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Interior Design

Interior design is the concept through which you can decorate your home, hide its flaws and make it functional. It makes your home interiors look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The right home interior design includes the right blend of color schemes, patterns, furniture and home furnishings. Find best home interior design services in India at Woodenstreet, Infact we have the professional top home interior designers online in India that are there to visualize & conceptualize your home’s decor and make it look aesthetically appealing to everyone.

Interior Design Process - How It Works
  • Get in Touch

    Tell us how you want your interiors to be, and our expert top interior designers will shape your vision, flexible as per your budget and needs.

  • Custom Interior Designs

    Want specific adjustments with your interior décor? Customize them to your liking!

  • Review Your Ideas

    Review your plans and your decisions about Home interior design, make changes the way you want and visualize in 3D how your home will look.

  • Execution Begins

    Once you are satisfied with our package and our offerings, our team of skilled craftsmen will start shaping your dream.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Our delivery team will ensure that you don’t have to go beyond your couch to set up your home. We’ll do that for you.

Interior Design Services We Offer
interior design services
Living Room Design

Get a picture-perfect living room with our varied range, enveloping different themes. Let our creative designers shape your vision, flexible to your choices and needs.

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Interior Design Services india
Wardrobe Design

Hide away your belongings within smartly-built modular wardrobes and enjoy seamless designs that make the best use of your space.

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Kitchen Design

Say goodbye to clutter within your kitchen with modular kitchen solutions flexibly designed to meet your requirements.

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home interior designer services
home interior designers online
  • 2bhk interior design service
    Consultation with

    Get in touch with our team of professional Interior Designers and Experienced Contractors for the best tips and suggestions.

  • 2 bhk interior designs solutions

    There is room for every single style and budget, with no compromise on quality standards.

  • budget interior design india

    Get involved with our experts in the design process. Your inputs are invaluable to us.

  • best interior designers in mumbai

    We bring customization to your fingertips, so you get a personalized touch in your dream home.

home interior design in mumbai

Whatever your needs be, we’ll provide you with tailor-made solutions that breathe life in your interiors.

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  • Entertainment
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Heart Winning Kitchens

We design your kitchen space to make it feel like home. Check out latest modular kitchen design that will transform your home into the one you’ve always dreamt of!

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Best Selling Wardrobes
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Recent Home Interior Projects
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A Home where Quality meets Guarantee!

We know how important your home is for you, and so we make sure that everything is built from the best materials, ensuring the highest quality standards and long-lasting durability.

online interior design consultation
interior design services in mumbai

We’ve been setting up beautiful homes and beautiful smiles across the nation. See what our happy customers have to say.

top interior designers in india

Wooden furniture enriches the appearance of the home. My home is looking so classy and elegant with the minimalist-furniture approach by the WS interior designers. The final outcome was mesmerising.

Dr. Ramanathan, Bengaluru
interior design for home in india

I love how they visualised my thoughts. My home feels more comfortable, cosy and beautiful. Their designing team is amazing, and they surprised me beyond my expectations!

Bethany, Bengaluru
interior design consultation services

We enjoyed the whole makeover of our home. Wooden Street understood what exactly we were looking. The living room is looking more inviting and mesmerising. Kudos to the team.

Ashwin Deva, Delhi
affordable interior designers in bangalore

I can’t ever imagine my 2BHK like this. Everything is beyond beautiful with effective storage. Specially we loved the look of my daughter’s bedroom. Excellent job by the designers.

Ashok Sharma - Mumbai
interior design price in india

Your needs matter differently, so we make sure that our model fits with what you really want.

  • Creating the Concept

    Talk to our expert interior designers and discuss how you want your space to be optimized and to look, and they will shape your ideas into reality.

  • Materials Matter

    Your budgets, your style and your preferences. Choose from a wide variety of premium quality materials with suggestions from our experts to define the look of your home.

    10% Payment
  • A Detailed Layout

    Based on your feedback, we will prepare drawings and renders for your home interior design, so that you can visualize your plan, along with a BoQ with every detail of your project.

