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6 Best Home Decor Ideas that will be Trending in 2022, According to the Experts

2022 is going to bring with itself a fresh year of trends and possibilities. Here are some home décor ideas that the experts are vouching for.

2022 is right around the corner and as we are almost stepping into a new year, new predictions have started to take form already. While we have seen a lot of trends be gone for good, many of them have also made a comeback this year. Experts are all eyes and ears, waiting to see if their predictions about decorating ideas come true or not.

Just like fashion and lifestyle, home decor is also flooded with new exterior design styles and aesthetics that we have never seen before. Here we bring for you 6 awesome home décor ideas that the experts believe will be all the rage in the coming year:

1. Living with the Greens

The pandemic has definitely brought out the plant parent in many of us. Every other picture on Instagram is of a happy green plant sitting on the balcony of a poser. If experts are to be believed, there are going to be no dearth in indoor plants becoming a part of interior design of most houses. From quirky planters to luscious leaves, they are surely going to remain in trend in the coming year too.

2. The Old-World Charm

A little bit of vintage wins everyone’s heart and 2022 is going to see a hike in bringing back the old world charm. From rustic clocks to creaky benches, the vintage wonder is here to stay for the next year too. You can check out super cool e-commerce stores like WoodenStreet to get your hands on some amazing vintage home design stuff.

3. Saying “Yes” to Minimalism

A lot of people are shifting towards a minimalistic way of life and 2022 is going to be all about that. Gone are the days of hoarding houses with a lot of stuff. Now, you will find neutral shades, sleek furniture and things that truly matter becoming a part of one’s home design. Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything you own. It is about being mindful of what you own and what you don’t need. In 2022, we are going to see even more people move towards this lifestyle and making changes in their home exterior design accordingly.

4. Setting Up Home Offices

In the last two years, we have seen how corners of the apartments have turned into office spaces to create a ‘work from home’ environment. In 2022, as the boundaries between office and homes will continue to blend, there will be a rise in the investment of workspace essentials. Work from home designs that include a professional setup and background will continue to fascinate people. From buying ergonomic chairs to going for fancy pen holders, people have taken it upon themselves to give their houses a proper “office” kinda vibe which is largely going to be a part of 2022 too.

5. Inviting Luxury through Velvets

Furniture with velvet upholstery are on high demand these days and we are going to continue loving it even in 2022. As per experts, velvet gives the much-needed royal vibe to the interior design of our spaces. From beds to sofas, velvet is going to make its presence felt in the living as well as bedroom interior design.

6. One Furniture, Many Functions

Hoarding bulky furniture is a passé now. We are all about modern pieces which can serve more than one purpose. This not only saves our money and floor space but also looks very aesthetically pleasing. As per experts, the year 2022 is going to be the best year for the sales of multifunctional furniture for home office inspiration. From portable tables to sofa cum beds, we are here to experience the best that the furniture world has to offer.

If you want to sum it all up in a few words, we will say, 2022 is going to be a year of “less is more” concept where people will buy things that they genuinely need and not just some fancy trash which would serve them no purpose. We are here to see the interesting twists and turns that the year is going to take in terms of home décor ideas so that we can bring home the best of the best.

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