrics which are light in weight
    • Pick cool colors for drapes & blinds
    • Add shelves to add storage
    • The walls and curtains should be of the same color
    • Choose monochromatic colors for furniture, finishings, and curtains
  • What is the best shape for the living room interior design?

    For small and compact spaces, an L-shaped and U-shaped living room interior design will work best. It takes less space than any arrangement and organizes the room by spreading the furniture in each corner. For larger spaces, a free form of living room design will work. It can include everything from ottomans, stools, and armchairs, a great way to add extra seatings and functionality to the space.

  • What are the different living room styles?

    The different living room design styles available are: -

    1. Eclectic Living Room Design
    2. India Ethnic Living Room Design
    3. Urban Style or mid-century Living Room Design
    4. Contemporary Living Room Design
  • What are some Small Living Room Design Ideas?

    There are some standard small living room design ideas available;

    1. Add wall mirrors in the front wall of the window to make the space looks bigger and brighter.
    2. Go for neutral shades.
    3. The wall and floor colors should always be the same.
    4. Always go for multi-purpose furniture.
  • What are the Best Colour Combinations for the Living Room Interior design?

    The living room design interior goes best with the following color combinations: Various tones of soothing green, Follow monochromatic plates and Combination of black and white to give dynamics and textures

  • How to Accessorize your Living Room?

    One can accessorize their living room design with anything, but there are a few things to keep in mind are:

    1. Never use too many little things to accessorize the space.
    2. A group of tiny items can be decorated on a stool.
    3. Pick multiple color cushions, it will transform the look of your space.
    4. Add statement pieces to accessorize.

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