    40% Payment
  • Management & Execution

    We’ll provide you with a detailed timeline and delivery schedules before execution begins under expert supervision and with stringent quality checks.

    50% Payment
Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your space, we offer the liberty to help you configure the best combination you need

What Interior Design services do we offer to our customers?
Our team of Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Initially, Our Designers understand your requirements, and also contribute their ideas to help you to make the right decisions. Post, which a suitable proposal is presented considering the budget.
  • Upon project agreement between our team and the customer, the order is confirmed, and an appropriate timeline is given for each stage for a successful execution.
  • All the modular kitchen and wardrobe work initiates if opted in the project and side-by-side furniture selection & additional accessories for interior design are assembled according to the proposed timeline.
What are the other services, which are not included in our Interior solutions?
Our team of Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Any structural changes (i.e. Construction/Civil related work)
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom décor, design, or fittings
  • Custom window treatments
  • Painting Service (Suggestions offered/No execution)
What is the ideal stage for an interior design consultation?
We suggest our customers reach us out for a full home interior design consultation two-month prior of their basic construction and flooring completion. We shall utilize the time in understanding your requirements and helping you finalize ready to move products and also work on the design concept of the desired Interiors. Simultaneously as the possession date is closer, we plan the modular work accordingly.
What if you wish to get Interiors of only a few rooms and not the entire house? Is the service offerable?
Yes, we do offer interior design services for particular rooms if required and separate room projects are carried out.
What if you would like to use existing furniture in your Interiors?
You can surely move your existing furniture to the new interiors. Our team shall also suggest the appropriate interior design ideas if required.
Are custom designs offered apart from the catalogue designs?
Definitely yes, we offer custom made furniture as well as customization in Kitchen and Wardrobes. We would request our customers to work out the customization request with our team.
What is the estimated timeline from interior design proposal to completion of each project?
It depends on project to project and its requirements, also the schedule stretch depends upon decision making of the customer regarding how soon or delayed the responses are. Anyhow duration of 6-12 weeks is required for a successful completion.
How many iterations can you make in your Interior Design project?
We follow a systematic approach to avoid confusions and multiple iterations at the execution stage. However during the design concept pitch and 2D layouts you can send multiple revisions in designs and ask for changes till you are satisfied and post which 3D designs are executed.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design in India are two magical words that can give your home its highly magnificent expression. Best interior design services can help your home stand out among houses in your neighborhood. Comely patterns, gorgeous colours, tailored fit furniture, and fine home furnishings will together make up for an excellent home interior design. Don’t sit in quietness and leave things to happen on their own. Be prompt to take action. The concept truly fits in the context of interior designing. The task of home interior design online starts when you prepare the blueprint of your thoughts. When those thoughts get the visual feel, you will get an overall harmony and the persona of yourself in your abode. At WoodenStreet, you will get up to the mark home interior design services in India with top to bottom home interior solutions. We host a team of the most competent home interior designers online in India that will give your vision of a picture-perfect home decor a material existence.

Best Interior Design Services in India For Home - Woodenstreet

Home is not only a piece of land you own or the place you live in. It has much more value than that. To do that, you can resort to interior design services in India. It can offer you with best ideas through which you can credit your home with more favorable looks. And if you find it hard to do yourself, then you can take the assistance of our best interior designers near me who have a lot of knowledge in the field. At home, there must be unity and harmony between every object as these two ensure a pleasant appearance when you look at the overall view of the house. Let’s see how you can achieve these two things at your home

Choose Best Interior Design Solutions For Every Room in Your Home

An interior designer will help you transform each and every space of your home . With the help of our top interior designers in India you can choose the best interior design services according to your room,


Interior design Services for bedroom

While interior designing their home, every homeowner imparts their own perspective for the visuals and the comfort. And when it comes to having the options for a great looking bedroom, the sky is the limit. Here are some interesting ideas to have an ideal bedroom space:

  1. Colour scheme of the room & position of the bed: For the best bedroom interior design services, Choosing colours for the bedroom and bedroom placement should be done wisely, and it must be according to the temperature of the room. Select neutral shades that are neither too warm, nor too cold. You can acquire assistance from where you’re getting the online interior designing done for your home.
  2. Check for the lighting: After having the walls painted with the colour that gives a homey atmosphere, it’s time to choose the lights for the interior design. The key is to introduce as much natural light as possible. Filter the beams with blinds and curtains so you can get the right amount.
  3. Take interior design online inspirations from magazines and websites: Graphics play a vital role in making the aesthetic appeal. Take inspirations from them and think which design can be go well with your space. Sure, the pictures and videos you see might be a little sumptuous for you, but taking ideas from them and implementing them in your own way is of no harm.

Interior Design For Living Room

From witnessing big congregations to daily family gatherings, a living room is that four-dimensional area in your home where the hustle never stops. See the details describing the useful tips for decorating interior design of living room.

  1. Keep it less- Rule no. 1: Elegance is when simplicity is carried to its extreme. Keep minimum furniture units in the area, which can make the whole interior of room look eye-pleasing and bestow utmost comfort to the guests. Lesser things keep you in a good mood and preserve a relaxing ambience around.
  2. Choose neutral shades: When discussing the simplicity of furniture units, have a sharp eye on the colours. Neutral shades must be applied to the walls and the furniture units. However, dark finished wooden furnishings will work nicely with the neutral shades of the wall, but as far as possible, keep it subtle.
  3. Blend of Furniture, Wall art and usage of technology: Furniture plays an important role in your interior design and Wall interior decorations include paintings, lanterns, chandeliers, wall-mounted TV units and other artworks. Similarly, the usage of technology can give both, a traditional as well as a contemporary feel to your interiors.

Interior Design Services for Kitchen

Interior Designing the kitchen is more time-consuming and difficult than any other part of your home. There are various factors that must be considered. Either you remodel the place or start it from scratch.

  1. Durable flooring material: Flooring is important in Interior design of your kitchen, as it takes a lot of feet abuse, daily. When considering the flooring for the kitchen room design, check for a durable material that can be cleaned easily and also appears to be nice in terms of looks. Wooden floorings, for instance, are warm and give a natural feel, but require more maintenance. Ceramic floors are highly durable and easy to clean.
  2. Don’t miss the modern cabinetry: Modern kitchen cabinets can truly be a part of contemporary kitchen interior design. From storing cookware to rich China, every single thing can have a secure stash inside the kitchen cabinets. You can either install an off-the-rack unit or ask for a customised piece; the choice is yours.
  3. Keep the style fun and funky: The overwhelming varieties of kitchen interior designs make it easy for us to choose the right pick. Study your area to have a fun and funky kitchen in your home. Go for the bright hues, have wooden kitchen cabinets and islands and design the space efficiently.

Interior Design For Dining Room

A dining room is the social centre of the house and way more than just an eating place. It is the centre place where guests are entertained and meals are shared. See the interior decoration ideas of a dining room:

  1. The dining furniture : Your dining furniture would be the one-time big investment you are going to make. Therefore, choose it wisely for your perfect dining interior design. These days, extendable units are in rage and opted by many mid-century homeowners.
  2. Let the table speak for itself: Decorate the dining table with elements such as a big flower vase in the middle, a nice tablecloth, scented candles or some literature in the centre. These small units can make the table speak for itself and let the onlookers have a nice visual treat.
  3. Eclectic mix and match: Mix and match is the elixir in the field of interior designing. When it comes to dining rooms, have a fusion of different materials, colours, patterns and shapes.

No matter what home interior design you want, the interior design services available online and creative minds of top online interior designers in India will enhance your interior, with all of the latest trends. It will fill your interiors and even exteriors of the house with the beautiful and colourful look

Different Interior Design Themes That Can Revamp Your Home

The way your interest lies, you can shape your house into something resembling it through interior design. For instance, if you like animals, you can render your home in the colours that mirror your interest at best. Let us cast a brief glance over latest interior design themes you can reshape your home into with the assistance of our best interior designer.

Contemporary Interior Design

The idea of modernity has so deeply fascinated people’s minds that each person attempts to paint their home with an ultra-modish look. If you opt for interior design services from us, perhaps your dream will come true. With our expertise, we will add to your home the furniture and interior designs that can briefly describe modern and modernity as a concept.

Traditional Interior Design

Some people still hold a boundless love for their tradition, so they hope to sketch their homes through the lines of tradition. The traditional home interior design theme has a spellbound effect as whoever sees it at its fullest will get completely lost in the ocean of its beauty. It is the best interior design online for those who have a personal liking for traditional stuff.

Vintage Interior Design

Return of1980s, and you can hit your feet onto the floor with beats of Michael Jackson. Some things never fade over time. The description can be best described as a timeless theme. This vintage interior design theme will help you relive the old golden years your grandparents belong. Through our Indian interior designer team, you can make it happen. So decide what you want.

Floral Interior Design

It is a conventional thought that only girls have liked such themes. However, it is a myth. Flowers are liked by all regardless of gender. Once you settle on this theme of interior design for home, you can make up your mind about buying interior design furniture relatable to the former theme.

Geometric Interior Design

Geometric patterns have their own calling. This home interior design theme has an unsaid attraction in it. You can take the help of our interior design online team to create this theme successfully at your home under the budget. Besides this, on a lighter note, geometric shapes also drive creativity.

When you get to know about the latest home interior design themes you can experiment with at your home now, will you think a bit seriously about how to do it the best possible way? If you are clueless about the answer, then no worries, WoodenStreet is here to offer you the best home interior design services.

Our Experience Stores for Interior Design Services at Bangalore and Mumbai

Do you still doubt, if the services from our online store would be satisfactory? Don’t worry! We have come up with physical stores that you could visit any time, and check the extensive range of furniture and interior design.

Interior Design at Mumbai

We have come up with Wooden Street's Experience Store at Mumbai, with a vision to serve the city of dreams. Not only furniture, but we also have other interior accessories that adorn the decor in beautiful ways like rugs, carpets, curtains, cushions and lamps. You can also take ideas to decorate the interior by visiting our stores and elevate your room's aesthetic.

Interior Design in Bangalore

Now, the technology capital of India, ‘Bangalore’, can also take a good look at our extensive collection of interior decorative equipment at the newly opened store. You can visit the store and experience the look, texture, comfort and any other aspect that you are interested in before giving a new look to your room.

Also Check out the New Modular kitchen Design Launched in Various cities by Woodenstreet - L shape Modular kitchen, Parallel Modular kitchen, U shape modular kitchen, Modular kitchen in Jaipur, Modular kitchen in Gurgaon.

Browse Our Interior Services By Room

Modular Kitchen DesignBedroom DesignLiving Room DesignDining Room DesignModular Wardrobe Design
Customer Stories
They love us because....
2 bhk interior design
A proactive team which takes care and understands its customers. My living room designed by them looks like a piece of art... the best thing is the transparency and elasticity they work with.....everything fell in my budget.

Gaurav Verma Mumbai

3 bhk interior design
Happy with their creative and innovative interior designing for my newly constructed home...One of the best affordable interior designers in the city.

Anjana Awasthi Bangalore

interior decorators Bangalore
I saw an advertisement about Wooden Street Furniture in a newspaper. I visited the store to get a sofa set, dining table, a bookshelf and a crockery cabinet. We were impressed with the variety. There only I came to know about the interior designing services. I find the prices quite affordable so thought to give it a try for my living cum dining room. The designers are very friendly and always ready to consider the inputs. It took them some time, but the end result was awesome. Love the dining table specially. A big thanks to them, sharing an image here.

Prashant Singh Bangalore

home design india
I found Wooden Street Interior designers an experienced and dedicated team. I am very much impressed by their working style, commitment towards projects, service and behaviour. I strongly recommend them I got one of my bedroom done by them and so far happy and satisfied.

Swara Kamat Pune

home design in india
Loved my experience with the team at Wooden Street. Right from the beginning my designer took my ideas on board and transformed my living space into a stylish and functional place. I always wanted to have a small reading nook near window in my bedroom and thanks for giving it to me. This pair of lounge chairs near the window has become my favourite spot in the house.

Rakesh Kumar Bangalore

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